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  1. Hello there! It's me! Angel Rose! If you've read the title I have a Bendy and the ink machine mod in the works with a great friend of mine! Now I seem to be in quite the Inky situation here. I'm looking for a bit of support! If you can help out with the listed things you'll surely earn yourself a spot in the credits of the mod! I don't have much else to offer then that. The things I need some help with are listed right here. Weapon: There is a plan for adding a Pen weapon that would be repaired with Ink! Ink: A new item that would be made over time! It could be eaten only by Bendy and it can repair his Pen! Ink monsters?: This one is asking a bit much. Just a simple reskin of a melted spider would be fine but like I said I can live without it. Melting: Now Bendy is made of Ink after all therefore in rain he should lose sanity and when low on sanity should change sprites to look like he's melted! Edit: Same thing goes for summer. He should end up melting and losing sanity. And I think that's all for now! Thanks again to stopping by! Please leave a comment here or add me on steam at Angel Rose! Thanks again and remember to stay Inky! Edit: Oh, and if anyone knows how to add that tag so I can find whoever is using to mod so I can be able to interact with all of you Bendy fans!
  2. Hey, guys! We now have our own subforum for Unnatural Selection! All future discussion on US will be there: Unnatural Selection is a community-made mod with enough content to be comparable to a DLC. It plans to add all kinds of new mobs, items, characters, biomes and events. The project is very ambitious and we plan to stick to it until the end. We have released a testing version for a few select people (and will overtime continue to give access to more people) so that we can iron out all the bugs and issues as we produce our content! Down below you'll be able to find the roadmap (currently only containing the plans for the first update) and a few more things that are to come to get you all hyped for this project, together with a few pictures and videos of features already in the current mod build. Follow The Mod: Discord: Steam: Planned Features: Roadmap: Finished Art: Concept Art: Videos: Dev List: @Fidooop Lead developer and programmer @ImDaMisterL Head of PR and strings @spiderdian Artist and animator @Dudedude Artist, animator, sound designer, musician, string writer, and... a lot of other things... @halfrose Artist and animator @Chris1488 Head Playtester
  3. ganja [DST] Ganja Mod

    Version 1.0


    WARNING: At current state this mod only works with Don't Starve Together! Single-player wiil be ported soon ==== INTRO This mod was created with the obstination of two persons to see the greeny bushes in this game, we believe even some of the game devs would like to see that too and we hope you enjoy either, feel free to comment and if you can help, please do contact us. ==== MOD --Bushes It provides a ganja bush with 5 stages which takes about a season to end cicle, when ended it stays in old form until diggen out. You will find them in all types of Forest Biome, the method of extraction of all stages is to dig! In it's full stage may drop two seeds with a quarter chance, so you can reproduce your farm. --Pipes Pipes are one way to smoke ganja, they can be crafted in survival-tab and will give +5 sanity and -5 hunger on use. Wooden have 4 uses, golden does a little more, both breaks after used. The Tusk pipe won't break and can be filled with ganja. --Joint It is used once, it's the most weed 'stoning' one, can be stacked and gives +20 sanity and -20 hunger! --Cigarette Simple cigarette rolls, will give you +2 sanity and -1 in life. --Chillum One way to smoke hash, difficult to craft, it will give +75 on sanity and -25 in hunger as well it will put the player to sleep, and be groggy when woke for a little time. --Hash Roll A rolled smokeable hash cigarette, +40 on sanity and -15 to hunger. --Ganja Can be collected from the bushes when it's grown, but wait until it's full of ganja! there's two stage you can collected, figure! --Hash Won't deteriorate and can be crafted in refine-tab to be used in a roll or in the chillum. --Seeds Will drop from bushes on every stage, although on full stage it may drop two. Use them do plant ganja saplings that further will grow to bushes and so on give buds. ==== HISTORY First we thank those who tried to do this before; in FourTwenty mod and Evening Flower, from which we grabbed parts of program, but in the end it's was something else that we had created. We didn't know lua when we started over, and we have learned alot of it with pleasure as for more knowing it's national roots, where we live. Was very fustrating for us that klei had absolutely no documentaion for the API, and the 'makemods' text into game folder is simple a joke; "Download a mod and figure out" -- we only laughed, then worried, because we would have to learn the hard way. Reading a lot of program from others mod and game scripts, and WHITOUT INTERNET we started figuring out some things, yes we did it entirely without web, as it was made off home. Recently I've found this site, and it would be good to help there maybe, it's a unofficial API doc. We