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  1. So my new mod character is finished. Not officially done, but finished for now. Although I just now found the issue that my character isn't compatible with the original game. Does anyone know how I can fix his issue? I really hope I don't have to make a new character from scratch specifically for DS. I suppose if I have to I will, but not for a loooong time.
  2. Ello again. Today I have yet another minor issue. Nothing too major, but something I may need to fix later on. Firstly, I'm seeing an issue with my character's health and hunger changing during the phases of day. He starts out weak during the day, so he has low health but greater hunger. And during dusk and night his health increases and his hunger decreases. The issue I'm having is, they reset to their assigned number even after hunger went down or I've been damaged. Eg. During the day his health is base 100, he took damage and was reduced to 50. But dusk rolls around and his stats change to his base health which is suppose to be 200. I want to make it so he still retains the damage but his base health still changes. Same with hunger. If his hunger went down I'd like it to carry over to the other phases rather than resetting. Hopefully I am making sense? ^^;
  3. This mod adds Erik, The Tennis Player to the character roster! Made by CoC (Company of Creators) which is made up of the following: @Fidooop, @Dudedude, @ImDaMisterL, @NootNoot, @Asparagus, @Chris1488, and @T4T3RGR3NAD3R Erik is based off of the likeness of @Dudedude. Get the mod here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=839280973 Join the CoC Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CompanyOfCreators Join the CoC Discord: https://discord.gg/BNnHm3t See the whole CoC mod collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=884413115 This mod is also compatible with Modded Skins and Mods in Menu: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=835602689 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880465230 Erik: Derik: Items: Videos:
  4. Ward The Ranger Whisp The Mellifluous Won-il the Defender Wollawossiky The Pathfinder My goal was to create a well balanced team of custom characters. I'm not that good of an illustrator so most of the appearances of the characters are mixed and matched from in-game assets. You can download the characters by clicking the above links which will take you to their Steam Workshop pages. Soon they will all have custom skins, voices and hopefully there will be more! Thanks!
  5. For this mod I'm wanting to make the 4 seasons more diverse for both the surface world and the caves world! I'm also wanting to add some new giants and give the world a way to enter a "hardmode" so to speak. The "hardmode" will be there for those who want a challenge after their first 100-200 days of survival and don't want to just keep going on with repetitive and easy survival. As you can see a lot of the stuff is yet to be filled in but that's why I made this post! So that you all can help me out and give recommendations as to what can be done where! So far here's what I've been able to come up with: Name: Unnatural Selection (Thanks, @rezecib for coming up with a great name!) New mobs New Items New Biomes New/changed Mechanics New characters Solar Eclipse Hardmode Changes
  6. Hey again! A new problem came up that I am trying to solve. My character's stats change during the phases, including the full moon. However I am having a problem implementing that one ability. It works, but only if you log off and log back in, or step into a cave. Basically only works if you leave to a different area while the full moon is active. I thought I made this work before, but I think I screwed up somewhere and can't figure out how to make it work. I've looked at other modded character scripts and even Woodies but I just can't find the solution.
  7. Heyo, been a long time. I come back with another question: Is there an animation software I can use to test the animation of my mod character? I'm having a hard time adjusting the body parts to line up. Eg. the foot connecting to the leg. I have to keep opening the game over and over just to see how my character moves. It's only because of snapshots did I realize a lot of limbs were out of wack. I used .scml but that isn't every helpful because I could line the parts up there but it won't change anything in the game. Plus I took a look at Wilson's .scml and all the parts are way oout of wack but they're just fine ingame. This is soooo confusing and frustrating. But I really want to finish my character. If anyone has some suggestions or might be able to adjust things for me I'd be VERY grateful.
  8. Greetings everyone.So i have one question.Is it possible to create a code that won't allow some(or even any)broken tool or dressing to be used in craft as ingredient?(For example: a broken pickaxe can be used to make a thermal stone.)I created a weapon that requires tentacle spike in craft and i want to be sure that nobody will use broken spike to make this. I really tried a lot but didn't succeed.
  9. This is a small mod that allows you to select and view guards like in early access. workshop-885445084.zip
  10. Steam workshop link Advanced Guard Protocol is the mod to look for if you want to add anything guard related! It adds: The mod also offers a new experience in the form of "HARD MODE", a mode where guards are faster, smarter and deadlier in every way. In order to use hard mode you need to install Sim Constructor Updates: workshop-569390373.zip
  11. Sim Constructor is an utility mod, allowing mod makers a wide range of functions while maintaining compability. If a mod uses Sim Constructor everyone who uses that mod needs to have Sim Constructor installed as well. Steam Workshop Version workshop-580661011.zip
  12. I had a few ideas for some of the agents whose loadouts don't seem to match their descriptions. So far I've only finished my vision of Prism, but I wanted to upload something just to see how it works. Steam Page Features: Known bugs: Possible future changes: Hopefully you guys like it. I've tried my best to balance it, but obviously this will come with more testing and opinions. Let me know your thoughts! FlavorfulAgents_v002.zip Change Notes
  13. i didn't really know if this post would fall under bugs so i'm posting here. i'm testing this out and i'm only able to use 106 mods and if you ask why i need so many it's cause i like variety, but back to the topic. is there really a mod limit or have i found some kind of bug.
