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  1. Hello dear forum members, Since I'm playing on my server only with one other person the lazy deserter can't be used to its full extent. I was thinking of a mechanic that would allow a better use of it in the following way: Make a lazy deserter able to be toggled on or off (activated/deactivated). So for example you have one in your base and one near the pig king. Right clicking the one in the base will toggle it as activated and keep it that way with the player being able to mind his business from there on, and the moment someone right clicks the one near the pig king it will be teleported to the base. The lazy deserter in the base would from henceforth deactivate until further right clicking if desired. The idea is that only one lazy deserter could be kept "active" at any time. So that if you have multiple ones, no matter which one you right click it will always teleport to the "active" lazy deserter. Note that any lazy deserter can be made "active", but only one can be active at any given time. I would personally increase the sanity penalty to the player right clicking to make the "active" lazy deserter that's always on. I had a look at the lazy deserter game file, townportal.lua and I would guess the trick would involve modifying the OnStartChanneling and OnStopChanneling functions, maybe so that the second one is always true once the first one has been called? I am not sure as it seems to be way over my lua knowledge. Any kind of help or direction would be greatly appreciated, I really think such a mod would suit many people, and I'm surprised one like it isn't already in the steam workshop.