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  1. Hello! I was trying to work on a perk for my character that would allow her to gain sanity when she's near other players... However, I can't seem to find a way to distinguish other players from my modded character. Code is in the spoiler: So basically my problem is that she is gaining sanity near others BUT it's also counting herself as an 'other' and that's not what I want. I want her to gain sanity only when she's near someone else rather than it counting herself as a sanity gain.
  2. Hey everyone! I'm trying to make a widget, that'll show up when some event in the world is pushed. I've made a widget using savindicator.lua, but I don't know how to add it to the player, and how should I open it on some event. Does anybody knows how to do it? Thanks for your replies! I can give you elegant skin, if someone'll help me! My mod is riiiight here: widget.rar
  3. I'm working on replacing the pig king with a guarded version - it's a simple mod, just involves overwriting the static layout with a custom one. But the wooden floor is misaligned, slightly or significantly, most times I generate the world with this and I'm not sure why. Any insight? Any fix? pigking.tmx Guarded Pig King (DST).rar
  4. I want to create a following character that can be activated by picking up an item and putting it in your inventory, something that acts just like Chester would but with obvious different design, does anyone know how I would do this?
  5. Hello I am trying to do something that I cannot get to work. The client needs information that only exists on the host. For something that I'm trying to do, I need to give certain edible items new custom food types, but by doing that, they are no long edible to players. To fix that, I can insert my new custom food type into the food group table.insert(GLOBAL.FOODGROUP.OMNI.types, GLOBAL.FOODTYPE.UU_HONEY) I technically can do this for all of the edible prefabs that I am changing the foodtype on, but I wanted a better, more forward-compatible method for doing this. Let's say Klei adds a new character that can eat honeycomb, currently honeycomb is not edible so I'm obviously not adding it into any existing food groups, only to my new custom foodgroups that I am creating. What I would like to do is something like this: local AddFoodTypeToFoodGroups(oldfoodtype, newfoodtype) for gkey,group in pairs(GLOBAL.FOODGROUP) do for tkey,type in pairs(group.types) do if type == oldfoodtype then table.insert(group.types, newfoodtype) break end end end end local MakeFoodType(inst, newfoodtype) if GLOBAL.TheWorld.ismastersim then -- edible component only exists on host local edible = inst.components.edible if edible ~= nil then AddFoodTypeToFoodGroup(edible.foodtype, newfoodtype) else inst:AddComponent("edible") edible = inst.components.edible end edible.foodtype = newfoodtype end end So what this does is if the edible prefab is already in an existing food group before i change the foodtype, i insert the new foodtype into that group. This way I don't mess with anyone's diets, everything they used to be able to eat they will still be able to eat, but now I can do what I need to do with the new food type. The problem is, this only works for the host. Clients do not get the prompt to eat unless the correct foodtype is in the foodgroup, client side. So the clients need information that only exists on the host. What can I do to fix this?
  6. Hello dear forum members, Since I'm playing on my server only with one other person the lazy deserter can't be used to its full extent. I was thinking of a mechanic that would allow a better use of it in the following way: Make a lazy deserter able to be toggled on or off (activated/deactivated). So for example you have one in your base and one near the pig king. Right clicking the one in the base will toggle it as activated and keep it that way with the player being able to mind his business from there on, and the moment someone right clicks the one near the pig king it will be teleported to the base. The lazy deserter in the base would from henceforth deactivate until further right clicking if desired. The idea is that only one lazy deserter could be kept "active" at any time. So that if you have multiple ones, no matter which one you right click it will always teleport to the "active" lazy deserter. Note that any lazy deserter can be made "active", but only one can be active at any given time. I would personally increase the sanity penalty to the player right clicking to make the "active" lazy deserter that's always on. I had a look at the lazy deserter game file, townportal.lua and I would guess the trick would involve modifying the OnStartChanneling and OnStopChanneling functions, maybe so that the second one is always true once the first one has been called? I am not sure as it seems to be way over my lua knowledge. Any kind of help or direction would be greatly appreciated, I really think such a mod would suit many people, and I'm surprised one like it isn't already in the steam workshop.
