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  1. I said my next topic was going to be something exciting... well, I'm post-poning that a little. Been busy with stuff lately myself. So... I want to reflect a little on how we've come to this point. We've been suggesting a lot of things to devs. They have been doing a lot of work, trying to implement quite a bit of content over the past few months. Wouldn't say a lot, but quite a bit, some of which being more significant than others. As you may know, I, and many others have had a lot of criticisms about the game. And I have a feeling that the hotfix roast that some of us participated in (myself included, kind of) might have made some developers think "Well, what's the point? We're working on all of this, and we always get so much hate from what we create because it's not exactly how they want it." To be fair, we don't know what's going on. Klei doesn't really tell us. I have a feeling that they try to keep smiling faces on so much, and try to encourage positivity so much, to a point where telling what's actually going on might be bad. The way I laid out my previous topic was horse****. I spent a lot of time, trying to explain to the developers what half the time we, and the other only I found to be problematic about the game and what could be changed for the better. But the thing is, we have said a lot of these things over and over, but nothing really changes. And we don't know why, because a lot of the points I did make, general points in all fairness, are issues the game needs to address. Those being: * Game supporting newbies better * Game making things harder for late-game players * Items that are virtually useless actually having some usage * Mechanics that are unfinished/not fleshed out enough to get finished/be fleshed out enough * Game preventing griefing automatically (this one's kind of split between thoughts, but the option to turn on auto-griefing protection and off is something I read a lot of players were hay with, however.) * Game making you feel like you're actually trying to survive, instead of being in a world you essentially rule and exploit and it being a grindy social club, rather than a survival experience * Everything having some way of being renewed that cannot be destroyed from within the game, so that content isn't destroyed * Some ways to deal with lag better by erasing items accross the world that just make things worse overall * Balance of certain items that makes them unreliable in any way or not reliable enough Wow, that kind of summarized my whole wall of text from before. Anyway, Klei. If you are reading this, and we have driven you away from making bug fixes, or even from completing the portal-related stuff... Please, come back. The game needs improvements, and if these improvements are placed within the game, then I assure you, you will get the praise you deserve. I mean, look at the vote kick. It was improved, and while you did have some issues here and there, since it's not perfect, you balanced it out well, based on the feedback given to you by the players and everyone was happy! Just pay more attention to feedback, if you don't already and put some thought into some of the things some other players are suggesting, and especially are getting a common consensus here. We all want the game to be good, right? So, what gives the notion that just brushing the feedback away would make for a game that everyone loves? Lastly, I think I'll mention the fact that... the way the game is currently now, it encourages players to spread on their own and gather things, yet the fun in multiplayer is you being there with other players. Perhaps incentivising us to stick together with other players outside of something like a base would benefit the game a lot too? Because once you're a pro, you realize you need to scatter, not stick together, which is a bit sad considering the game's called Don't Starve Together. I hope I've made my points clear and have done a bit of reflection on what's been going on recently. I really don't want this game to rest in pepperonies, and I know many others don't either. But it is all up to you, Klei. If the content you keep bringing is just the same things over and over, the game becomes boring and the will to play it withers as time goes by. I would say it's more about the quality than the quantity of the game's content. You have just about enough quanity of content. Now it would probably be the best time to re-assess its quality.