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  1. I have this one geyser that has polluted water. Then I noticed that at some point, when that geyser produces water, the water will float at the top of the polluted water then given sometime it will eventually mix with the polluted water.
  2. It looks like, once small amount of top water is cooled down, adjacent 1000kg water below is cooled instantly to the same temperature. Look at the water temperature. After some time, cooled even better. Hydro Switch and Liquid Filter to limit the amount of top water. Tested in debug mode, i would try this cooling system in real game.
  3. What are some of your methods for controlling geysers? Any structures that you guys use every playthrough? Im desperate for that infinite water but I'm scared to touch that thing haha. I'm looking for something that is contained, fairly self running and most importantly safe for my dupes.
  4. As you can see from this pic I have a pretty active geyser very close to my base in a big slime zone. some 17-18 cycles ago the geyser's water broke the (I assume slime) layer that separated it from a polluted water pool. Now, my question is: since my colony is running out of water, should I try filtering that big body of polluted water or should I wait until I have the means to counter the geyser as well? From what I've gathered, a water filtration machine will output clean water at standard temp no matter how cold or hot the polluted water it's taking is, so temperature shouldn't be a problem. BUT, the danger of the geyser remains. Note that I am currently researching Percolation and the only research I have left is Temp Modulation and Insulation, so I don't have insulated tiles yet. I also haven't mined any Abyssalite yet so I don't have that either, and I am also missing Gold Amalgam because to get that I'd have to enter the slime zone and there's another geyser (not shown here) right in front of the outer rim. P.S.: look at all that slime O_o
  5. Erm... this is a new one on me