  7. I've been trying to make the Shadow Manipulator blueprint rare (for testing purposes). After some quick searching I found that the blueprint can be given the rare blueprint examination quote if the command c_select() ; c_sel().is_rare = true is used on the blueprint itself. Can anyone help me out?
  8. I've been trying to modify a custom introduction for my mod that changes wally's intro speech but when its finished wally still stays there. The code is very similar to the custom maxwell speech I used in my previous mod so I'm not sure what I'm missing to make wally leave. I also got the code from the actual lua file itself and it looks really similar to the maxwell intro. Can someone help me find what I'm missing and hopefully I don't need to include the wallyintro.lua into the prefabs as it'll ruin compatibility with reign of giants. Also I did try reloading it, that doesn't make him leave. Code that goes into the modmain: local function ModWallyIntro(inst) if GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "duty" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "dutyseva" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "dutyskat" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "freedom" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "freedomseva" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "clearsky" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "loner" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "lonerseva" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "militaryskat" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "bandit" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "monolith" or GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "monolithseva" then ---pretty much check if its one the modded character inst.components.maxwelltalker.speeches.SHIPWRECKED_1 = { voice = "dontstarve_DLC002/creatures/parrot/chirp", idleanim= "idle", dialoganim="speak", disappearanim = TakeOff, disableplayer = true, skippable = true, { string = nil, wait = 1, anim = "idle", pushanim = true, sound = nil, }, { string = "Opa!", wait = 1, anim = nil, sound = nil, }, { string = nil, wait = 3, anim = "idle_peck", pushanim = true, sectionfn = function(inst) inst:ListenForEvent("animover", PlayPecks) end, }, { string = "Good hunting stalker.", wait = 2, anim = nil, sound = nil, }, } end end AddPrefabPostInit("wallyintro", ModWallyIntro)
  9. I've run into an issue on my dedicated server, I've recently made reserved slots for the server and made a whitelist.txt. The issue is that I don't know how to format it. I've added all the Klei IDs into their own line (no commas or anything else really). However it seems like only the last ID works. I can't find any sort of guide that fixes this issue so any help would be appreciated. Example of what I did: ID_1 ID_2 ID_3
  10. General advices Need help? Be helpful! Add as much info and code as possible: too often do people omit modmain.lua and modinfo.lua or reduce the crash log to the last line. Upload the files you're working with. Link the guides and tools you're using whenever possible. Detail the steps you're following. Don't make people guess what you're doing. Be specific! Is it a crash? A new feature you want? Porting from DS? Trouble with animation? State it in the title so people who know about it can see it right away. "Help with my character" means essentially nothing since characters can do pretty much anything. Don't be a jerk. Being nice is usually a good way to get people to help you. Search the log for error. One of the first step when you have a problem with a mod is to take a look at the log. When a crash occurs, the log could provide you useful informations about what is wrong. You could find the log in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta (If you are in the beta branch) Or C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether (classic branch) Usually, informations will be in the "client_log.txt" Sometimes, a crash will happen server-side, so you must look at the server log. Search in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta\Cluster_1\Master With "DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta" your current branch, "Cluster_1" your current save, "Master" if the crash happen on surface, and "Caves" if the crash happen on caves. Look at the "server_log.txt" Now you have an error log. If you can, try to understand what the error log says. Some errors could easily be fixed by yourself. You could also try a search to see if someone encountered the same problem. If it's not the case, you could create a topic. Title. The first thing people will see is the title. There is a lot of topic asking for help, so "help pls with a mod", "I need help" "[URGENT] Need help" isn't a good title, because it doesn't give a clue about what the problem is. Since people helping here are doing this in their free time, and