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  1. Mechanic change proposal mods

    Version 0.1.0


    The purpose of these mods is to provide some proposals for change in mechanics to the developers, help with balance, take up some part of balancing to allow the Klei developers to focus more on other things, while at the same time letting other players out there test the mechanics of these mods to see how well they like them, as well as get feedback to further improve them. Any mods within this file will stay for so long as a certain mechanic is not in place. Whether any of these mechanics are applied to the game depends entirely on the Klei forum, and of course, the Klei DST developers themselves. You can play-test any mechanics from these mods to give feedback on how well you like its contents to help with the process. The mods within this file are created for Don't Starve Together only, therefore most of them may not be compatible with the single player version. You should take in mind that some of these mods were created while A New Reign sequence of updates was still in beta, so be careful with the installation if you cannot access this content in any shape or form. The content of this mod was created using a DS software tool called Sublime and on Windows 8.1 operating system. Any issues in regards to other platforms and operating systems I may not be able to help with. Mod contents Desirable features that are not in the current build of this mod file WARNING: The methods in which some of these modifications have been created involve creating copies of existing files and then editing them. To my knowledge, these mods are compatible with each other, but may not be compatible with other mods out that that use the respective edited files within these mods. Enable with other mods out there with caution, if you so choose to do. The reason a large part of the code is done this way is to keep it easier to create this type of content and to allow developers to make changes more easily, if they decide to include any of the content provided within these mods. If you encounter any bugs, errors, exploits or overlooks as a result of these mod mechanics, or if any information given here is in any way inaccurate, please let me know. Special thanks goes to @Arkathorn and @Desblat for their help in guidance of mod coding. If you want to contribute to the way the you can post your own mechanic changes seperately. Additionally, any changes that aren't already mentioned here, which you think would do well for the game (in relation to what the mods here already cover, e.g. Willow) are welcome. Also, any constructive feedback is welcome. You can discuss this mod and anything related to it in the comments of this mod file page, or in this topic.
  2. I'm not sure where this could be posted, so I posted it in General section. If a mod decides this needs to be elsewhere, moving this topic would be much appreciated. So, this is where I kind of end with my topic creation for a while possibly (yaay to those who hate my content...). This topic is for discussing the subject of using mods as a means to test certain mechanics and propose them to Klei based on the feedback of the mechanics here, in hopes that Klei would make some changes that a lot of players could be happy about. There are many players who have different thoughts on what the game should have. The impacts of these mechanics may be unknown sometimes. With what I'm presenting here, I am hoping that I can kind of bring people to agreements more through factual testing of various game mechanics. Modding is the only way for us to do so. So, why not use that to decide what we would like within the game, see if we like something and then come to some consensus about what we would like changed within the game. I have created a file here to start this off, which you can check out here. I encourage others who are enthusiastic about modding to help this cause, if you like the idea, whether it be helping me or others with code, or simply making your own mod files that would act as some propositions to Klei as mechanical changes, which can also be tested by other players. I hope nothing here comes out as rude, because strangely the previous topic did. I intent to help us all out here with this, not just myself. Any constructive feedback in regards to this is welcome and appreciated! If you have any questions in regards to this, I will try to answer them if I can.
  3. Earlier today I did a Thread asking if Puft were removed cuz I've been looking for a long while and couldn't find a single one, a user, AlexRou, informed me that they weren't removed and I might just be unlucky, well, I discovered the problem! I found 2 Pufts near my base, near enough for me to see them from the middle and, apparently, they're being killed by Geyser's scalding waters.. Can it be possible to make them immune to scalding waters? I needed them and now they're dead.. It also made me think "What if in the other run I had all the Pufts just died due to Geysers?" cuz I really looked in that run.. I went FAR! (Or at least don't spawn them near Geysers somehow?) Cuz it kinda feels like it's a flip of a coin, if I get lucky then there MIGHT be Pufts nearby and they MIGHT not be killed by Geysers..
  4. So I've been playing the game for 13 hours now, I'm still on my first colony on cycle 85. I'm running development build: CL#208689. Things I'm most satisfied about this game are: The game gas a really good general feeling the cute and stylish art style and the sounds and music make the game very pleasing to the eye and ear. The tool-tips are the best and the most explanatory I've ever seen. Having some 10 minutes reading and exploring the various tool-tips is as equal as having a tutorial explaining those things. Things to improve on: The game lacks a pressure overlay - I'm having a base with clean air but very low pressure - It'd be very helpful to see where I'm lacking pressure. I would enjoy having the crafting recipes require several different materials - for example the heat insulating tile should require both abyssalite and raw minerals. Having a way to turn valves off - maybe by disabling the building. Have a end game goal like building a distress beacon and surviving X turns to be rescued. (saw this idea in other posts) Ability to move certain things around - have the ability to move animals against their will, move mopped up water - mop up puke water and drop it in storage tank to be processed. Have duplicants sweep a resource type - the only way to get them to pick up only the coal is to make a storage compactor for only that resource and set it high priority. Have a steam generator as a machine instead of making a whole dedicated room for it. Have machines that run on heat as a resource (probably liquid or gas plumbing) - refrigerators using "coldness" and distillers using heat. Things I dislike: The game seems to lose the in-game resources over time (losing mass over time) - Water disappears in machines, coal burns out, building tiles destroy Fluid/gas they were built on. I'd like some more cyclical systems - with the loss of energy (gaining heat) in the process. The game tends to build up lag over time (usually running for longer than 4 hours it starts showing problems), restarting seems to solve the problem. That seems about it for now, If I gather up more feedback I will make another one like this.
