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  1. The thumbnail(s) I drew for JBeetle is exchange for a copy of the game, with and without the duplicate. And here's a duplicated me. The background isn't great, but it's what I could do (my colorless blender isn't very blendy). Dunno how often this thread will be updated. I don't draw as often as a lot of other people. If you like what you see here though, you could check out my off-topic thread for more of my random arty stuff:
  2. Amazed this joke hadn't been made yet. Howdy, osmRhodey here back from the dead with new art for a new game! Oxygen Not Included(oni) spurs some very interesting ideas and I'll probably be doodling some idiocy from games and talks with friends. ENJOY!!
  3. So when shall the fanart storm for this game begin? hahaha I'm already ready to begin the spam unless it's wanted out of general.
  4. your crew has awoken miles beneath the surface of an unfamiliar terrestrial body. oddly, they have no recollection of how they got here. might be best to do the boogie.
  5. My friend @Zeklo got me the Snowy Glom Glom skin for Christmas, so to celebrate I drew the adorable little puff ball with my new art supplies! Admittedly I don't draw much DS art, but if I ever do get around to making more I'll change the thread's title and post it here. Edit: I can't decide if I like it unedited or not so have both lel
  6. I-I'm just gonna post some doodles and sketches and stuff so stay tuned if you're interested! This is just an OC of mine. Okay, that aside, here's some more stuff. ^^ There's much more you can see here, if you like... just be careful. Things can get PG-13+!
  7. While waiting to actually be able to... *play* Eets Munchies, who knew with over 180 Steam games, I could become bored? So, this happened. ------------------------- If there's anything I love more than Eet, it's JoeW... Nevermind. I love AlbinoWyvern more than anything~ ------------------------- Okay, you get one too, Wade! ------------------------- I had to. ------------------------- ------------------------- Mm... I like this one!
  8. Hi! I'm new to the forums here. I played Don't Starve for a while in its early stages, then stopped for a while, and recently returned. And, of course, as with anything I think is amazing, I must draw some terrible art! (For those of you who know my deviantart (dragonunderthestairs) I will post things never before seen as well as some of that deviantart stuff as well. Here's a portrait of Wilson that just happened one lazy day True story Tell me if you want me to make any of the pics larger (Also how to do the spoilers? I know I could look at another thread but I'm too lazy)
  9. Adventure's and pictures Some examples of art I do
  10. I am back and am coming out with more art... I hope that you stay tuned to see it.
  11. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 73920 Issue title Prototype uses materials regardless of placement Steps to reproduce Always occurs when not placing item right away. Describe your issue Every time I build an item for the first time (a prototype via Science Machine, Alchemy.. etc.), and I don't place it after clicking it, it still consumes my materials. For example: I wanted to build an Alchemy Engine in a certain spot. I clicked it, and tried placing it but noticed there was grass. So, I dug up the grass first, and when I tried to build it again, my materials were consumed, so I could not place the Engine. This has happened with several other buildings, farms, etc.
  12. Is MinkeTheKitty dead?
  13. hey my game just crashed and I got this error, im posting this here because it wont let me post it on the bug tracker forum
  14. Created this to track my insanity level at work. It's moderate today.
  15. Here's a drawing I made on my iPad when i got borde. Am I a good artist? Want MOAR art? How about Wilson n' Willow?
  16. Edit : For all the people who want to try this out, there is a new hat that grants this effect. Research the Winter Hat and equip it. Woah, this just blew my mind! Great job Team Klei, always with the nice updates.
  17. When I first unlocked Wendy and read "Has visitors at night." I thought nights would be more difficult for Wendy and when I first saw Abigail she killed me. Took me a few playthroughs to figure out her basic mechanics and eventually got used to her. I was thinking about how to make this more interesting and thought I'd suggest adding an item only Wendy can use, or a mechanic in the game involving Wendy, which would change an initially hostile Abigail to a passive and allied ghost when equipped. Without the item Abigail would try to kill you. It would be a nice way to implement some more organic difficulty to the game and make Wendy a more dangerous character to play as but also retaining her unique character perks for the more diligent players.
  18. I made some fan art of this lovely game called Dont Starve that I really have begun to like. Wilson Gets Surrounded deviant page link: Treeguard Trouble deviant page link: Wilsons Christmas[new] Deviant page link:
  19. Because I am in trouble since I researched all my amulets a long time ago. I swear I probably gathered like 20 of them and that could have given me 20 lives. I am on day 125 and have a pretty nice set up, should I start a new game when the update comes out or switch back to wilson and make a crap ton of effigies? I only have one made right now because I literally have not come close to dying with my pig army and constant supply of food from my garden and berry bushes. I think that is why they are making it harder in the first place, so it won't be a cake walk. Should I just see how it plays out and try to fight off the dogs off, or just start a new game and collect a bunch of amulets before the update?
  20. Hello everyone. I got into Don't Starve about a week ago, and have enjoyed it so far. I really liked what I saw in the A&L section, so set myself some homework and had a scribble over the weekend. I deviated from the DS style only because I thought it would be interesting. I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out, even though it's pretty plain and I've identified a few mistakes since finishing it. You live and learn:wink: (Acrylic on paper)