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  1. I think a lot of us already know how misleading attack animations are. Just as you thought that you have successfully escaped an enemy's reach, you then lie in disbelief as a piece of invisible mass, seemingly attached to your enemy's appendage, strikes and brings your character down. Spiders are the worst case of this. Normal spiders, spider warriors, cave spiders, and spider queens all have this problem. It is demonstrated by this picture below: You can see this happening yourself by spawning spiders or any spider variant via the console. Let it attack you and move a few steps away before their attack connects. You might say that this is fine because spiders have low health pools and are very easily to kill anyway. However, it gets even more ridiculous when a boss, the spider queen, is also guilty of this. The spider queen has an attack radius of 5 metres or 1.25 turfs and this is how it looks like: The spider queen's attack animation barely even touches the third dash! This is unacceptable and makes the game very inconsistent. This might be the reason why many less skilled players find it hard to learn kiting or combat in general. I believe that there are three ways of fixing this. The first way is to reduce the spiders' attack radii to match their attack animation. This will be a significant change and I fear that this might cause spider and spider variants to become more trivial of a mob than they already are. I wouldn't like this change very much. The second way is to re-animate the attack animations. This won't have an effect on gameplay, however I don't think re-animating would solve the problem because even if the attack animations get exaggerated, their attack radii is simply too large and simply re-animating won't make up for it. The third way is what I believe is the best and simplest solution. The solution is to change the spiders' sprites along with their animations. While that may seem like it requires too much effort just to fix a nitpicky issue, I assure you that it will be worth it. And to help Klei with this solution, I've made mock-ups for them to easily copy and implement into the game: What's your opinion? Do you think any change should be made?
  2. Been a while since I had anything of note to post in this section... been a while since I PVP'd as well O__O This time, it was a pleasure to witness an event that rocked my faith in the Wendy Cult... my Astounding Abigail that kites (OuO)/ After a long battle against @Electroely, @IcyBlade and I succumbed to the will of the PVP Wigfrid... mere logsuits, alchemy engines and spears are no match for one who commands the world itself (their server) But it was all worth it to witness the magesty of my tormentor tormented by the souls of the undead... more so Abigail who put up a pretty great fight even reducing the mighty Wigfrid's armor counts...