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  1. I suppose most of you would have noticed by now, but these days, I've grown distant from these forums (for reasons that some people know, and others probably don't. It's rather personal in nature.) The roleplay that I participated in, Wave After Wave, has ground to a halt. I haven't stepped foot in the Skype, Discord or interacted with most of the community at large for over a week, save for a brief period earlier today. A lot of what once tethered me here has faded away, and I find myself drifting further from the group every day. It's certainly been a fun year with you guys. Being here in this community, I feel like I've almost become an entirely different person than before. My life really opened up - for the first time, I got to see that there was more to life than just rote schoolwork and mindless Internet-surfing. I've had so many laughs here, met so many kind and interesting people, and I got to play drinking games with people all across the world that I never would have met otherwise. I realized my potential for art, storytelling, and making really bad jokes. I wrote a fanfic shipping Dwer with an egg. I even got to fall in love for the very first time. It's been a great year, all things considered. And it is with this all this in mind, and with a heavy heart, that I make my announcement - I am leaving the Klei community forums. I will also be leaving the Skype and Discord servers as well, however I will remain active on the latter (as well as on Steam) to anyone who has me added as a friend. Will I be gone forever? I can't say. Maybe someday, I'll return. But I'm really gonna miss being here, and I'm gonna miss being a part of one of the most inclusive and charismatic communities on this side of the Internet. @LiptonPee, @Mr.P, @Youknowwho, @Mezukie, @Zeklo, @Chris1488, @Paxtonnnn, @Pyromailmann, @DragonMage156, @Ysulyan, @DwerBomb, @GiddyGuy, @Mobbstar, @LadyD, @Battal, @AnonymousKoala - I won't ever forget any of you. You guys really, honestly are the best. May you all have success in whatever you do in life, no matter what that ends up being. And to everyone I haven't mentioned here, or that I unfortunately never got to know very well - thank you so much for being a part of this wonderful community, and for helping to make it what it is today. ...Well, that's all I can think of to say, so I guess it really is time to say goodbye. See you all soon. ~Waddle Dee