  5. Hello. I'm a totally big fan of Don't Starve, and I was with big expectations when I first saw the announcement for Oxygen Not Included. And I finally, I bought it and played all weekend. I have no regrets. So, here are some feedback and some suggestions I found out: * More clarity on Food Spoilage: I like the spoil thing, but, you see on the screen "30000 kgcal" and then suddenly "Food Sortage". I understood that my food has spoiled, but it would be nice if I could knew when it will spoil (on 2, or 3 Cycles?) * Changing the material needed for construction: Something I thought that was a little hard to understand was the question off what material you need to build things. Like, for example, to build a Tile, you need Raw Mineral right? So, i have Sandstone to build 10 tiles, and I demand my duplicants to build the tiles, but they only build 5 of them (priority questions, for example). After building the 5 of them, I used all my sandstone, and dug some Obsidians. The duplicants can't build the tiles because there is no more Sandstones. Is that right? I mean, I have Raw Mineral (Obsidian), should they replace the sandstone for Obsidians? * Manual and Mechanized Airlock: Right now, the only diference I spotted was that Manual Airlock takes more time to open. In many cases, there is no advantage of using the Mechanized Airlock, so it only takes more materials to build the wires. I think it's not "fair". Maybe if the dupes could get a little tired after opening the Manual Airlocks. That is it for now. I'm totally waiting for the next updates and features. Great game guys.
  6. It's pretty hard to fit decorations into working spaces unless you space you're working stations out a lot, so dupes become angry easily, especially those with a high level of creativity. I'd like to recommend, for prolonged times in low decoration, that dupes instead get a bad mood status. This would cause any other grievance to be extremely more liable to cause them stress and would also increase the amount of stress that those gave. Usually other grievances are more able to be taken care of semi easily but decor expectation is barely manageable unless you spend half of your game time reorganizing your facility and making it a palace of decorations. Also, beds should increase decor, not decrease it. Or possibly add maintenance to the beds that allows you two order your dupes to set all the beds which causes their decor to go up/neutral. I love my bed .
  7. i like the flushable toilets, better then outhouse, but there is a little issue, an outhouse convert dirt to conterminated dirt, ok the pee/poo but the flushable not? so if the outhouse generate ~90kg contaminated dirt the toilet hate to generate ~90kg conterminated water, so pee/poo becomes a source of water 5000kg clean water convert to 5090kg conterminated water, same like showers, there are sweat/dust, so 1000kg / 1020kg i dont think that will be unbalanced, atm its more effectice to have no toilets and collect the pee from the floor
  8. Just finished playing my first 3 hours (Edit: 16 hours now, after my 5th time playing), so I apologize if I have missed things when mentioning my feedback and suggestions. The game seems really great, so far, and reminds me of polish during the Early Access days of Don't Starve (which far exceeded the original browser version). While I will focus mainly on things that bothered me in the game, keep in mine that I very much enjoyed my experience. Object Sprite Size - The sprites for the placeable objects are too large, for the tiles. A lot of the objects (especially the floor lamp) slightly overlap into the adjacent space. This makes for a crowded look to the game and makes things, overall, less neat. I find myself wanting to space things out because they appear too clustered. However, in my opinion, most (there are a few that are fine sizes) of the placeable object should be about 75% of their current size so that they can be placed alongside each other without causing too much crowding. Also, this might be just because I am playing at 1080p resolution, but the sweep icon looks like a person in a wheel chair. Perhaps removing the top box will make it look like a dolly Multiple Object Selection - [Mostly Solved] Is there a way to first select multiple objects at once so that they all be modified (i.e. have all of their priorities changed, at once)? It is time-consuming to change the priorities of 20 different items. It would be nice to hold down the Control key and select multiple blocks or objects. Perhaps I missed how to do this. Edit: I found the prioritize option that lets me change all of the priorities at once. This helps me with that aspect. Would still like to be able to select multiple objects/tiles at once, for slight convenience. Not sure if this is a graphical bug, but I highly suggest the priority numbers cover the actual tile, even if they have to be smaller. Right now, they are between two tiles and there is no way to know which tile they are supposed to refer to (for new players). Minor Graphical Glitches - There are some minor graphical glitches when looking at reports, and other in-game forms, where elements of (I believe) that environment glitch through the form temporarily. Autosweep / Automop - Is there a way to autosweep or automop (once again, sorry if I missed this option)? I notice the list of jobs, for each person, only has sweeping but nothing about mopping. Is mopping part of this sweeping task? If so, perhaps it should say "Sweep/Mop". Medical Bed Health Indicators - When you go to the medical bed, it would be nice to have an indication of the current health of the clones before selecting them. Joules, Kilojoules, and Large Values - There was one form that displayed both Joules (J) for some items and kJ for others. The joules numbers were in the 100000 or 1000000 range (with a single decimal place, also), which is very awkward to read. Please use kJ consistently across the form, especially for values of this magnitude. I noticed somewhere else where it says 1E +7 J (or something similar), when it could have easily stated them in kJ. Edit: Just looked again, these large numbers were used in the reports for calorie generation and usage. Also, it uses programming-like terms such as "BasicPlantFood" (not sure what this is) and "UsedCalories". Pipe Icons and Visual Indicators - [Edit: After 2nd play] I find the pipe input and output arrows and colors to be slightly confusing (not difficult to understand, just went looking at them). Water in is blue (in the visual stage) and waste out is green. Yet, the input arrow is green and output is white. It would be nice for this to better visually represents what is going on. Perhaps some arrows on the pipe layout to show the expected or actual flow of liquids (as it is shown when completed. Perhaps a more visually-helpful icon for input and output (perhaps a typical faucet with an arrow for output or something; I am not very creative, unfortunately). Once water is flowing through the pipes, they look great and are quick to understand. Water Usage - [Edit: After 3rd play; 10 hours] It would be nice to have the option to off-limit a water source (either partially or fully) to keep the clones from using it. It is difficult to prepare a water source to be used with piping for the lavatory and shower only to have all the clones remove half the water for other uses. Something like the priority tab, but it allows you to set water tiles that are on- or off-limits to clones. Pump Placement - [Edit: After 3rd play; 10 hours] It is difficult to place pumps and pipes within contaminated water, oxygen, or other gases. I always have to either make a hole in the wall to place it or swim/walk down though it to place a pump at the bottom. It would be nice to be able to do this from a safe location that is close by or perhaps increase the distance that pumps can be placed from (even if just from above, which would be equivalent to lowering the pump and pipes into the contaminated fluid). I am not sure if there is another way