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  1. I searched up whether there would be any topics revolving around languages in this section. So far, only found references to programming languages, but nothing closer. This topic will be dedicated to languages, as with more specific ones, if more threads are created, it might become too spammy. I'm at the moment trying to learn Japanese. Why? Dunno, lol, just want to. I've been looking through multiple words, phrases etc. and while getting rough ideas of what is what, I only got so far as to realising that each word or particle can often be used in many, quite specific contexts... And of course you have the three alphabets, but at this moment I couldn't care less until I van speak in the language quite fluently. It's been a few weeks and I don't feel like I'm getting a lot of progress. I know 3 languages already, yet I have no idea about the phrasing itself; I don't think how to phrase things, I just do and voila, it's usually correct. How do you think I'm able to write the entire wall of text you see before you with just thinking a little about what to say and that being it? Point being, I learnt my first three languages through being able to speak to people in them or hearing people talk in them. English took me like no more than 2 years to properly master, probably just one. And Russian, I still to this day don't understand how I learnt, because I rarely asked people "what does this mean" and so forth, yet I can understand almost everything a person would say in russian and could speak very fluently too (albeit my speech being a bit rusty in the language, because I don't typically speak to anyone in it). So, if anyone out here can speak Japanese very fluently and could help me out in some way so I could get this stuff going through instinct instead of thinking ahead, then that would be much appreciated. Message me a PM so we could get each others' steam usernames for quick-chatting. Cheers!
  2. Hello. As the ANR content is coming at its fully state to the main branch, I've been working on my translation mod in order to bring it out of the beta stage. I revised most of the strings, to make sure it preserves the context intended by the devs. One thing that is really pushing the project backwards is Wolfgang's and Woodie's concept, although the latter not that much. So, nothing better than listening to the fanbase to get things up and running. I count on you people to give as much feedback as you can on this one. Let's go. So, from a native english point of view, what is the deal with Wolfgang's speaking? Is he a foreign guy? Before I started my project, people here used to paint him as being German. This was what another mod author decided to do with his mod, thus people got used to it. But in my opinion, I think he is more of a French person. Sovietic perhaps? Honestly, these are just guesses, but I don't think he is German. Or, is he the "Muscles>Brain" type of man? I mean, of course he is, but with his speaking skills in mind I ask you: Maybe he just don't know how to speak? Now, on Woodie. I can clearly notice he is Canadian, or at least he came from the North. What is not very clear to me is: Is him sort of a hillbilly? How notable is his speaking manners compared to, lets say, american people? I think these were my main doubts in regards what direction to follow in order to finish my project. I want to be as accurate as possible to provide subscribers with the closest from the original dialogs/lore. I just don't feel like adapting the context on my native language is the only way to go, I feel I can deliver it without messing with the devs main idea. I count on you on this one, don't be afraid to express yourself. This is indeed very important for me. Thanks in advance!
  3. Yes, a shameless plug for my new mod! :biggrin-new:With the new forum layout, I want to make sure new modders see this if they are interested in translating the game to a language with accent characters not currently supported by the game.Allows the following latin characters to be seen in the game interface: À à Á á Â â Ã ã Ä ä Å å È è É é Ê ê Ë ë Ì ì Í í Î î Ï ï Ò ò Ó ó Ô ô Õ õ Ö ö Ù ù Ú ú Û û Ü ü Ý ý ÿ Æ æ Ç ç Ñ ñ Ð Þ ß ð þAlternate Fonts Mod for EU Languages -- v1.0New language translation modders should also start their work with this template to make it easier for everyone to use.Language Mod Template -- v1.1Thanks for all your hard work translators!Now everyone world wide can be addicted to Don't Starve!
  4. I'm eating lunch and pondering again. And it struck me. I tried to search for it, but it seems this has never been considered here.What IS that thing Maxwell is holding? It looks like some sort of pouch... or is it a pigman foot?....