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  1. Okay so, Willow is underwhelming and part of why is her lighter is useless after a few days even with cooking having been added, common knowledge, etc. While it could use a buff to light radius and/or cheap refuel or no duration cost as Willow, it'd still prolly be dimmer than a torch and thus meh. What it really needs is an actual ability worth having. (If it had one, then it wouldn't be a big deal even if it's duration/light stayed the same; being a light source simply wouldn't be it's main purpose anymore, but a nice on-the-side ability.) So, what ability? Cooking was a thought in the right direction, but once you get a crock pot it's still really not relevant much... cooking green shrooms?? So, I thought; Willow's insanity ability to light fires anywhere is out, but why not bring the anywhere-fire back? Make it so Willow's Lighter has a right-click ability anywhere on the ground to "Ignite" the ground, setting down a fire just like her insanity ability used to randomly do- same power, but you can do it on command instead of WHOOPS. This would probably cost 3~5 Sanity, simply to offset the obvious sanity regen it would provide (otherwise have little to no sanity regen from the lil' ground fires), 1% durability on lighter, etc. This way Willow could plant down little temporary lights for working at night, have an offensive fire option other characters have to go to much more effort for in the fury of battle (dropping a single twig, swapping to torch, lighting it), etc. Bonus points (but not really critical- just an aside thought) if it's made more relevant by making it more effective in combat than usual fire somehow (not lighting enemies on fire, but simply dealing damage)- or preferably keep that fire normal and instead have the combat ability provided by an alternative power to Ignite nightmare fuel for strong Shadowfire (a damaging stationary blaze that doesn't spread; also good for a long-lasting light if you -really- want to burn fuel for light), a perk that would also pair wonderfully with how Bernie makes Willow pretty good for farming Nightmare Fuel. But, these aren't as important. Really, just letting her plant down normal minifires on command like she used to do when insane would be something nice. I like this idea because it's simple and sweet (Willow's personal ground fires are even already in the game, unused!), it's effective but not terribly strong either, and plays perfectly into Willow's firesetting personality. What else would Willow love to do with her lighter but set fires everywhere? Edit:Before someone brings up her freezing-when-insane thing.. Willow's personal fire already provides fairly little heat (less than 1/3rd of burning a twig; seriously), BUT, planting a few would be enough heat to take the edge off insanity freezing (like freezing in mid-fall). This is actually a good thing, because her freezing is a major complaint; this would help a bit, whilst still leaving it as an issue. She still has to deal with nightmares at the same time, even with Bernie to help, after all... and you don't want to set Bernie on fire! (..I assume he's flammable.)