I should be doing this. Clone Equipment - [Edit: After 3rd play; 10 hours] It would be nice if each clone could be equipped with a single piece of equipment. There could be a thing for creating the equipment, using various resources. Some examples of equipment could include a hazmat suit (protection against toxic gases, uses filtration material), oxygen bottle (can hold breath longer and uses bottled oxygen), armour (defence against creatures), improved shovel (improves digging rate), backpack (could be used to house a small amount of supplies to provide to themselves or others, in the field; this could include bottled water, bottled oxygen, and/or food). Some of these would allow for further excursions from the base or for variations in character usages. Redundant Character Traits - [Edit: After 3rd play; 10 hours] Getting a character with +75% in cooking (for example) ability with the trait that makes it so they cannot cook seems pointless. Why would a clone have an improved cooking ability if they will not ever cook? Same thing with other conflicting bonuses and traits (i.e. research). Difficult to Read Research Progress Bars - [Edit: After 4th play; 12 hours] The black text on the dark green and dark blue bars (displaying the research progress for the basic and intermediary machines) are very difficult to read as both the bar and the text are very dark. I would suggest using better-contrasting colours. Pipe & Power Cable Removal - [Solved] Removing pipes and power cables can be tricky, especially when they occupy the space of another placeable object. This could be another thing I missed, but it would be nice to be able to remove (unconstruct or cancel construction) of only water pipes or power cables (as done in Rim, with power cables). I find myself removing all sorts of shared objects (i.e. unbuilt tiles, ladders, and more). Edit: Playing now again, I see the options form to choose the type of object to be deleted. Excellent! This is all I can think of, right now. I am going to play more of the game, a little later. Overall, a great experience. Just some quality of life changes that could make things a little easier to play (IMO). Will be nice to see more variety and things to do (which I am certain will come later, if the the development of this game is anywhere near the quality of the Don't Starve development). Thank you for your time.
  9. sand makes sense for filter stuff but i think coal will do the same job and its less rare
  10. Manually mopping stress-induced vomit or urine is a repetitive and unfun task for the player that detracts from the fun of the game – planning out a base and managing gas, liquid, food, and stress support systems. Further, mopping can be detrimental because, as far as I can tell, mopping destroys the mopped liquid. For example, this makes a common strategy for infinite water, i.e., using stress-induced vomiting/urine to generate unlimited water, more difficult to implement. Whether this is an intended feature or an exploit, the reliance on this system is often used as an argument against automating mopping. I think the game would benefit from a water zone designation system, similar to what is used in Dwarf Fortress. For those not familiar, DF allows the player to designate areas that Dwarves (Dups) can use as a water source, and also designate areas that Dwarves (Dups) should dump water into. (See DF Pit/Pond) A similar system in ONI would allow the player to designate areas that Dups should take water from. Further, the player could designate areas that water (or separately, contaminated water) should be dumped into, allowing for transport jobs that create reservoirs of water and contaminated water. ONI already allows Dups to carry liquids (i.e, when a Dup draws water from a water source) and liquid-gathering jobs (i.e., drawing water for delivery to an algae farm). Extending this system to allow water drawing and dumping zones would allow mopping to be automated (removing a repetitive, unfun task for the player). Also, allowing the mopped liquid to be dumped into an area of the player's choosing would allow for easy (albeit inefficient) transportation of distant water sources to a main water reservoir, prevent Dups from stealing from a pump reservoir, starving the pump, and allow for the efficient transfer of vomit into contaminated-water receptacles for recycling.
  11. *Klaxons blare Dups start running double time boys n girls, I think ill pull this one out of the fire this time!* How wrong I was >< I feel like the images below will speak mostly for them selves, take a look! also feel free to pick apart my failed base or enjoy my pain on the colony of; The Once Hopeful Spacerock. Its actually name not a post edit, this game after all especially now, in earrrrrly Alpha is a Sisyphean task at its finest! Still love the game but my god I cant wait to see someone else rage over this game on youtube. You would think Dups would wake up when the alarm goes of during siesta The funny thing is I cleared them out before hand, even reset the priority in case of weirdness o~o Even stranger, Dups doing there best to avoid ANY tasked work. I had cleared the board of any blueprint or job I didn't need done. Lowering other prioritized actions as well. I DIDNT EVEN NEED Slimes for anything at this moment O~o The mine tags ignored at 9 while random sweeping started These dups maybe were half baked again. Maybe later ill fully bake one or fry it... I should defrag the bio-printer-portal device. Or maybe just shoot them. More off to join nap time! but but why 'O~O, The Button even says they will ignore their own well being to carry out tasks, and could use a mention of adding stress over time rapidly as well...I was worried to hit it having no clear idea how much back lash it would bring. Its very vague, could have been a 20% add on then several minutes of hard work over time or idk, its nondescript. It will get them to staff and make food but not actually eat it.. Spend so long futility digging they drown, or suffocate, starve, even as i hear pop stuck Dupes free from tiles! But these Dups felt like chilling out. Something the stress multiplyer will surely negate if not still add to the stress. AND MORE JOIN THEM HALF WAY INTO THE ALERT Maybe 1 of them was max stress so don't go blaming that. Ill assume its some wired error in the priority controls or something programy sounding. Im surrounded by bugs today, I cant even get ride of this underline im seeing on the txt. Other things -I hate algae and anything involved with it. We need threshold controls on terrariums[and more] to avoid having half a colony rush to all fill it with 36.4 G water each all at once. really cutting into my reserves. -Slime distillation is laughable at its output the pollution alone makes it seem worthless to invest in, ill find an algea free base design before i build a series of them to try and keep up with just a few converter or terrariums. using slime to farm off toxic gas>O2 seems more worth the effort to me. -Subdue or even execution order for Dups, one gets violent knock em out, Super sick some ginger or like to stave off the vomit train a bit -Vomit farming exploit might be possible, lock a few in the right place with just enough to survive in pain and pump off the 'profits' -Dungeon keeper like hand to slap them around some, might stress them but not me >:D -Soylent-Dup... >.> could use that hand to bat one into a hot fry oil the others wont realize it im sure. They think dirt goo is food, meat of any kind would be a pleasant change. Dup! Tastes like chicken they say! -Critical failures. a Dup at 0 or 1 should maybe fail really bad sometimes. Dup at a fryer falls in and get some fresh meat a good 150lb of 'chicken legs' Working a marble block, it snaps off crushing one alive or maiming them forcing you to nurse them for ages. Athletics, trips maybe falls into a pit or somehow gets centrifuged by the hamster wheel! idk could be lots more terrible things to happen DS/T is well and GrimDark it wouldn't be out of place here either.
