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  1. I know this is a single player game and alpha and all that. But am i the only one who feels annoyed, angry and depressed when i see people playing the game by exploiting? Like, Hydro bubler in vacuum with water / Door bug, where dupes ignore the doors, but the doors still have effect / putting storage in vacuum to not use power ?
  2. I've noticed in my game that the Hydrogen Generator is almost useless unless you turn it off for a while and let hydrogen build up in a super long pipe. What I don't understand is: Why doesn't the hydrogen just go into the generator and fill up the fuel gauge even if I've turned it off? I feel the Hydrogen Generator eats Hydrogen too fast or the storage to burn ratio is off causing it to eat it too quickly. I also feel there should be gas storage tanks if the hydrogen generator happens to be working as intended so I can store up a ton of hydrogen. Maybe a 10 x 10 tank storage area will supply a hydrogen generator with enough gas to keep it operational for more than 2 game days. I also wonder if the generator is losing hydrogen when it transfers from the pipe to the generator. I don't know enough about the game of how to closely monitor it and see exactly what's happening. The Hydrogen Generator definitely needs some attention. At the very least, please dial back how much Hydrogen it burns. I'd even appreciate a low, medium, and high burn option where low maybe burns hydrogen slower and produces 600 watts while medium burns gas faster and gives 800 and high burns gas the fastest and gives 1000 watts. Just an example. I wasn't sure if what I'm seeing with the Hydrogen Generator is a bug. But I have about 6 Electrolyzers worth of Hydrogen feeding one Hydrogen Generator and it's just not enough. The Hydrogen travels too slow in the gas pipes to properly fill the generator up. If I turn the generator off, the hydrogen builds in the pipe but it never fills the generator unless I turn it on and it pretty much takes everything in my super long pipes and doesn't even fill it up half way on the hydrogen fuel meter. Great game so far. Even with the little problems I'm addicted. Bwicked
  3. So we've all talked a lot about hydrogen generators not reliably producing power but serving more as a place to rid yourself of hydrogen that occasionally pumps a bit of power your way. Today, I've finally made a generator work 100% of the time, and it should last for quite a while now. There's nothing particularly neat, tidy, or clever about this, mind you, just thought I'd share my personal "hoorah!" moment lol. When I hooked up my electrolyzer this time around, I fed the hydrogen output into a small pocket above my base. I left it there for many cycles until it had completely overpressurized. I then gathered a small team of dupes to put in 4-deep airlocks a short distance away for safety (yes, I'm paranoid about my base lol) and then brave the ice biome next door to carefully tunnel up to the hydrogen pocket and release it into the ice biome without breaching the impending polluted water disaster hovering above. I left that alone, for many cycles, until the entire flipping biome was so pressurized that the gas vent above my base overpressurized once again. I united the dupes once more to build a new airlock at the edge of the ledge we'd left to our base. In that small space, they built our gas pump, filter, and valve. I painfully sent them out into horrific conditions of cold and hydrogen asphyxiation to get the generator, pipes, vent, and power lines built. We were all quite relieved when everyone made it home safely. We set the valve to 500 g/s, and at last, opened the previous four airlocks to set the hydrogen free. We then promptly locked the door to the house! Little did we know that we'd successfully make a vacuum where the pump resides. Our generator runs without a hiccup, is nearly full up in the green, and the pressure, while of course very slowly coming down (our vent is no longer overpressurized, thankfully, as intended), is still happily chillin' anywhere between 1300 g to 1800 g inside the biome and our pocket. It's not pretty (well, the pink and blue in the ice biome kinda is lol), it's not genius, and I'm sure the science types around here have much better solutions, but it works and was a personal triumph for me
  4. Just wondering if anyone suggested this or thought about having them in the game. Just some suggestions It would be great to have a stockpile designation such that dupes can stack items or place them there , not to sure how it is going to work but right now being unable to move some solid materials that have frozen such as solid carbon dioxide , oxygen , chlorine and many more kinda bugs me (especially the abysallite). I also wonder if we could mix chlorine with water , dupes that would have toothache , just making it more realistic as possible even though IT IS A GAME. PS Also i would like to be able to play with liquid hydrogen and be able to do something with them luls just for the science and fun ;P
  5. I still plan to make a guide eventually- this base is a design based on my original cycle 100+ base merged with the idea of a roof for hydrogen by a streamer named cptcalavera found here I have tons more screenshots since the time I chose my characters on my steam page here (Note further in is my previous world and my 3 "learning the game worlds") I do not plan to restart this and I will keep it going as far as I can, I will probably add more dupes than the only 6 I ever had because there is no good source of energy besides the hamster wheels so they will just be power workers. My one tip for you is to always choose destructive if stressed so you don't get a nuke of puke that just makes everybody stressed. Screenshot time