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  1. So i made a mod and i was wondering what do i have to add to make the custom backpack i made spawn on making a new world?it works because i can spawn it in with console commands, i just need to know how to make it spawn with my character.
  2. Help I have no idea what I'm doing here, I fell down into an underground cave one day and now I just draw stuff in this cave. It's very comfy believe it or not. But yeah, this is my ONI art thread, I,,, draw dupes and cry a lot here. I'm very awkward so forgive me if I end up saying some really strange stuff here and I ramble a lot as you can see. But yeah, worked up some sort of courage to do this Duplicants look it's Sophie
  3. Alright, I've got a pretty big bug that I've been notified about for two of my mods, namely Weston the Wandering Cactus and Whimsy the Cheerful Sunflower. This bug basically makes it so that when a homeless bee or butterfly pollinates 6 flowers and despawns into another flower, SOMETIMES the game allows a Weston or Whimsy to spawn instead, most likely because they have the "flower" tag on them. I've been searching through the code, and I think I found the problem. It's the "pollinator" component. Specifically, the bit about spawning flowers: function Pollinator:CreateFlower() if self:HasCollectedEnough() then local parentFlower = GetRandomItem( local flower = SpawnPrefab(parentFlower.prefab) flower.planted = true flower.Transform:SetPosition(self.inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) = {} end end The problem is that I'm not sure how to go about fixing this. I was told I need to put the fix in each character's modmain.lua, but again, I don't even know where to start. Whimsy has her own tag that I've been using ("whimsy"), and I've used that to include or exclude her from several different codes before, and I think It could be applied here. I will fix Weston and give him his own tag when I figure out how to fix this. Any and all help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hello again! I'm trying to change function in screens/playerstatusscreen.lua . Is it possible to change functions that allready exsists in screens? If so, does anyone knows how to do it? I can give you reward, if you help me!
  5. I was playing in my ROG (No SW compatible) world with puppy princess musha char, but something maked my game crash... since that last crash i can't enter my world ( it keeps crashing ) I'm using some mods but they all were working fine before the crash. This is the last log: log.txt
  6. I made a mod and have not gotten my custom starting item to work, It is a backpack and I have done everything the guides have told me to do, but as i cant find one for backpacks, it hasnt helped out much. Anyways, whenever i start the game with it enabled, it gives the error that isnt working. if anyone can help out, i would be extremely grateful. Thanks.
  7. Hey everyone! I'm trying to make a mod, that'll make an empty world 4x4 ith a portal. Is it even possiblel? If so, anyone knows how to make it? Thanks everyone for your replies! If you'll help me, I'll give you some cool skins!
  8. During the summer sale you get DST along with another free copy, and i was just wondering if anyone had a free copy i could get to my friend. Thanks!
  9. Hi, all! I'm wondering how to increase the durability of the Ice Staff, remove the Sanity debuff, etc. I thought it would be fun to just run around freezing as much as I wanted to, but it seems that nobody has done a mod specifically for this (at least that I could find). I also thought this would be a sort of stepping stone into modding, because I'd really like to learn about it. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Hello again! I'm trying to make a mod, that'll disable player's status screen. So... I've tried replasing screen in my mod with some changes, but... Nothing happend :/ Is this even possible? Does anyone knows how to make it? If someone'll help me, I'll give you cool skin!
  11. Hello, if someone can help me with this that'd really help be great ! So, how can I use " GetModConfigData(" ") " in my character.lua? The game crashes & says "use ModIndex:GetModActualName( )" or something like that, but I try to use that instead of the other & I get crash " variable 'ModIndex' is not declared"... Help would be appreciated .. Thanks for looking at my problem, have a good time !