  12. Hi guys, what a great game and concept you guys made! Keep it up! I wanted to give you guys feedback based on what I think you guys are going for, trying to respect the overall shape of the game. Since I’m not native english speaker I’m going to make this long (sorry) so I can elaborate on my explanations and hopefully help out. Feedback based on build: CL#207683, 23/Feb/2017 Control Priority and queueing I feel like the priority feature gets in the way more than it helps, because it’s not clear what they will do and in what sequence and why, so I tried to think on an improvement for that. One of the things that could be done is to show the queue of activities the duplicant is working on like it used to be on the old The Sims game, where you could one-click cancel the orders, but in this case we should be able to one-click +1 priority and -1 priority. The number keys are assigned to the structure groups, but they are not practical, because not only they are out of hand for a short cut, but also after you pressed the number key, you must take the cursor roughly to the same place the structure group you pressed the number for, to select the structure itself. And most of the time, we like to see what are the options that we have, before placing it down and plan away, sort of like when we open the refrigerator to look for food, and just look at it, then give up because broccoli isn’t pudding. Instead I think we should be able to create control groups of duplicants with the number keys and assign different groups to different jobs and priorities and even have a “Walk Here” button for the group and use the number keys for selecting the group. So let’s think how it would work: Press 1, group window pops up; Sort of like when you press F1 and you can select gases instead of structures, this kind of overlay should happen so we can select people to add to the group and jobs to queue; Assign the duplicants to the group, by clicking or via menu; Hold Shift, click structure to add a job - if Microbe Musher, adds cooking - with the highest priority, click another structure to add a job with the second highest priority, etc. Release Shift; A queue was formed and the priority is set for the duplicants on the group, from the group menu you would be able to see the faces of who’s doing what, what they’re going to do next and +1 or -1 the priorities according to what you want and see Each Job should have an icon displayed over the structures it uses when in the overlay view to make it easier; Group Jobs and priorities would be set and controlled together, so you could assign a team for cooking and research and another to generate oxygen and energy, another to dig, deliver, mop and build, etc. Priority GUI When we see the priority overlay, the priority number aren’t centered on the square, they are offset downwards for some reason. If it’s for visibility, it beats the purpose of an overlay, and it confuses me when trying to align the tiles or digging to make the base expand exactly where I want. I rather have the number aligned on the center instead. Camera controls If you zoom in the camera, it should have a slower moving pace when pressed WASD, if you zoom out, it should go faster, maybe add how much of that in the settings menu. Easier priority setting Another idea is that if you select a tool or structure to build, it should show the priority set to it on the mock up version of the structure to be placed, and once selected, the scroll up should increase the priority, and the scroll down should decrease it, before you place it down. Right-click cancels the tool, and then you can zoom in/out again. Orders The deconstruct tool can be tricky, cancelling a massive amounts of Mop orders is very difficult, maybe as an append to the priority setting on the mouse scroll mentioned before, if you scroll down below priority 1, it could use it as a cancel order for that specific tool or structure you selected. That could be used as a deconstruct as well, if you: Select the build Tile tool; Scroll down to “priority 0”; Click on an already built Tile and drag to deconstruct; Click anywhere else and drag to cancel Tile construct orders; Edit: Just figured out C Also, if you place a structure build order on top of a previous build order, it should cancel the previous, and build the new one with the priority that you set on the new one. Makes things easier while setting priorities and easier if you misplace a large structure build order like a bed, which is 2x2, you could move the order simply by clicking 1 tile to the side. Gameplay From here on I’ll try and keep it more simple, with quick tips or specific issues. Stress relief should be a basic need like Oxygen and Eating, so the use of the Massage Table should be automated, unassigned and unable to change priority. Vomit and piss form a layer of contaminated water over the gas permeable tile, blocking the passage of gas, I'm not sure that’s intended, but I lost 5 souls because one guy made a mess all over the bedroom and the Algae Deoxydizers were on the floor below it. I couldn’t understand what was going on. Gas permeable tile blocks the passage of gas if stacked, as far as I understand it. I don’t think it should. Ctrl+Z is the digital form of toilet paper. We need it. Water is not renewable, but it’s incredible useful and necessary. Make it so that it is renewable or give us alternative food sources that don’t use water. And make it more dense, I mean make it so that we can do more, with less water. Outhouses should take other materials like sand and clay, maybe change the product to contaminated water and dirt depending on it, or dirt that emits more gases. Cleaning the outhouse should give you contaminated water bottle as well. There should be a better way of manipulating liquids and gases: destroying a Gas Filter makes it so that a contaminated air bottle pops up, and we can’t just take it and release it out somewhere, the same happens when you mop the floor out of contaminated water. We should be able to designate a spot to release these. Research Stations should always select its research. That little menu is annoying and pointless, at least for now. Instead of clicking it, then queueing it, (Like the Microbe Musher) make it a menu that you can just click on what you should develop out of the options you guys are planning. The Stations structures menu button should be called Research instead. Research Menu (R) should be accessible before you put down the station. Releases the burden of knowledge, allows better layout planning. Pneumatic doors should block 1 tile of liquid, most of us are placing an extra tile under the opening (where a door would go) just to avoid spillage to the next floor, the base ends up looking weird and non-functional with walls on the way. This would give the pneumatic door a better purpose. So just, make it so that the lower part of the door is not a net. Mechanical doors should be a tier one research, so we can focus our oxygen production only where the duplicants live and work. Gas filters should also be a tier one research, as it is relatively cheap and important for earlier stages of the game. Air pipes should be able to be built inside rocks so we could poke a gas pocket and pump the air out with a valve. Ladders