build this in the period of a month, rewrote the program about six times, redraw, repaint, reanimation, corrections and color scales where redone alot. There where about 5 versions of the bush. xD We are very old hardcore players and tryed to balance everything well so this mode don't turn out as an overpower cheating thing like most mods do and instead just use game mechanics to be an extra asset to the game, for sake. We have been playing this game since it's beta stage, about seven or eight years so far, an state of art. And now we proud to present you our mod. ==== USED TOOLS Free software always on mind, live free or die! Very frustating for the artist who is FOSS compilant to not have a way to compile the art to those binary 'weird things', had to handle it to the rwindows every time. **The mod tools is terrible and useless! Programs: · GIMP · VIM · Don't Starve Mod Tools (only for the compiler on Windows) · Spriter R10 Free · Notepad++ · ktools OS: · GNU/Linux · Windows (if it is to be considered an system what so ever *lies*) ==== KNOWN ISSUES We have corrected all bugs found so far, please report if you get one. -Ganja bushes won't save their timers in it's stages on world reload ==== TODO -Possibly hide the percentage on tuskpipe. -Possibly found a way to dry the ganja before turns usable (drying hack) -Add effects on the screen when high, or even turns the player slow a little. -Add a gnome easter egg -Make the mod compatible with DontStarve single-player (NOT-Together). -Create the Weeder character, embased on a friend of ours. ** If we can, one they we will realease the 'Reign of Ganja' DLC, hahaha with: a new giant, a new character or more, more ganja, mobs, bad trip on casual mushroom eat... gnomes. ==== CREDITS Mod Design: Ardokh, Bush Doctor Art: Ardokh Programming: Bush Doctor Programming Assistance: Ardokh
  4. Hello! I was trying to work on a perk for my character that would allow her to gain sanity when she's near other players... However, I can't seem to find a way to distinguish other players from my modded character. Code is in the spoiler: So basically my problem is that she is gaining sanity near others BUT it's also counting herself as an 'other' and that's not what I want. I want her to gain sanity only when she's near someone else rather than it counting herself as a sanity gain.
  5. Steam Workshop Page -- (for non-steam) It's hard to play this game about spies with cloaking, hacking, throwable teleporters, and the ability to enter 'overwatch', without thinking of Sombra. This was the InvisInc first mod I started, but I felt I should finish a couple of others first before attempting to release it. I'm glad I did. This was a *long* time in development, but I'm finally releasing it, ready for Overwatch's anniversary next week. -------------------- Sombra - A masterful infiltrator. She weaves through facilities unseen with a sprint-based cloaking rig, blasting opportune targets with her ranged EMP, then darts away to safety with her iconic translocators. Few spies work alone, though, so the pack also includes fellow Talon agent: Widowmaker - The infamous assassin. Noone can hide from her sight; she stalks enemies with infra-vision before nullifying them with venom mines and her customised, twin-state sniper rifle. I've done my best to balance it, but I wanted to stay true to the characters and the heroes of Overwatch are over-powered by design. Sombra alone is a mix of Decker, Xu and Derek, while Widow's Augment could easily be one of the best in the game, even before her sniper rifle, so reigning them in has been tricky. Let me know what you think, if you find any bugs or what-not, and, other than that, I hope you enjoy it! ----------------------------- Updates:
  6. Hey there, starvers and starvettes! Aether here, and i was hoping to get more partner playtime in with the playable pets mod! I was thinking the cute version, or something small like that, but it's up for discussion! If you are interested, please drop me a message!
  7. Steam workshop link Advanced Guard Protocol is the mod to look for if you want to add anything guard related! It adds: The mod also offers a new experience in the form of "HARD MODE", a mode where guards are faster, smarter and deadlier in every way. In order to use hard mode you need to install Sim Constructor Updates:
  8. Hello community ! The last week or so the CitD team has been working on creating a mod which would add the underwater world together with new mobs, items, craftables and such ! Let's make this oceans more interesting uh !!! Come and check out the thread on the section DS mods !!! Whether you wanna give suggestions, say something, talk with the team, check the latest updates, see the development & enjoy the gallery, join us on the Discord server !!!! Your opinion is important !!! - CitD Team
  9. Someone have seen somebody with a bug, which Wigfrid loses her umlawts? It looks something like this: "Wh are y u?", the correct is: "Whö are yöu?". Somebody know how to solve it?
  10. I want to create a following character that can be activated by picking up an item and putting it in your inventory, something that acts just like Chester would but with obvious different design, does anyone know how I would do this?