since every modder have his strong point and weak point, your best option is to have a clear title, with informations about what you are searching. This way, people able to help you could see what help you need even before opening the topic. For example "How to create a perk for my character" "My character mod is crashing (Mod and Error log in topic)", "How to make an aura healing others players ?". You will gain a lot of time with a clear title, and people will be more likely to help. Content of your topic. Your topic must contain a clear explanation about what you need. If you are asking for help because of a crash, provide the error log (you've seen before how to obtain it), and attach your mod, so people could take a look at it. You must zip your mod first, then you can see an option "drag files here to attach, or choose files". Attach the zip file. This way, everyone could download your file and see what is wrong. When searching the cause of a crash, looking at the code is often mandatory, so you'll gain a lot of time by attaching mod in your first post. Usefuls links and tools. [TOOL] Texture and atlas packer : a tool allowing you to easily pack or unpack texture. Great for inventory image containing multiple items images. [TOOL] HandsomeMatt's Tools : one tool allowing you to converting .png file into .tex, another one allowing you to open .tex file and save them as .png [TOOL] Build renamer : one tool allowing you to rename builds. [TOOL] ktools : allow to decompile animations in a spriter file. Useful, but you need some knowledge to make it works. [RESOURCE] DST Speech Mod Template : All the speech line in one file, useful for custom character. Tutorials : [TUTORIAL] Custom recipe/food visible in crockpot/farm [TUTORIAL] How to add, not replace stuff in worldgeneration [TUTORIAL] Basics : what to use to open .lua files and why [TUTORIAL] How to create a Set Piece
  11. In this mod I'm trying to make it so when I give "petals" to a koalefant_summer it becomes a follower. But in order to be able to give it the flower, I need to make it stop running away when I'm trying to give it something. So I wrote my own custom ShouldRunAway function that checks if the if the player is trying to trade with the koalefant. It works when I play it as the Host. But it does not work if I'm playing as a Client, including when I am hosting but have caves turned on. But the thing is, I know my custom ShouldRunAway method is still being used, because it also stops the Koalefant from running away if it is a follower to the player, and that part does work as a client. It's only the part where I need to check if the user is trying to trade with the Koalefant that does not work. Any ideas? On a possibly related note, any print( ) calls that I make inside my CustomShouldRunAway function are not showing up in the console, so I don't know what's going on. But again I do know that this method is being ran. If I comment it out the Koalefant still runs away when I am its leader, When I uncomment it out the Koalefant stops running away when I am its leader. I have no doubt that this function is running, but I don't know why the check for IsTryingToTradeWithMe fails and I don't know why the prints aren't working. Koalefant.zip
  12. Hey guys I've found that early on in the game I can maintain a solid 60fps but the larger my colony gets, the worse my performance is. I have a colony of 32 duplicants and my frame rate hovers around 20 and reaches single digits. All I have running is ONI and Steam. Anything I can do to improve performance? I've attatched a copy of my dxdiag results for reference. I've also tried running in windowed mode instead of fullscreen. DxDiag.txt
  13. I wanted to make a script for my character to be able to level up not only by gears but lightning strikes as well. Anyone got a idea of how to make that happen. I'm still kind of new to this scripting thing. I know that robot gain level though just eating gears.
  14. Hi everyone! I'm trying to make a mod, that adds clans in game. For now everything works just nicely, except saving and loading. onLoad is here: if data~= nil then inst.clan_image = data.clanimage inst.clan_name = data.clan_name end onSave: data.clan_image = inst.clan_image data.clan_name = inst.clan_name And my prefab post inits: AddPlayersPostInit(function(inst) if not inst.clanicon then inst.clanicon = SpawnPrefab("clanicon") end if inst.clanicon then --Обновляем картинку. Если не в клане, то сбросим до 0 inst.clan_image = inst.clan_image or 0 inst:AddChild(inst.clanicon) inst.clanicon.AnimState:PushAnimation("clan_"..inst.clan_image, true) end inst.clan_members_count = inst.clan_members_count or 0 inst.OnSave = OnSave inst.OnLoad = OnLoad end) My whole mod is here: clanicons.zip I've added some prints, and found that in OnLoad everything works fine, but in PrefabPostInit everything is nil... Thanks everyone for your replies!