should be reachable if 2 squares high, it would be the same height as 2 tiles, really. Algae Terrarium should stop producing Oxygen and produce Algae or Slime if not watered (disabled) and fed carbon dioxide. Pipe-bridges should be able to be constructed inside tiles. Tile is a generic term and can be confusing (as I’ve seen on the forum) maybe it should be named something else, like Block, it’s still generic but feels more man-made and less prone to confuse us when you are talking about the one we make or the natural ones. Stress destructor people shouldn’t go directly to Tiny batteries, Manual generators and Algae Deoxydizers, that’s more like Stress terrorist. Who does that?! I think they should damage everything around them, like Taz from Taz-Mania, just go out on a rampage hitting other duplicants, damaging every structure around them, maybe even rocks and tiles that might be enclosing liquids and cause problems, but the damage should be distributed around, not to be so dooming, but something that would stack up over time. Small damage everywhere. I think Algae Deoxydizers should write Algae Deoxidizers (according to Google Docs, Google got me triggered here). Flatulent people should create contaminated oxygen after a fart, I’m not sure if it happens or if it just annoys the hell out of the other duplicants. Power switch and automated doors should be operable by the player, and not having to wait for the duplicant to come and use it. If a duplicant is idle, and can’t find its way back to its own bed (or ration box or printing pod if it has no bed), it should be considered lost and a warning should be made so you know it can’t reach places it should, sometimes I take too long to realise they can’t come back from where they went and I end up losing them or just getting a warning about food, stress or oxygen. Suggestion: Maybe it should trigger agoraphobia, which would be funny since it is roughly the opposite of claustrophobia, which is the phobia you would expect to happen in such underground scenario, but agoraphobia is the fear to be in situations where the environment is unsafe and there’s no easy way to get away, like the middle of the desert. “Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder involving anxiety and intense fear of any situation where escape may be difficult, or where help may not be available. It often involves a fear of crowds, bridges or of being outside alone.” by James McIntosh for Art I had this idea that I think you guys would like, its to use different bed covering according to the duplicant that sleeps on it, the sheets could change, but also that curtain might have some photos hanging and stuff, and a scientist would be different from an artist and etc. Just a suggestion. =) That's it for now, good luck! I'm a big fan of you guys! Link for google docs for comments (is this a good idea i hope so):
  13. Hey, two friends of mine, and I, put together some videos of us playing Don't Starve together. We've produced two so far, and are looking for feedback. I am aware of the background noise, we know who that's from, and we're going to try and resolve that issue. Some advice is appreciated for editing as well as this was the first time I ever edited with premiere pro. Episode 1: Episode 2: A big thank you to anyone who bothers to watch and leave feedback.
  14. Hey all, whats happening. Thought I'd post a link to my LP series I started for Don't Starve.I only just found this game the other day so would love all the feed back I can get.Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by, it means so much to me :)Buckle
  15. I'd like to take some time here to analyze the balance situation of Don't Starve as it stands (especially in terms of high-level design) and point out places where I feel it's currently lacking. I've been wanting to do this for a while, but I figured the devs would rather wait until the winter patch hit to really go into it. Warning: this post is going to be very long, very detailed, and maybe a little bit harsh, but I think it's important to get some of this stuff out into the open. The very, very short version: the game is still extremely easy (in the long term, anyway; the first two weeks, not so much). In the interest of keeping this massive wall of text at least vaguely navigable, I'm going to divide the bulk of my analysis into the three main pillars of survival--FOOD, SANITY, and HEALTH--before bringing it all together. FOOD: In spite of the title, it is essentially impossible to starve in Don't Starve. There's just so much food everywhere, and with the exception of naturally-generated carrots, every single food source is infinitely renewable. Winter has failed utterly to put any additional pressure on your food supply, at least for a well-rounded map. In my current game I actually hit winter completely unprepared (I expected it on day 30, not 20), with no more than a standard food supply of maybe 4-5 days' worth, and I was totally, 100% fine. In fact, by day 30, I not only had more food than I did before winter began, but I had more food than I have EVER had in this game. The main reason for this is rabbits and beefalo. They aren't affected by the winter climate in the slightest, and either of them is more than enough to feed you forever by themselves, with little to no supplementary food sources. All I did was hunt rabbits a bit every morning and even with the shorter days I had morsels coming out my ears. I made meatballs out of two morsels, a berry, and a monster meat to eat every day. When the berries ran low I just used three morsels. I still couldn't put a dent in my supply. I laid traps, but didn't bother harvesting them; the rabbits I speared by hand were more than enough. With the reduced food spoilage rate, if anything it was actually EASIER to maintain a steady food supply than usual. I didn't even bother with the beefalo after the first day of winter, but they could have single-handedly fed me just as easily as the rabbits. I could have probably lived off of 100% fish if I wanted to as well, though it would have been a fair bit harder due to the low nutritional content of fish and all the mosquitoes I'd need to swat. Stockpiling food during the summer is 100% unnecessary. You can go into without a single scrap of food in your inventory and do fine. Just settle near some grasslands and your backyard will provide you with more food than you could possibly eat. And the summer foods are still problematic too (as unnecessary as they are, given that rabbits and beefalo are available year round). Setting up a huge vegetable or berry farm is pretty easy. The only real attempt I've seen at limiting the effectiveness of those farms is the need to fertilize occasionally, but since manure is so easy to get (from beefalo in huge supplies for free, or from pigs using the very crops you're using the manure to grow) it's basically meaningless. If it wasn't for winter, you'd eventually be able to live forever on berries or vegetables just as trivially as on rabbits and beefalo. SANITY: Sanity is currently working pretty much the exact opposite of how you want it. The sanity meter is at its most oppressive at the very beginning of the game. With the change to food values, it spirals steadily downwards, and