  11. This is the Agents mod I have been thinking of publishing. It edits several Agents' unique augments and/or starting items. I intent is to amend them to make more sense to my personal tastes, and in general they could be much more interesting. I would like to know if there are any bugs and egregious imbalances or abuse cases. Rundown of agent changes, v1.1: Changelog: In case this page gets archived, I'll still be able to update on Steam (it's already happened to me): Link to Steam Workshop
  12. Ladies and Gentleman of the Old and New League, back in the days before Shipwreck was out, a team of brave soldiers came up with the idea "Why should we not explore the oceans ?" and founded Creeps in the Deeps (CitD) mod. We managed to keep it up for more than 2 years but then we all got busy and started slowly leaving the MOD behind. A lot of work had to be done and still there is as introducing oxygen, thirst, new mobs and much more its a slow but rewarding process. As for now, I'm not aware who's still connected/alive/breathing on the forums nor who would be willing to help hence why im posting here ! I'm pretty sure there has to be some kind of post explaining what the MOD is about but to give an idea to newcomers the MOD was supposed to be like U&A but for the underwater world ! XD So yeah, loads of work ! If you need clarifications or anything, please do ask and I will reply ASAP ! Lampofulmine EDIT: I'm currently messaging @JoeW to ask for the opening of a collab section for CitD, hopefully he will reply soon !
  13. Ok, so as you may or may not know, I've been thinking about making a character mod for quite some time now. This isn't a thread for me asking for a sprite! Just one to share my ideas I've been developing over the past few days (and the only other reason I'm starting this thread is because I may not get a response on my art threads about it so yeah). Ok first off, pictures of a hand drawn sprite (I was planning on digitally tracing) and a character "meme": (The perks, title, art and quote may differ in the future). Now if you know me/my persona well enough, you'll know she had fire powers. Not sure how that'll work for DS and DST but I recently thought of a solution. Obviously, the way DS works, she can't shoot fire directly from her hand so instead, how about a magical staff? I know what what your thinking, Dragon Mage doesn't have a staff or magical hand held item, right? Well earlier (like last year some time I think it was) she did actually have a staff but... I guess it just became obscure cos I never drew her with it. Plus it seemed kinda medieval-like as opposed to her modern look which did seem kinda weird. I guess she didn't really need it back then BUT anyway, back to the mod ideas. I thought in DS (much like Willow) it could be unlimited (however, having an unlimited fire staff does seem kinda OP don't you think? Well I'm still working out the details for that). As for DST, she could be nerfed a little, again like Willow with a limited source, except instead of lighter fluid how about mana? I was thinking about certain characters and how they have gauges for something like Woodie and his curse or a recent character mod I saw. Something to stop the mod users to go nuts. It does recharge slowly over time but there will be faster methods (not sure what yet. Maybe an item or actions like sleeping could help?) Idk, this idea still needs some development. Now, as for the sprites, I might be fine for the most part since I can trace over the Extended Character mod sprite. However, since the mod is a cat character, the head shape is a bit odd. Also Idk how I'm gonna do DM's hair. I could use a pony tail but... ugh, her hair has always been the downy, long flowing kinda hair. Idk. Anyway that's all I have for now. Feel free to leave suggestions! Or tell me to shut up, hide the thread and... keep to myself... ._. Please tell me I'm not the only one who's done this.
  14. Generation Options+ is a mod that adds new options to the generation options screen. Steam Workshop Version This mod requires Sim Constructor to be used, which can be found here
  15. Sim Constructor is an utility mod, allowing mod makers a wide range of functions while maintaining compability. If a mod uses Sim Constructor everyone who uses that mod needs to have Sim Constructor installed as well. Steam Workshop Version
  16. I've been trying to modify a custom introduction for my mod that changes wally's intro speech but when its finished wally still stays there. The code is very similar to the custom maxwell speech I used in my previous mod so I'm not sure what I'm missing to make wally leave. I also got the code from the actual lua file itself and it looks really similar to the maxwell intro. Can someone help me find what I'm missing and hopefully I don't need to include the wallyintro.lua into the prefabs as it'll ruin compatibility with reign of giants. Also I did try reloading it, that doesn't make him leave. Code that goes into the modmain: local function ModWallyIntro(inst) if GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "duty" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "dutyseva" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "dutyskat" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "freedom" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "freedomseva" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "clearsky" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "loner" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "lonerseva" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "militaryskat" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "bandit" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "monolith" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "monolithseva" then ---pretty much check if its one the modded character inst.components.maxwelltalker.speeches.SHIPWRECKED_1 = { voice = "dontstarve_DLC002/creatures/parrot/chirp", idleanim= "idle", dialoganim="speak", disappearanim = TakeOff, disableplayer = true, skippable = true, { string = nil, wait = 1, anim = "idle", pushanim = true, sound = nil, }, { string = "Opa!", wait = 1, anim = nil, sound = nil, }, { string = nil, wait = 3, anim = "idle_peck", pushanim = true, sectionfn = function(inst) inst:ListenForEvent("animover", PlayPecks) end, }, { string = "Good hunting stalker.", wait = 2, anim = nil, sound = nil, }, } end end AddPrefabPostInit("wallyintro", ModWallyIntro)
  17. I wanted to make a script for my character to be able to level up not only by gears but lightning strikes as well. Anyone got a idea of how to make that happen. I'm still kind of new to this scripting thing. I know that robot gain level though just eating gears.
