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  1. Hey, I'm looking for a group of people to help me play DST i'm fairly new to the game I know most of the basics. You can host or I can host either one. We can share specs to see who should run. add me
  2. I've started a Steam Group to help players come together to play more easily! I'm proud to announce we are over 40+ Members on both our Steam Group & Discord Server! This group is open to everyone! It is a global group, meaning we have players from all over. We just really want to bring everyone together! Everyone of all Experience Levels are welcome to join! Join us on Discord as well! (Everyone is welcome, whether you're in our Steam Group or not!)
  3. Hello we are a steam and discord group for forum members anyone can join as long as they have a 50 post and like count if you don't but are an active player that's fine to it just means your be checked first apart from normal servers we also host challenge servers like a world only caves and lights out so everyone has A server right for them Pm me or post here if your interested
  4. So I made a group on DeviantArt for ONI (and it still remains the only one ^_^ ) It was a bit bumpy at first but I'm learning things as I go along. Anyone who joins will be automatically accepted as well as any art they submit (so please make sure it's ONI art and in the right folders). I feel I should post the rules here as well (since idk how to post them to the front page ^^; I'm new to managing a group so I'd appreciate some tips on that) Pls join 0_0