  14. So i've been working on this mod, that adds a Blood Bag, and ive taken a few snippets of coding from pre existing mods, replacing coding and removing things i dont need, and i thought everything was as it should be, until i loaded it up. The log file says its an issue with the /anim files as it used to be a '/anim/bladder.zip' and after replacing the art and rebuilding it, it still believes it to be a 'bladder.zip' if someone could take a look at the log and maybe the mod itself, and let me know what the problem is i would appreciate it! Thank you ;v; EDIT: Updating log and modfiles for help on tab icon/on ground image UPDATE: Managed to get the mod to work in general but the on-ground image is the only odd part, being distorted and such. Updated mod attached Bloodbag.zip
  15. I need help creating a mod which webber can eat string and gain a benfit e.g 20 Sanity 20 Health 20 Hunger
  16. Ok, so as you may or may not know, I've been thinking about making a character mod for quite some time now. This isn't a thread for me asking for a sprite! Just one to share my ideas I've been developing over the past few days (and the only other reason I'm starting this thread is because I may not get a response on my art threads about it so yeah). Ok first off, pictures of a hand drawn sprite (I was planning on digitally tracing) and a character "meme": (The perks, title, art and quote may differ in the future). Now if you know me/my persona well enough, you'll know she had fire powers. Not sure how that'll work for DS and DST but I recently thought of a solution. Obviously, the way DS works, she can't shoot fire directly from her hand so instead, how about a magical staff? I know what what your thinking, Dragon Mage doesn't have a staff or magical hand held item, right? Well earlier (like last year some time I think it was) she did actually have a staff but... I guess it just became obscure cos I never drew her with it. Plus it seemed kinda medieval-like as opposed to her modern look which did seem kinda weird. I guess she didn't really need it back then BUT anyway, back to the mod ideas. I thought in DS (much like Willow) it could be unlimited (however, having an unlimited fire staff does seem kinda OP don't you think? Well I'm still working out the details for that). As for DST, she could be nerfed a little, again like Willow with a limited source, except instead of lighter fluid how about mana? I was thinking about certain characters and how they have gauges for something like Woodie and his curse or a recent character mod I saw. Something to stop the mod users to go nuts. It does recharge slowly over time but there will be faster methods (not sure what yet. Maybe an item or actions like sleeping could help?) Idk, this idea still needs some development. Now, as for the sprites, I might be fine for the most part since I can trace over the Extended Character mod sprite. However, since the mod is a cat character, the head shape is a bit odd. Also Idk how I'm gonna do DM's hair. I could use a pony tail but... ugh, her hair has always been the downy, long flowing kinda hair. Idk. Anyway that's all I have for now. Feel free to leave suggestions! Or tell me to shut up, hide the thread and... keep to myself... ._. Please tell me I'm not the only one who's done this.
  17. Hello, modders and skin fanatics alike! After a very long time working on it, I'm happy to announce a brand new mod API that allows one to create their very own skins for their modded characters and items! You can find the mod on the Steam Workshop here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=835602689 WARNING: This mod is only to be used to create skins for modded characters/items. Klei strongly forbids the use of modders creating skins for any official character/item. If any mod is found using code from this mod in order to skin official characters/items it will be reported on sight. How To Use: Very special thanks to: @Kzisor who's Additional Dressware mod inspired the creation of this mod! @Dudedude who helped out with the assets. @PeterA who walked me through a lot of the Dos and Don'ts so that I wasn't stepping over any lines! @Blueberrys who made the Persistant Data module that helped make this possible. Can be found here: For anyone wanting to skin their modded characters here are the skin portrait backgrounds! Some frequently asked questions: (If you have any more questions post them down below! I'll reply as soon as I can!) Can I skin Wilson or any other official character? No, Peter has told me to make sure that everybody is very aware that this is off limits... We've been given a gift so let's not squander it! How do I use it? The tutorial is up above! It has all the usable functions inside and how to use them! Please don't rip the code and put it in your mod through... Make sure that when you upload your mod you add this mod as a required item. (It is set up this way so that the same code doesn't run multiple times if someone has multiple mods that have skins!) What is an API? An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of functions which allows you to use advanced techniques without having to write your own code or copy/paste the code in your mod... In order to use this API you must add this mod as a requirement on your mods workshop page. Can I make clothing? No, that is off limits. (and it'd also require a lot of extra code that is not supplied within the mod...) I found a mod that skins official items/characters! What should I do? If it is not the playable pets mod (They technically have the go-ahead to skin the playable mobs) then please immediately report it! We don't want to force Klei's hand and have Modded Skins shut down. What if I made a rip-off character of one of the official characters and skinned that? Still off limits because it is still Klei's character. (even after you change one letter in the name) So this is also prohibited and must be reported if anyone is found doing this! Can this be used to give myself official skins? At the moment I'm more than certain that this is impossible... However, if a way is found to do this using my mod then it's more a fault of Klei's (for leaving a hole in skin restrictions) and not mine because all I did was some UI hacking. What mods are currently using this to make skins? Check out @Chris1488's Modded Skins thread! He's going to try his best to stay on top of what mods get skins and he'll be updating his thread whenever he possibly can! Is mayonnaise an instrument? I'm... not entirely sure? I guess you could make a song using only sounds made by a tub of mayonnaise... But then again you could technically do that with almost everything! So I propose a counter-question. Does that mean that everything is an instrument?