  15. So .. today i met krampus for the first time in forever. How do you kite that thing? I can kite bearger, deerclops, spider warriors, tentacles But how do you kite him? Is there a video to show me? his attack animation is like a machine gun to me, and his range is pretty broken. I need a guide q_q
  16. I want to copy a world I have with my friend and play alone while he's on vacation. I tried copying the cluster folder to a blank slot, and it's just not working. I tried just copying the Caves and Master folders too, to no avail. Can anyone please help?
  17. Making my first mod, nothing happens at all when I try to light and/or hammer a structure. What am I doing wrong? How can I solve it? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hello, I need some help ! So...is it possible to mirror/fip an animation through Spriter? Like I made an animation, but realized I want it to face the opposite way..would I have to redo the entire thing from scratch all over again ?
  19. Dear Survivors, For some unknown werid reason my mods dont want to update themselves which makes me unable to play on modded servers. After I click the "Update Mods" Icon, it goes grey and after a few seconds it returns back to normal by not updating my mods at all
  20. Hey everyone! I need to somehow save tags, that was added when player builded smth. For example here's my on build function: if not inst:HasTag("name_"..builder.userid) then inst:AddTag("name_"..builder.userid) end And I need to make it, so I'll be able to load this tag. Does anyone knows how to make it? Thanks for your replies!
  21. Title, gonna keep this short and sweet: Basically, I'm making a character mod, and I want the image for the hunger meter to be a sun instead of a stomach (but only for this character). I've looked around in the files for the image, but I can't find it. Does anyone know how I could add a custom image to the hunger symbol, but only for this specific character? Thanks.
  22. Simple enough, I thought inst:ListenForEvent("onpickedfn", OnPicked) would be called whenever a flower is picked, because in the flower's prefab there is inst.components.pickable.onpickedfn = onpickedfn, but my OnPicked function never gets run. I know because there is a print statement immediately in the function. Is there another event to listen for, or something else I can do to know when a flower gets picked?
  23. Hello everyone in the modding community! I am working on a few character mods that my friends and I can play on the same server and I've managed to create the first one, adding all the perks I wanted to go with it with the help and advice of these people here. The next step was for me to create a custom weapon available in his start inventory, and I was roughly following this tutorial (although it might already be outdated? I'm not sure. If there's a better tutorial out there, I wouldn't mind being directed to it) All the images and tex files are done and placed within the mod folder and I copied some of the codes I saw from other mods i have subscribed to with the same sort of feature (the RWBYcharacter mods) and changed the names and other elements accordingly. Although I can't even begin to test if the item works properly, because the game crashes as I load up the server and generates this error log from the screen: From what I understand, this means that the bgale.zip in the anim folder is missing? Is that correct? But the file is right inside the set folder. This is my main concern as of now and I have included all the files I currently have been working on for this mod in this post if any of you wish to see it. If anyone also knows how to add these perks to the item, that would help me greatly (but it is secondary): - add both a wood chopping and rock mining action (can both be done?) - for those who know of the Ruby and Yang character mod, how is the effect of rushing towards the enemy when the weapon is in hand is implemented. Salem Rainsworth.rar
  24. I made a custom backpack, with it's own custom widget. It works, you can store items in it and everything, the only problem is items don't automatically go into it. Like if my inventory is full, and the bag is empty and you try to pick something up, its supposed to go into the backpack, but it doesn't in my case. I might have missed a line while making the widget in modmain. Or something. I don't know. Here's the code I used to create the widget And just in case, I'll attach the entire mod to this thread. (It's kinda big, because it's an entire character mod ) But I'll expect this will be an easy fix, if there is one. Wisniowski.zip
  25. Can't you get the Tragic Torch if you didn't have it earlier? I've tried helping two people now, and they both get stuck at the campfire part, where you have to make a skewer. Like, click the trap, the berry bushes, etc. It just doesn't work. We've tried clearing browser cache, refreshing, changing web browsers (Firefox and Chrome) and still get nothing. help