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  1. i run a lights out server. mostly because i like the game to be extra-hard and cruel. but lately the main reason i run it is to see the reactions to people who join. the set-up: i have surrounded the florid postern with fireflies to give some light after the spawn glow wears off. i have built a fire pit, alchemy engine and a chest which i stock with full stacks or twigs, flint, grass, rocks, gold and two stacks of logs. the area is surrounded by trees and i have planted twiggy trees, grass tufts and berry bushes around as well. there is additionally a sign which reads: 'please take what you need." i have no mods on my game whatsoever. the very first person who joins asks: "why is it night?" "it's a lights out server." "but why is it ALWAYS night?" i found his skeleton about 20 paces away from the portal with every stack of resources from the chest. so i took the resources back to the chest and went back to surviving. and wouldn't you know it, a willow joins. okay, she has a lighter and... nope... the whole forest is on fire. chest on fire, resources consumed... better build that up again. willow logs out without saying a word. i replant trees, make a new chest, restock it. and wander off. about the time i am exploring the swamp, another joiner! a woodie this time. says nothing so i went back to what i was doing. after about ten minutes he dies and says: "why did you kill me?" "well, i didn't kill you, charlie did, but..." he logs off. then a wx-78 joins and says: "where are you?" me: "i'm in the swamp, a bit south of the postern." wx-78: "do you have a telltale heart?" me: "yes..." wx-78: "so i'm just gonna kill myself and wait for you to come revive me then." he then leaves about 30 seconds later only to log back in and out over and over for about five minutes before giving up. even then, he logged in 3-4 times the next day (in real time, not game time) before i said: "no matter how many times you log off and come back, you will still be dead." thus ended our correspondence. a wilson joins, who i suspect might have been an experienced player as the first/only thing he says is: "WHERE IS SUN?" just like a pig-man. i was laughing so hard but then he left so i never got a chance to find out if he was joking or serious. most of my maintenance is carrying resources back to the chest because someone took them all and died a few feet away or they take all the resources and log off so i need to gather more and restock. and most of the time i am nowhere near the postern (i am a morlock, i live in the caves even in a lights out server) so i eagerly look forward to how new people will cope. somehow, this has become the most entertaining server i have ever hosted and oddly, the most frequently visited. and all i had to do was turn off the lights.