  18. I have an idea for a mod I could make, regarding speech files(the examine quotes, and such), and i'm wondering. Would the game complain or crash if I had a mod that provided speech quotes for mods that weren't loaded? Or would it just ignore them in that case?
  19. Title, gonna keep this short and sweet: Basically, I'm making a character mod, and I want the image for the hunger meter to be a sun instead of a stomach (but only for this character). I've looked around in the files for the image, but I can't find it. Does anyone know how I could add a custom image to the hunger symbol, but only for this specific character? Thanks.
  20. Hello! I have recently attempted to make a mod, a simple weapon/tool mod, and after some time I got it to eventually load with the game, only problem is: it doesn't display anything in hand or on the ground when dropped. Heres the anim file and modinfo and modmain: modinfo.lua modmain.lua
  21. I've been trying to make a working mod for a few days now (Very simple premise, just re-illustrate a design for a weapon) , so I'll lay this trial and error down, 1.) Found a Mod on Steam I'd Use as template a.) Link HERE 2.) Opened the .zip files 3.) Converted the .tex files into .png files using Matt's Tools 4.) Used Photoshop to edit the .png files to what I wanted them to look like, keeping the dimmensions 5.) Used Matt's Tools to convert the .png files back into .tex files 6.) Re-.ziped the files 7.) Finallized by placing file into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\mods 8.) Lauched game, made a game with ONLY that mod (the one I had just reillistrated) 9.) Crafted said item, doesn't show, and had a glitched image when held in cursor: a.) Here b.) And here 10.) Wondered if it was original mod 11.) Launched another game with only the original mod I used as a template 12.) No problems, worked fine 13.) ????? So, any help would be appreciated, I'll leave the .zip of the mod in question here, maybe someone can find something, Cheers!
  22. Ward The Ranger Whisp The Mellifluous Won-il the Defender Wollawossiky The Pathfinder Wisniowski The Sleepyhead My goal was to create a well balanced team of custom characters. I'm not that good of an illustrator so most of the appearances of the characters are mixed and matched from in-game assets. You can download the characters by clicking the above links which will take you to their Steam Workshop pages. Thanks!
  23. Hello everyone in the modding community! I am working on a few character mods that my friends and I can play on the same server and I've managed to create the first one, adding all the perks I wanted to go with it with the help and advice of these people here. The next step was for me to create a custom weapon available in his start inventory, and I was roughly following this tutorial (although it might already be outdated? I'm not sure. If there's a better tutorial out there, I wouldn't mind being directed to it) All the images and tex files are done and placed within the mod folder and I copied some of the codes I saw from other mods i have subscribed to with the same sort of feature (the RWBYcharacter mods) and changed the names and other elements accordingly. Although I can't even begin to test if the item works properly, because the game crashes as I load up the server and generates this error log from the screen: From what I understand, this means that the in the anim folder is missing? Is that correct? But the file is right inside the set folder. This is my main concern as of now and I have included all the files I currently have been working on for this mod in this post if any of you wish to see it. If anyone also knows how to add these perks to the item, that would help me greatly (but it is secondary): - add both a wood chopping and rock mining action (can both be done?) - for those who know of the Ruby and Yang character mod, how is the effect of rushing towards the enemy when the weapon is in hand is implemented. Salem Rainsworth.rar
  24. So I have no idea why the arms won't go down instead it keep going up toward my head when I moved it down with my clothes.
  25. I am looking for a line of code that will effect my custom character whenever he crafts something. I know the way this works right now in the game is that each separate item has a line of code that will effect your character depending on what he or she is crafting, but I wanted to know if there was a code to add this effect on everything. For an example, whenever my character crafts an item I want them to lose a bit of sanity.