  18. I need help making a spells mod (like wickerbottom)
  19. I tried RemoveRecipe, since AddRecipe is used for adding a certain recipe, however this does not work. Anyone has any idea as to how to do this with existing crafting items/structures?
  20. Hello! I'm Angel, Angel Octoling! I'm going to go ahead and talk about a new mod I'm working on! I have most basic code done and One of my friends are working on the Art for her! I'm putting this here for those of YOU Who would like to help out! It can be anything from simple Voice lines to even helping me with the new creature(s) and items I'll be adding! Those of you who do help will get a co-author spot on the workshop mod when it is done and I'll give you credits in the mod Bio! If you'd like you could also help out with the creature's and item's art sprites as well. If you'd like any info on any of this please say so or even add me on steam! (Please note that this crab will not have these animations unless someone can rip them out of Shipwrecked's files)
  21. Generation Options+ is a mod that adds new options to the generation options screen. Steam Workshop Version This mod requires Sim Constructor to be used, which can be found here workshop-588953061.zip
  22. Hey Guys! I have finished my mod and made an introduction video for it. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Daasvaw1Rrw A full description can be found on the Steam Workshop site: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=844566459 Thanks to everyone in this forum for helping me out with my problems! Have fun using the mod and should you have any criticism, bug reports or ideas feel free to post it either here or in the steam workshop comments.
  23. This is based off my past mod idea, Mysteries and Mirages. This mod overhauls the Antlion Desert - the Dragonfly Desert stays how it is (alas, it's renamed to the "Dry Desert") Sandy Desert (Antlion): Now uses Beach Turf, from Shipwrecked. Oasis is surrounded by Palm Trees, also on Beach Turf. Tidal Pools are added to this Desert, and re-named to "Drinking Hole"s Nox are added to the Desert (the un-named Ox from SW) near the Drinking Hole Palm Trees are dotted around the Desert Succulents are dotted around the Desert Rarely, Limpet Rocks will spawn there (without Limpets) Seagulls will come instead of Buzzards, but work the same. Optional world changes: Sandstorm covers entire world: Yes, (default) No Sandstorm slows Dragonfly: (default) Yes, No Sandstorm only happens when Antlion has not been appeased: Yes, (default) No
  24. Playable Pets has been on the workshop for awhile now but I figure why not make a thread about it here. Looking for Help Playable Pets is a mod that makes most mobs in the game into playable characters, it is basically a successor to the playable mobs mod made by Indie (I don't know his forum name...) sometime ago. The mod is configurable and has a couple of neat features as well. You can view/download all the mods here. You will also need this mod if you want to access the skins for the mobs. Features Configuration Options General Info: -to be worked on later- Notes: Major Bugs: ToDo: Special Thanks: -Lily, Amir, RocketSM, Capt. Kickass, and Kwitchler for playtesting the mod in the prereleased builds of the mod and convinced me to make it public. - @Fidooop for making modded skins API, making it possible. -Logzombie for making 95% of the skins in the mod. -Cheshire Crow for making a lot of the portraits in the mod. (His are the really good looking ones, mine are the bad ones). -The forums for bits of information that helped out when developing the mod (this is my first mod ever). -The many users of Playable Pets whose feedback helped improve the mod in many ways that I could not have done alone. -A certain crow for teaching me how to code and giving support. Other stuff that might be worth noting I GUESS: Steam Group (if you want announcement of major updates to the mod I guess?) Discord Group I have a server that runs the mods daily, information can be found on the steam group page. (Also it will be in the beta branch). The initial goal was to make all mobs fun/interesting for coop/pvp, which is still being worked on. So if you got any feedback/suggestions let me know.
  25. This mod shouldn't take too long. Config options: Size: Default ? (trying to get it in line with other critters), option of SW size