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  1. HERE IS MY EXPLANATION. I will try to make this as clear as I possibly can. Before you even attempt this puzzle, you must first complete the Cyclum puzzle. The Cyclum puzzle was the last puzzle Klei gave us, and it introduced A New Reign. Complete it to get a tragic torch, which will light up the first part of this new puzzle. The link to the puzzle is here: Not sure if it's expired or not, but the steps to solve it are here: FOR THE NEW PUZZLE, the first step is to enter the Metheus page. There, you will find that the left side is lit up by a torch. There is also a console on the left. When you click the console, it will take you to a dashboard. There will be characters on the bottom, as well as a black and gold string of symbols on top. To progress with the puzzle, you need to exchange codes. Specifically, you need to find a buddy and either input their gold or black code, not both. They will input the opposite code of yours (black or gold). The center will turn gold when you input theirs. When they input yours, the gaps will turn purple. (I input my partner's gold symbols and they input my black.) After that, you can move on to the second part. But make sure you keep in touch with your buddy, because you'll need them for the second part. By now, the other half of the first screen should be lit by a second torch. There is a second console. When you click on the console, you'll either have tile squares and a string of black symbols at the top, or vice versa. There are 32 symbols and 13 tiles. One partner will get the symbols and the other will get the tiles. I happened to get the tiles, so my screen looked like this: Now comes the hard part. You need to put in the code that your partner has, as well as give them the code that you received on yours. As far as I can tell, it's random, and the symbols never correspond to the same tiles twice. Usually, when you swap codes, at least one dot will light up. That means that one of the tiles is in the correct placement and it's the correct tile, meaning it corresponds with your partners symbol. For example, let's say that I have a tile with a dash at the top. My partner has a symbol that looks like a funky F. We happened to find, through trial and error (removing the tiles and submitting until something turned off), that the F symbol and the tile make one of the dots light up when they're in a certain slot. When you have a match, it could be in any of the slots. (This is us with two symbols and tiles correct. I think in this case, it was the first and the sixth. I can't remember what symbols they had on their end. The main code started us off, and then we had to find the right input by trial and error. The best we got was three before it refreshed.) Here's the worst part: you only have a certain amount of submissions to get it right before it refreshes, and you have to start over again. That's at least what I've been able to gather from our experiments. Here's a better explanation for how to solve the second part: Apparently, it's just a matter of switching the symbols and tiles that you already have in unison and submitting the answer in a cohesive fashion. When you get all six dots, the button will glow gold. EDIT: I finally finished the puzzle for myself, so here's what you need to do. First, follow the binary method. What I mean by this is to have the tile person enter in all of the first tile in their partner's code. That should get you at least one dot. Then one of you can check to see which tile/symbol is in the correct placement by replacing them with a filler not in your code and pressing submit. Be sure to refresh the page often to make sure that the website is recording your inputs. Using this method, you should be able to narrow it down. Here's us trying to find the second symbol/tile placement. I put in the second part of their code into all of my slots. It sounds more complicated than it is. Honestly, others have explained it better than I have. Whew. Sorry, that was a lot, but it needed to be clarified. DO NOT POST FOR BUDDIES HERE. To find a buddy, go to this thread:
  2. With the release of the free A New Reign expansion, comes more puzzles and mysteries from Klei. The Fuelweaver's 3rd form, fightable in the Atrium, has a string of quote that said "Metheus..." The user @ImDaMisterL, with his ingenious and brilliant mind, just goofed up the webpage and inputted that there as a what if. What an Einstein. Click here to be redirected to the puzzle's page! So, what exactly lead the community to think something was going on? Klei posted the release trailer of the A New Reign free expansion: And it had some moments where hidden images could be seen i one paused at the right time before/after/in the middle of transitions. The first one: The second one: The First Day When entering the website, you'd be face to face with this: Ater that, the user @Mobbstar used pro hacking skills to access the available assets page and found 4 very interesting images: Those images appeared to depict the murals that told us a bit of the ancients' story in-game, but much more detailed now, of course. People realized though, that the 2nd mural was missing. Some time after, Klei restricted the assets page more than before, and if you tried getting those images now, they'd be like this: The Metheus page updated again that day, adding bowls of what seems to be paint and brushes: The Second Day The page updated once again: @CarlZalph Made a compilation of the symbols and the apparent alphabet of the ancients: And @Zeklo made a post with each individual symbol, found here: @Cherryzion made a compilation of the symbols we've had in older puzzles, their names and meanings: The page updated 3 more times that day: @Maslak Made a truly great discovery as well: The Third Day In this day, the page updated thrice! According to @Canal_WP, the page will update 2 more times today, at 2:55 and 10:55 PM, as it appears to update every 8 hours. EDIT: That turned out to be wrong The Fourth Day So far, the page has only updated once today: Thank you so very much, @Aeschwutz, for helping me with all the images I haven't (and even the ones I have) collected. This probably would've taken much more time if it wasn't for your awesome help! Huge Update (And link to guide!) This topic would be updated as the puzzle progressed, but I'm a bit busy nowadays, so I'll take longer to update it properly.
  3. I checked metheus today and im not logged in on the page, when i refresh the page, everytime i heard wilson´s voice for some reason, can someone please explain this?
  4. Anyone up for doing that puzzle with me? You need two to do it. As well as that I have a small walk through here so you can see what it is we have to do to 'unlock' this puzzle.
