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  1. I've had this problem awhile and have no idea how to solve it! So each pipe coming out of the natural gas generators is pumping out 250 Co2 The problem i have is one of them isn't working (2nd one on the left) I've had a similar issue with hydrogen or just general moving of gasses using multiple gas pumps For some reason the 2 on the right are sharing a pipe and having no issue, BUT when i try to combine the 3 lines one of them stops working The gas line heading out of the screen on the bottom only has packets of gas around 250, when i know it can handle up to 1,000 Anyone have a resolution for this ? You can see i tried to solve it by pumping all three into a valve and set it to send out 1,000 but that doesn't work either so here we are
  2. All gasses in the game should be evenly distributed throughout all tiles (except vacuum), with trace amounts not displayed to the player. I'm not sure how this would be done from a coding perspective, but maybe have each tile "layered" with gasses at different concentrations? I'm assuming it's set up the way it is right now because of simplicity and performance reasons. For example, with a room with equal amounts of O2 and CO2 and with 3 rows of tiles: Row 1: 23% O, 5% C Row 2: 12% O, 12% C Row 3: 5% O, 23% C ^^ this is just a rough example. Exact amounts would probably be some kind of physics equation with molecular weight involved. Basically, there shouldn't be a square of Gas 1 completely separate from an adjacent square of Gas 2. Instead of suffocating the way dupes currently do, they would always be breathing in whatever gas they're in. You would have to look up actual medical data as to the effects, but breathing in different concentrations of gas would have different stress and health effects on the Dupes. 100% oxygen would actually be deadly, I believe. Dupes will eventually fall unconscious in high CO2 concentration and then die sometime later (based on Athletics maybe?). Stuff like Chlorine gas would continuously deal damage based on concentration. This would also open up more research opportunities such as personal respirators that filter out toxic gasses, and also the opportunity to make gas tanks to store gas for breathing. Pollutants is a bit more confusing because of how vague it is. Pollutants should be independent of gas/liquid and float around as modifiers to whatever it's in. Water moisture could also be implemented in a similar way in how pollutants behave. As a resource to developers, NASA has some data that might be helpful for equations/calculations in regard to breathing in different gas concentrations.
  3. So I've been playing only the last 3 days. I've watched all the streams on twitch, except the art stream, and had a few ideas. Since Stinky farts a lot on the manual generator, I was thinking why not have methane in the game and maybe have a way to filter it and store it for a methane gas generator? It would be nice to have gas storage tanks for things like hydrogen. I've noticed that the hydrogen in the pipes doesn't stack or line up like water in the pipes where it will just sit there and wait until something needs it. I noticed that the hydrogen stacks to 4-5 and then disappears and won't stack in the pipe any more. It would be nice if there was a storage tank I could build next to the hydrogen generator to store hydrogen when I've turned off the generator. But methane would be funny to have in the game since you already have farting morbs. I don't remember if the hatches fart. But you have farting Duplicants so why not have a way to filter out methane and use it for something? Even if you used it to cook food with or maybe if you could craft it into a methane bomb to blow up or ignite other gasses for quick digging. Oh! Then if some Duplicants had gas detonation skills, that would be cool.
  4. I'm having a really hard time figuring out what "stifled" actually means. I have plants that are at the right temperature AND pressure and they still constantly "stifle". I even tried spacing them further apart and it had no effect. So far as I can tell, the plants don't care what gas they are in, but maybe they do? Any help is greatly appreciated.