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  1. Basically, make a weird reason to ban the person above you and so on and so on... (and by that, ban the person who posted last... with the exception that that person didn't ban the person that came before them which will entitle you to a special ban power to ban that person and the person they forgot to ban) Example: Ban Asparagus for making a forum game Then go from there. To start off, have a go at me, then continue down. (Can't use the example ^^^) Go!! EDIT: Discalimer: This could either end up being a hoot or start a flame war... either way, It'll be entertaining O__O EDIT: Because Blewcheese, O__O
  2. So you answer a trivia question and write a new one if you get it wrong you are banned from the game for 12 hours QUESTION: which was announced first: minecraft, terraria, don't starve
  3. So basically how this game works is you have to sell a product! BUT! Here's the catch. You have to use a word/object/noun/etc from the previous commenter's (and only the previous commenter) advertisement. And said word will become your new product to advertise! It can apply to literally anything, either in game or IRL, just go nuts! But please keep it coherent and keep the non sequiturs to a minimum. :3 So as an example of this I'm gonna pull my post from here (shameless plug!): Have you ever been stuck on an asteroid, out in the middle of space? Surrounded by countless other people who look oddly like you? Have you ever wondered "Gee, I wish I could stand out! I wanna become the special little snowflake I've always been!" (Well, first off you narcissistic sap, *Thwap!* Nobody's special. Deel with it. B) ) Well worry not ladies and mentlegen! Madams et mouchoirs! Because do I have THE thing for you! Introducing the new, the improved, Barber Chair 69! For just 3 easy payments of just $6999, that's right! Just 3 easy payments of $6999! You too can have this GREAT new addition in your SpaceHellTM, you too can have customizable hairstyles for you and your fellow clones! Just sit back, relax, and let the stylist do their thing...Unless you've put your trust into an unqualified dupe. Oh no, now you look like a shaved beefalo you poor thing. At least now you stand out amongst your peers! Order today! Now granted, it doesn't have to be THAT long, I just made it that way so people have many choices to choose from. :3 Get creative! Get kinky! Promote your shoddy shipping fanfics! (Don't actually, please. :3) And most importantly! Don't let this thread die! (I'll get very sad if it does.)
  4. For the one on the Don't Starve Wiki, click here. Hello All! This is a multiple choice show that MUST GO ON! How it works!: Someone will start off a story, with a variety of choices to choose to make a Don't Starve Story, the person who replies next has to choose a option, and continue the story, and so on.. Once you choose the option, you put in a story that is caused by the option you have chosen, for example: Person 1: Wilson stumbles upon a... A) Tall-Fort B) Pig Village bA) Pig Village with King C) Queen's Gathering Set Piece Person 2: Tall-Fort In the distance, Wilson can see a variety of rocks and minerals, as he walks near, a Huge Bird appears behind him, shall he.... And so on! ~ Rules: When you choose an option, YOU MUST ALWAYS CONTINUE THE STORY ONWARDS, PROVIDING OPTIONS AT THE END! Do not, under any circumstances, reply to your self, let someone else reply, and you may reply to theirs after When two people reply at the same time (Unlikely but may happen), the person who replies shall reply to the first one that appears!) There is no need to quote someones reply! DO NOT MAKE THE STORY UNREALISTIC/CRAZY FROM THE GAME! (eg. And then Wilson throws a Derp Balloon at a Treeguard!) Have fun roleplaying!
  5. So, a lot of forum games have been going around lately, and recently I was inspired to start my own from a few posts in the topic: Palmtreeguards How to play: Start sentence with I declare, then say something at the end that counters the last person's post. Example: ImDaMisterL: I declare bacon. NoobModder: I declare obese bacon eaters. Now that we know how to play, I'll start off I DECLARE ENEMY TANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. It is late, I am bored...and so I bring to you all another well-known game..... Rules; First poster must make a wish for something they want to get out the "machine" then in a creative manner put in their form of payment. Second person to post must grant them their wish, however you have to find some way to corrupt that wish..or if your feeling generous give them something nice. The thread continues with each person making a wish, putting in money or whatever they want to get their prize and the following person corrupts it, then takes their turn. Example; I wish for a new pair of shoes! *inserts a rusty coin* You get two left shoes instead! I wish for a fast car.. *puts in a dollar* You get it right? okay then I shall start the thread, I wish that ROG DLC was out for Playstation right now! *smashes a penny into the machine*