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  1. This is the first game that I have enjoyed so much in a quite while, and I was inspired to try some fanart. I don't draw anymore but my collaborator Chromadrake has been doing some 3D art, so we thought to try to re-create some Oxygen Not Included Duplicants using a program called DAZ Studio and some props. And here is the result - Grub and Tessa! I was surprised we could cobble together anything that even slightly resembled Dupe outfits. We had no turtleneck props so I thought to give them techno-collars instead, although that has somewhat grim overtones but then so does the whole game I have ideas for some comedic scenes I'd like to do with these two. Certainly the game provides plenty of possible ideas as others on this board have shown. (I can post a larger version of the pic later).
  2. I have a few suggestions, and just seeing if anyone agrees with me. Less resources from dirt and metal blocks. There so much left over that just sits around, unless I make one hundred storage lockers and spend five days telling my duplicants to sweep. It drives me crazy. Possibly some work with the pathing, One duplicant suffocated because I asked him to destroy a ladder and he kept starting from the top and trapping himself, even after I shuffled the priority for ladder removal. His body is currently rotting and covered with Morbs, 'cause I'm not sending anyone else to get him. Gasses to move faster. I know half the fun is standing around waiting for the gas pump to get enough nitrogen around it to pump down to my generator, but my Duplicants prefer to breathe. Although I do have another problem that does make me want to trap my little buddies in rooms filled with contaminated oxygen. My damned Duplicants keep eating my Meal Lice before I can make them into loaves (yes, it's queued up), even when I have Fried Mush Bars for them to eat.
  3. I did not see if this has been suggested, but I think it would be nice if there was some kind of filter we could apply when we are first picking our Dupes for players who know what they want. For example, picking a 'Miner' filter would offer Dupes with the 'Mole Hands' trait. I don't think this should be used to filter negative traits, only for getting Dupes to fill specific jobs. Certainly this would only have limited use purely at the start, but I think it would help speed up the shuffling through Dupes looking for your initial crew.