if you don't take action you'd probably be dead within a week or two from terminal craziness. In practice all this means for an experienced player is that you need to sleep every couple of nights, which is pretty much a non-issue since grass is the most bountiful resource in the game and if you time it right you lose very little food. Once you have a top hat sanity will only ever go up for the rest of the summer. Winter is still easier than that first week, because the winter hat gives enough sanity to offset the bulk of what you lose from the long nights. I don't think I ever went below 170 or so while doing nothing to bolster it. The only people who will ever suffer from sanity drops in this patch are newer players who don't understand the mechanics (i.e. don't know that they need to make a grass roll and sleep it off). And they'll suffer hard. Sanity is a fairly esoteric mechanic and it'll be very easy to get killed by it without having the slightest idea why or how to prevent it. And even if you change the numbers around to patch over the most glaring problems, sanity still won't be a threat because it's so incredibly cheap to fix. The worst case scenario is I make a few more grass rolls than usual. I'm never going to run out of grass, and I'm never going to run out of food, so what do I have to fear from low sanity? And the other main protection against insanity is the top hat, which only needs to be built once out of a relatively common material and then works forever. Candy isn't necessary, and even if it was it's only a matter of time before you can build a bee farm and get all the honey you'll ever need. Moving the sanity meter further away from the food meter was a very important start, but there's a ton more to do to make it a robust and threatening mechanic. HEALTH: Surprisingly, death-by-HP-loss is the threat that this patch beefed up the most. In the previous patch most combat was a joke due to the absurd strength of the log suit and the ease of kiting and stunlocking things, but your margin of error is a lot slimmer now. The new winter monsters are a bit of a mixed bag. The Deerclops is obviously never going to kill you directly, since you can outrun it, but the thing is relentless. It chased me around the map for like half the day before I was forced to dive into a wormhole. That would be a neat little mechanic if it happened more often and if being forced to spend the night in the wilderness away from your camp actually exposed you to any threats (keep out of the swamps and you'll never bump into anything scarier than a common black spider at night). I decided to go look for the Mactusks on the last day of winter just for the heck of it. Even with flame darts and a tentacle spike it was pretty rough...if I hadn't had the foresight to bring a second set of armor and a few fistfuls of jam I wouldn't have survived (although that was partially due to the hounds being untargetable by the darts for some reason...I'll make a separate report of that later). I was really disappointed by how passive they were, though. For a hunting party they sure aren't very interested in tracking you across the map. They just mill around the biome they spawn in. There's a big missed opportunity there...they could be forcing you on the move with repeated attacks kind of like the Deerclops does but on a different scale. Ultimately, in my current 35-day game, I've almost died...probably at least four times in various circumstances. That's fairly encouraging, but I'm not sure the feeling will stick. A lot of those near-death experiences were due to me making mistakes that I'm not likely to repeat (don't screw with pigs, only farm silk at dusk and not during the day, a 50% log suit is not ample protection from anything, keep a good supply of health-efficient foods on hand if you're going to hunt bees, bull-rush the hounds as they attack rather than letting them group up, etc.). And apart from the Mactusk fight, they were all pretty the first two weeks. By winter I felt pretty much completely safe. So this might be another case where the current mechanics are making it hard for a new adventurer to get established but not doing much to threaten people who are already doing well. One thing that I really don't like is that combat is pretty much entirely voluntary. If it wasn't for the occasional hound attack, you could probably survive forever without ever drawing a weapon against anything bigger than a rabbit. There aren't all that many monsters in the world, and what few there are will mostly leave you alone if you leave them alone. And none of the basic essentials of survival are ever guarded by anything hostile. The idea that you can just opt out of being killed by monsters doesn't sit right with me. Hounds help a little, but I feel like you're relying too much on them. They feel like a random encounter rather than a persistent and threatening force in the world, which isn't all that satisfying. Especially since they aren't linked to your pursuit of food or sanity in any way. (UPDATE: I actually recently started a new character and have hit day 14 without any health-related scares at all, so I'd say that my previous difficulties were completely due to me making bad decisions as a result of unfamiliarity with some new monster attributes. If you're prudent about where you poke your spear it's still pretty easy to stay safe from monsters due to how few of them are actively hostile.) THE REAL ISSUE: Ultimately, all of these problems are the same problem: all essential resources, of all types and for all purposes, are categorically trivial to acquire. That's easy enough to see in terms of food resources, but it's not just food. It's everything. What are the basic staples I need to survive? Mighty armor that deflect a huge percentage of all damage? Made of mere logs and grass. The only weapon you're ever likely to need? Rocks and twigs. Sleeping bags which will trivialize any insanity problem you ever face? Just some grass. A crock pot, which massively increases the efficiency of the most common food items? Logs and rocks. An icebox to preserve my food? Rocks and the spare gold I had left over from the alchemy machine anyway. And most of the rest is silk based, with black spiders being the single least dangerous monster in existence by a huge margin. Look how easy this stuff is to get! I can grow all the wood I will ever need within the light radius of my fire pit. I can't go two screens without finding a dozen grass tufts. Rocks are lying around by the hundreds in vast fields completely unguarded. Spiders will funnel out of their nests one by one and cough up silk almost without a fight every day at dusk. And apart from the rocks (which you need very few of for the most part), it's all 100% renewable. Why, in a game called "Don't Starve", can I build a functioning refrigerator out of junk from my back yard on day two? You never need to struggle to obtain anything. You aren't fighting against scarcity. You aren't fighting against a hostile environment that jealously protects its resources. Absolutely everything you will ever need can be found within a two-screen radius of a well-placed campsite, and it all just keeps growing back. My current character has lived to day 35: the end of the first