  12. Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to put a widget setup in its own file instead of putting it on modmain.lua? Here is the example I'm talking about: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --[[ compost_box ]] -------------------------------------------------------------------------- _G = GLOBAL local params={} params.compost_box = { widget = { slotpos = {}, animbank = "ui_chest_3x3", animbuild = "ui_chest_3x3", pos = _G.Vector3(0, 200, 0), side_align_tip = 160, }, type = "chest", } for y = 2, 0, -1 do for x = 0, 2 do table.insert(params.compost_box.widget.slotpos, _G.Vector3(80 * x - 80 * 2 + 80, 80 * y - 80 * 2 + 80, 0)) end end function params.compost_box.itemtestfn(container, item, slot) return (item.components.edible and item.components.perishable) or item.prefab == "spoiled_food" or item.prefab == "rottenegg" or item.prefab == "guano" or item.prefab == "poop" or item:HasTag("fresh") or item:HasTag("stale") or item:HasTag("spoiled") end local containers = _G.require "containers" containers.MAXITEMSLOTS = math.max(containers.MAXITEMSLOTS, params.compost_box.widget.slotpos ~= nil and #params.compost_box.widget.slotpos or 0) local old_widgetsetup = containers.widgetsetup function containers.widgetsetup(container, prefab, data) local pref = prefab or container.inst.prefab if pref == "compost_box" then local t = params[pref] if t ~= nil then for k, v in pairs(t) do container[k] = v end container:SetNumSlots(container.widget.slotpos ~= nil and #container.widget.slotpos or 0) end else return old_widgetsetup(container, prefab) end end -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --[[ crate_wooden ]] -------------------------------------------------------------------------- params.crate_wooden = { widget = { slotpos = {}, animbank = "ui_chest_5x12", animbuild = "ui_chest_5x12", pos = _G.Vector3(90, 220, 0), side_align_tip = 160, }, type = "chest", } for y = 4, 0, -1 do for x = 0, 11 do table.insert(params.crate_wooden.widget.slotpos, _G.Vector3(80 * x - 346 * 2 + 98, 80 * y - 100 * 2 + 42, 0)) end end function params.crate_wooden.itemtestfn(container, item, slot) if item.prefab == "chester_eyebone" then return false end return true end local containers = _G.require "containers" containers.MAXITEMSLOTS = math.max(containers.MAXITEMSLOTS, params.crate_wooden.widget.slotpos ~= nil and #params.crate_wooden.widget.slotpos or 0) local old_widgetsetup = containers.widgetsetup function containers.widgetsetup(container, prefab, data) local pref = prefab or container.inst.prefab if pref == "crate_wooden" then local t = params[pref] if t ~= nil then for k, v in pairs(t) do container[k] = v end container:SetNumSlots(container.widget.slotpos ~= nil and #container.widget.slotpos or 0) end else return old_widgetsetup(container, prefab) end end Would it be possible to somehow put it in its own separate file, so that it doesn't take up space in the modmain.lua file? Maybe using modimport or something else? Also if you know of any way to shorten the code above so that it's more compact that would be appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Heyo! I'm trying to make some custom items to go along with characters I made for myself and a friend. They are very simple items, but I'm having one heck of a time coding them none the less. I've made several attempts, and tried to reverse-engineer some of the existing game items to do what I want, but every result is buggy or just straight up crashes. I'm sure I'm just doing something completely wrong here. I'm horribly dyslexic, and code does not agree with my brain. I can do all artwork myself, I just need coding for it. What I need is: A hat. It will be based off of the winter hat, but I'd like it to have the same warm benefit as the beefalo hat, and that's pretty much it. A star, held in the character's hand. Basically a reskin of Willow's lighter, with a light radius similar to a medium-fueled fire pit (Can also be set on the ground as a light source). Otherwise, exactly the same function as the lighter. A mask. I'd like a slight strength bonus to it, but that's it. The artwork has tall horns, so if there's a way to make the item dimensions taller so they don't get cut off, that would be super awesome. If not, the horns can be excluded. All these items need to spawn with the characters and not decay. Pretty simple stuff, since I'd really like the items for cosmetic purposes more than anything else. I'm willing to pay for it, of course! I've never asked for anything like this before, so I might need a quote, but rest assured you will not go unrewarded!
  14. Hello, I need some help if someone could help me that'd really be great ! So, I'm trying to make a action for my character, & the character can move while preforming it. However, the problem is when my character moves while doing it, it makes my character play the run anim, canceling the the action's anim.. Here's the code! So, is there a way I can make it that no other anim interrupts this anim while this action is being played? Maybe with a certain value or something? Thanks so much for reading my problem & have a great day/night !!
  15. I'd like to host a dedicated server and play survival on it, but pressing the ~ button and typing c_sethealth(1) in emergencies is a thing I can not resist doing because of how easy it is. I know there are probably mods that can disable console, but before I have to resort to that, I'd like to know if there's a way I could host a server without being admin in it (server seems to make me admin from the cluster key).
  16. So, I am trying to implement the favorite pastime of first-time DST modders and am making a custom character. The short story is that the character is meant to be able to see in the dark and gains a minor amount of sanity in it, but consequently its sanity plummets in any light source, in addition to outright burning in sunlight (without protection). I've gotten the sanity calculation for this down on my own and will be working on the sun-burning thing in the future, but I'm having an issue with the night vision. To be specific, night vision is working too well. Everything seems to essentially be rendered in full brightness, which is a problem as I cannot discern light sources with night vision on, which makes the sanity drops from light sources seem borderline arbitrary. I've tried messing with color cubes and while I've noticed ghost vision color cubes do in fact make light sources barely discernible, it's not enough to really work out from a gameplay standpoint. Not to mention that the light needs to be really intense to be visible. One part of this topic is essentially me asking if making custom color cubes is the way forward for making night vision work as I intend. I don't have any idea if it will work out as-is so for all I know I could be wasting my time, which is why I thought I'd inquire first. Failing that, is there some sort of way to configure it that I've missed? Anyway, that's one avenue to finding a solution for this. I have also tried the classic method of simply applying grue immunity via the grue component (which works) and having a light source like so attached to my character: local function common_postinit(inst) -- <Insert snipped irrelevant code here> --if not TheWorld.ismastersim then inst.entity:AddLight() inst.Light:Enable(true) inst.Light:SetRadius(32) inst.Light:SetFalloff(0.9) inst.Light:SetIntensity(0.4) inst.Light:SetColour(255/255,0/255,0/255) --end end But the problem here is that the light is server-side, which of course makes everyone able to see it and gain protection from Charlie - not to mention the fact that it also lowers my character's sanity, being a light source. As you can see by the comments, I've tried making the light client side... but it doesn't seem to do anything with the check enabled. The light doesn't show up. Am I doing something wrong? And finally, if both of these options don't work out, I've simply considered drawing a ring around the effective radius of a light source, which would be ugly but would at least allow me to tell where they begin and end. That is assuming that I can do this. I'd look into that on my own if need be. I'm hoping that one of the solutions above could work before I resort to that, though. In closing, is it possible to 'fix' night vision with color cubes, or to make a client-side light so I can at least fake it and still see (brighter) lights?