  5. Well i was checking the metheus page again, and i started to question myself about the guy or monster or whatever it is that is in front of Metheus, hes holding a torch, but i guess the torch isnt the tragic torch because it doesnt looks like it, are we going to get another puzzle to get that torch? or a boss battle in-game with metheus or something, i just want to know im really hyped about this
  6. Looking for someone to do Metheus with. Please have Discord, doing it without it is very hectic, slow, and difficult. Add me at Sci3nce#7668 If you don't know what that is, here: Thank you!
  7. Well theres a guy on steam that for some reason has 2 tragic torches, a loyal and a timeless maybe i guess that he got the timeless before the metheus puzzle and now he did the cyclum puzzle again and got the loyal. His profile:
  8. First of all, in the second part of the puzzle, synergy's really important with your partner, this's why I'd advise for you & your partner to decide who'll be the leader. The leader'll be the one controlling the situation, guiding what the other teammate should do. I recommend the leader to be the one using the black code during the first part of the puzzle, while the teammate uses the yellow one. After entering their codes they'll each see panels that looks like these: At the top of each panel there'll be some symbols, i'll call them a "code", the leader and his teammate should send a print to each other with the code in the top of their panels, these are the symbol the other person - be it the leader of the teammate - will be using during the resolution of the puzzle. Example: So, here's how the puzzle works... Basically, you need to match 3 things correctly for the dots to light up, these things would be the following: The leader symbol, the teammates symbol and the right slot. So, this means that you'd need to match two specific symbols in a specific slot for one dot to light up. Example: This symbol I circled in the image above(the symbol the person with the golden code uses) will only fit with this symbol: in the first slot (space/square) for it to light one of the dots up, but that was in my case, you and your partner will have a different combination. So, now that you know what you're supposed to do how should you do it then? Well, there's a simple technique @alainmcd posted in one of his treads & this's how to do it: The leader should tell his teammate to fill all their slots with the first symbol in his code (symbol 1 in the next picture) and then tell them (the leader's teammate) to press their button. Lets say this is the code with the symbols the leader sent to his teammate:After the leader's partner fill his slots with his first symbol, it should look like this: After filling, remember to press the button!After that, the leader should put the first symbol in his code in one of the slots and fill the rest with symbols that aren't in his code.Lets say these are the symbols the leader's teammate sent to the leader:After the leader has put his first symbol in one of the slots and filled the rest with symbols he isn't supposed to use/that aren't is his code, it should look like this:Note: You can see that the symbol that looks like a P with tree legs was in the code in the picture above this one, but the one that look like a R wasn'tthen, the leader should press his button to check.If no dots light up, the leader should put his symbol in the second slot, like this: And he should press his button again. If no dots light up again, the leader should put the symbol in the third slot and press his button again... The leader should keeping repeating it until one of the dots light up or until he has been through every slot with that symbol. If no dot lit up after the leader has been through every slot with his first symbol, he should change to his second symbol and repeat the same process again. If one dot light up, you've got a right combination of leader's symbol + teammate's symbol + the correct slot so don't move/change it anymore, keep it like that. If that happened, the leader should pay attention to which slot got the match, & not move/change this slot anymore, what he should do now is take out all the wrong symbols( the ones the leader does not have in his code) & tell his partner which slot's the one where there's the right match & then his teammate should take out the symbol in every other slot, but not the one where there's the correct/right match. Example: In this picture you can see that the third slot has a right match, so the partner and the leader should not change it anymore, instead they should take out all the symbols from all other slots. Then, it should look like this: After getting your first correct match & taking the rest of the symbols out, the leader should tell to the teammate to fill the rest of their empty slots with their second symbol, and then he should tell to his partner to press their button. It should look something like this: Now the leader should fill one slot with his second symbol: & the rest with symbols that he isn't supposed to use: Now the leader should press the button to check. If the second dot didn't light up, the leader should put his second symbol in the next slot & press the button again. The leader and the partner should keep doing these processes until the six dots light up- -which then you should follow this guide for solving part 3 of the puzzle. Also, there's one last thing I should say's: the Metheus puzzle will probably reset while you're trying to do it, that happens because there's a limited amount of tries you get before the second part of the puzzle resets, but you'll get them right with enough teamwork, eventually. So, don't give up hope & good luck friends !!
  9. I want to share my work-in-progress. Inspiration from the Metheus murals: (thanks to @ImDaMisterL for compiling the references into a single thread) The current look: So we have petals, rabbits, geometric symbols and creatures with ram horns. I am immensely proud of myself.
  10. Can't you get the Tragic Torch if you didn't have it earlier? I've tried helping two people now, and they both get stuck at the campfire part, where you have to make a skewer. Like, click the trap, the berry bushes, etc. It just doesn't work. We've tried clearing browser cache, refreshing, changing web browsers (Firefox and Chrome) and still get nothing. help
  11. I've been trying with my partner to do this for 6 hours no luck we can't get past the 2nd bit If ANYONE has anything that can help us omg dude I would LOVE YOU #nohomo
  12. ADD Me on steam (Click Here)
  13. So, the current hypothesis, AFAIK, is that the solution to part 2 indicates the types and quantities of items that are to be placed in the new treasurechest_sacred while your Metheus partner is nearby. However, we do not know what items correspond to what symbols. Could we make some kind of mod or script to automatically try many different combinations, narrowed down based on current guesses and stackable items? Is there a rate limit on guesses?
  14. I was just doing the puzzle with someone. We had got to the second tablet and once we both had one of the 6 tiny buttons light up, they told me to refresh. Refreshing for them went fine, but for me, it gave me this: So, now what am I supposed to do? Is this part of the puzzle? Klei, could we have a fix for this, like real quick?
  15. For those of you who have finished the 2nd puzzle, what is the next step? I notice that there is interaction with the torches but nothing happens other than having a drop down arrow with nothing to click on.