winter. What could POSSIBLY kill me between now and the end of the second winter? Or the third, or the fifth, or the tenth? Every tree I've ever cut down to make tools is still there for me. So is every berry I've ever plucked, every rabbit I've ever speared, every spider nest I've ever raided, every beefalo I've ever hunted and then some. All just as pristine and bountiful as the day I arrived, if not MORE bountiful. They fed me and clothed me once, so why won't they again? And this time I don't just have them. I also have all the infrastructure I've added to the world: my transplanted bushes, my farm plots, my bee boxes, my crock pot, my iceboxes, my traps, my tools. Without the looming threat of growing scarcity or some kind of shifting threat in the wilderness, the game can only ever get easier and easier the longer you live. The ONLY exception to this right now is the hounds. Even if the strongest food supplies get nerfed, and even if the winter gets harsher, this core issue will still remain. Surviving until day 35 might get harder, but unless something fundamental changes, that's where the difficulty curve will end. Hounds aren't going to cut it. I'm not going to grind through the same routine for dozens of hours just to see whether or not maybe a hound pack would have finally gotten me a hundred and fifty days from now. FINAL THOUGHTS: I want to take a minute here to look back at the very first game of Don't Starve I ever played, back when I didn't really know what I was doing yet. I started out trying to live off roasted rabbit morsels. It kept me going, but there weren't all that many rabbit holes around. Catching them was time-intensive, and it didn't leave me with much buffer to travel on. Eventually I discovered a pair of spider nests not far to the southeast of my campsite. Eager to access the new technologies that silk would unlock, I made hunting them part of my daily routine. The amount of time this took put a dent in my food supply, and I wasn't all that great at kiting yet, so sometimes I took damage. Healing off that damage required eating more food than was necessary to satisfy just my hunger, pressuring my food supply even more. Sometimes I left myself at half health while waiting for my hunger meter to wind down, trading some security for efficiency. Sometimes I had to eat a bit of monster meat here and there to make ends meat, planning on offsetting the sanity loss later on. But I overdid it, and got crazy enough that the rabbits turned into beardlings. Deprived of my only reliable clean food supply, the situation rapidly deteriorated, and I was ultimately devoured by a figment of my imagination after trying to eat monster lasagna in desperation. This is what I want. I want the act of satisfying one of my needs to put pressure on all the others. I want the daily drudgery of collecting food to steadily drive me mad. I want to be forced to venture deep into the wilderness is search of the precious resources I need to keep me sane. I want to be faced with monsters that try to guard those resources, putting pressure on my health. I want the need to restore that health to cut deeper into my already-strained food supply. I want to be forced to venture further and further away from my camp each time, while the world gradually grows more hostile and less productive until I either succumb to the monsters or am forced to flee through the teleporter. I don't want to just cycle through my own backyard every day, tending to my hunger-fixing farm and my sanity-fixing farm and my health-fixing farm before going back to bed, day in and day out, without variation, forever. The game already has most of the basic framework you need to make this happen. All that's missing is a tech and resource system that forces the player to get bolder and more reckless as time goes on rather than becoming more withdrawn and more self-sufficient, and a more hostile wilderness that's ready to punish that boldness. It probably wouldn't even take all that many additional assets if you play your cards right.
  16. Hey whats up guys. My name is AFROMATIC, I just got into Don't Starve a couple weeks ago and have been hooked since. I decided to start a Let's Play Series and I thought I would share it with the Community. Im new to the forums so let me know what ya think and I hope to talk to so you guys. PeaceEP #1 http-~~-//
  17. I've been toying with the idea of giving a feedback after finally finding enough time to play the game again this weekend. So, before the winter update hits us hard, I want to share some thoughts. The game definitely evolved since December, when I started playing, and most of it is in the 'fun' direction, yet is also way too easy to manage, and below I explain why. Keep in mind it's my personal opinion and feedback, not truth I wish to force onto everyone.1. Insanity is way too easy to manage. You can eat some monster meat in the morning, slaughter a few beardlings and then calmly chomp some homemade meals and you're golden. This gives way too much control to the player and such control eliminates the threat element from the insanity. 2. Eating raw meat and fish shouldn't count towards insanity and eating crock pot dishes shouldn't remedy insanity. Sushi is raw fish. Tartar is raw meat. But that's not the only reason. The food counting towards sanity/insanity is the main reason behind point 1. It gives us total control over insanity. Why should this be the case? And why can I go insane and recover as many times during the day as I want to? Woudln't it be harder and harder to crawl from iinsanity back to sanity every time we slip into madness?3. To give some constructive feedback to 1 and 2: the insanity 'recovery items' should be removed (at least to some degree) and the insanity should drop at all times, both at night and during the day (recovery during the day sounds odd to me. You're still trapped and you still have another night to look forward to. If anything that woudl make us go more insane with worry.) Yes, there should be wasy to recover sanity, but not such drastically easy ones like munching a few chicken nuggets MADE OUT OF HONEY AND MONSTER MEAT might I add. Gradual approach of a looming threat is much more stressing than a controlled period of insanity.4. Insanity monsters. I'm very lukewarm about them. On the one hand they're very cool but on the other they're just a cheap death. I'd much prefer them to show up and start following you at sanity 20-30, stick even closer when insanity is approaching and attack when it's at 0 so that I know 0 means monster attack.5. Love the hands that steal fire. Love them.6. Honey is still the ultimate remedy that fixes everything. All 3 meters can be managed with enough honey and a handful of vegetables or monster meat.Tl;dr: Insanity is way too easy to manage in that it's entirely up to the player when he or she gets insane and when to recover from it. Food causing insanity and being a remedy for insanity is bananas and also gives way too much power to the player. It's way too easy to farm beardlings for nightmare fuel by just going insane in the morning and recovering from it by lunchtime or before afternoon tea and scones.So that's my feedback there. Quite eager to hear what the rest of you think about it all.