  17. I'm currently trying to make a character who when near other people, does more damage. I already have the code for detecting if someone is near, i'm just not sure as to the command for adding damage, then taking it away when the other player leaves. Here is my code, ending at the "then" statement: local function damagefn(inst) local x, y, z = inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition() local delta = 0 local ents = TheSim:FindEntities(x, y, z, 30, {"player"}) for k, v in pairs(ents) do if v ~= inst then
  18. Hello, I need some help making some annoying wall of code smaller (if possible), I'd really appreciate any help since scrolling though this's a real pain.. So, here's the code... The code's supposed to update my character's defense (health.absorb) & hunger rate, my character has 300 hunger & every time it goes down by 50 points he's supposed to become weaker, plus he has 2 different modes that also change these stats so that adds even more "elseif"..making the code very bloated! Does anyone know a way I can shorten this code?? Because soon I'm going to add several more modes & I don't want this code to go over 1,000 lines!! Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your time & have a great day/night !!!
  19. Hello dear forum members, Since I'm playing on my server only with one other person the lazy deserter can't be used to its full extent. I was thinking of a mechanic that would allow a better use of it in the following way: Make a lazy deserter able to be toggled on or off (activated/deactivated). So for example you have one in your base and one near the pig king. Right clicking the one in the base will toggle it as activated and keep it that way with the player being able to mind his business from there on, and the moment someone right clicks the one near the pig king it will be teleported to the base. The lazy deserter in the base would from henceforth deactivate until further right clicking if desired. The idea is that only one lazy deserter could be kept "active" at any time. So that if you have multiple ones, no matter which one you right click it will always teleport to the "active" lazy deserter. Note that any lazy deserter can be made "active", but only one can be active at any given time. I would personally increase the sanity penalty to the player right clicking to make the "active" lazy deserter that's always on. I had a look at the lazy deserter game file, townportal.lua and I would guess the trick would involve modifying the OnStartChanneling and OnStopChanneling functions, maybe so that the second one is always true once the first one has been called? I am not sure as it seems to be way over my lua knowledge. Any kind of help or direction would be greatly appreciated, I really think such a mod would suit many people, and I'm surprised one like it isn't already in the steam workshop.
  20. Hello, I have a problem & I'd love some help from someone ! Here's the code! What I'm trying to do is make my char have a critical hit attack were he deals double damage, I tried to do it but I keep getting crashes like "value damage nil" which I don't understand, so any help would be really great , have a good day/night!
  21. I tried extracting an anim file from the game using ktools (to try and add a new part to it), but it seems the animation is messed up: Is there a way I could extract the animations properly?
  22. I would like help as to using a sword and shield (one item). I'm sure I can do the stats I need etc but I would like to know if there is an easy way (or even A way) to equip two seemingly independent items in either hand (one in left, one in right) or whether I'd need to make a new animation using spriter and Ktools. Thanks for the help, ProtoStar
  23. Hello, I have a problem if someone can help me with that'd reallly be great ! So, my character has a pet entity which can be spawned with petleash, the entity's prefab's called "tieravil" but I have no idea how to call upon it, like how would I call upon this pet in modmain.lua or mycharacterprefab.lua (outside of its spawning function of course)? Here's the code for when its spawned. modmain.lua mycharacterprefab.lua Sorry, if the answer's in plain sight or something, I'm kinda dumb... Also, thanks for reading my problem, have a great day/night !
  24. Hello everyone! I *love* the Glowcap. Its upper part, that is. Because I *hate* the lower "bulb" part. Seriously. I never build it, even though I love the aesthetic of the upper part, because of the lower part.. So I come to you asking for help. I figured it would be a very simple thing to create a mod that just "cuts" the lower part of the Glowcap. I have 0 knowledge about tex and bin files, so I can't do it myself :/ Could someone please help me out?
  25. Hello. I need help with making a mod that makes it so that everyone can craft 2 statues with marble when you have a science machine. Maybe 3 marble for the small one and 4 for the tall one. Maybe the pole that it's on should be made out of wood?