  18. No one ever talks about yeti boss ;_;
  19. (i'm from poland. sorry for my english)Those are my suggestions to you, dev, because i noticed that starving is a kind of VERY RARE death. Right? I never starved to death and I think other too (or not so many times as it should be). So, this is my feedback. Bump this thread and write your own ideas!THREAT WILL BE OFTEN EDIT BY ME SO LOOK HERE DAILY ;D1. You shouldn't eat for all time the same dishes. For each the-same-dish you get some kind of penalty - i don't know exactly what it will be.2. Randomly you should start with Vegetarian (20% chance per world), carnivore (20% chance p.w.) or normal man/woman (rest of 100%). Vegetarian has own nutritional needs and must be played another way than for example carnivore.3. bird trap is overpowered! you should catch a bird with LOWER chance.4. Seeds are overpowered! they give too much hunger points/they spawn too often.5. Water. Water. Water! (giant topic ;P)6. you should get hungry faster when working. with this version of don't starve I don't see any diffrence between hard working and staying in camp.7. you should have poisoning effect. i mean that you can randomly after eating some types of food get sick. in that case your hunger is increasing rapidly for... about... 3 days.8. in my humble opinion whole system of hunger is little bit easily constructed. i mean hunger should rise quicker.
  20. Hello! It's my first feedback on Klei forums. I'll try to be argumentative and organized. Although there are 7 characters in the game that we can select from, each feel slightly different and have different things to say, it seems clear to me that some are MUCH stronger than the others. From the gameplay perspective it reduces the number of optimal characters and pushes you to play them. Of course, a stubborn person will still pick something he or she prefers, but it makes no sense why they should be punished for that. I will go through all the characters and try to give a suggestion on what should be addressed by Klei Entertainment. Wilson - His beard is one of the abilities that can remain useful throughout the game. He is the only character that will be able to build Meat effigy without exploiting or even dropping down his Sanity Willow - She is immune to fire, her fire-starting tendencies can occasionally cause you trouble, but if you're careful it will never happen. Considering that up to half of incoming Hell Hounds are flaming, her immunity will go a long way in helping you through-out the game. Wendy - I her. By far my favorite character, aesthetically. Her ability (Abigail coming at night) is NOT strong enough, as far as I'm concerned. Not only it can potentially kill you if you happen to be very low on health, but also her aggro logic is frustrating. Wendy is as fragile as anybody else and for the ghost of Abigail to attack anything, this anything must hit Wendy first (Needless to say, it is not very useful during fights with creatures like Spider Queens). Wolfgang - If I had to name one character that is blatantly overpowered, it would be Wolfgang. Realistically, he is the only character that has 3 (!!!) positive abilities. He gets +100HP; +75 Stomach Size; +Additional Hitting Power with any item in hand. He is the only character in the game that can kill a basic creature with 3 hits, instead of 4 with an axe (or any other Craftsman tool). As it stands right now, I believe he should be either nerfed or slightly redesigned, because as it stands today he is the most optimal out of all the characters. Alternative would be to buff other characters across the board, but that may make the game's difficulty a little bit too easy. WX78 - His ability to eat spoiling food without any penalty is a good help to the player, as you need to eat regularly anyway. However, as it stands today, the spoiling mechanics are not yet refined and the different stages of spoil are not that hindering to the player.. If you are going to fine-tune them, he may become dramatically more useful or incrementally less useful. Wickerbottom - In my eyes, the weakest character in the game (after Wes). Her ability allows her to access Tier 1 researches without having the Science Machine. IMO when you are committing to build your base, the Alchemy Engine will be built this way or the other soon enough (I don't even start my base without it), so her ability will become obsolete very very quickly. Literally, she WILL NOT have any ability after she gets Alchemy Engine. If I would translate her ability into resource saved it would be 1 Gold Nugget, 4 Logs, 4 Stones. This is not really helpful at all... Wes - I am not going to discuss him, as I understand his role to provide a lot more challenge to the player. TLDR: Some characters are OP and some others are UP. I suggest to nerf Wolfgang; buff Wendy and Wickerbottom; reconsider WX78 and leave Wes, Willow and Wilson alone. Thanks for reading!
  21. So first I'm going to start with feedback. I love the game. Simple as that. I can deal with the minor bugs (freezing for a few seconds when switching over to day). The new enemy/boss idea I had was... wait for it... SLENDERMAN! Or a Slenderman like entity. He would show up the night after you pick up a certain item. He would attack three different times on that night or the nights after. When you defeat him for the last time he would have some sort of climatic death and drop some sweet loot. So there is my idea. I hope you all take it into consideration because it would be quite amazing.~Love a devoted player of your game..
  22. I just added them, have a read Charcoal- "COMPRESSED DEAD MATTER. WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE?" -edit- Also check this out, all characters got their own page now (Wolfgang is coming, don't lynch me!)
  23. We know that the next update will be the Winter update and it sounds like it will be fun and hard. So I was thinking the polar opposite could be the Summer update where it's hot as hell and most things die off. Forest fires have been suggested also I'd love to see a water mechanic added that's only around during summer. New animals and bosses could be introduced and the landscape could change to mostly rocky and beefalo plains with forests and grasslands sprinkled here and there. So what do the rest of you think I'd love to see other people's ideas on this.
  24. We would be very happy to be able to share our generated maps by sharing each others random seeds A feature allowing this would be nice. Not much to say, it's self explanatory!