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  1. I saw a DS thread for rp but since this is more DST related I decided to make a thread here?? As this is a bit more advertisement-ish lmao Anywho, I've been craving a DST roleplay for some time now, and have done one with a friend of mine but unfortunately can't really do that anymore. Roleplay is sort of an outlet for me from life, and it relaxes me and gives me something to look forward to. I'm looking for someone who can share that bond with me, and even perhaps become a friend of mine. I prefer roleplay through Skype messages or perhaps Kik, just putting that out there. It's required that you be literate with your roleplays. You don't have to make them insanely lengthy but no "walks around" posts. I like detail and complex stories with correct punctuation, spelling, and behavior. (If you make little mistakes honestly that's fine we all do lol) I use Webber as my main character in roleplay, so if you're okay with that we can further discuss who we would rp as out of all the survivors! Here is an example of how I RP: "The arachnid boy carefully slid his webbed claws around the base of the axe, gazing up at the evergreen tree. Huffing, he lifted the axe to the base of the trunk with his premature arms and began hacking away. He grunted with the effort and until he had a decent array of logs beside him did he stop chopping. He was thankful for the many trees in this area, as winter was approaching quickly and wood would be an extreme necessity. However, he still wished he could get some assistance with hauling the heavy logs. Woodie and Wolfgang were great at carrying heavy burdens, and Webber wondered why one of them couldn't come help him. Shaking tree bark from his fur, he huffed and began picking up the logs. They'll be proud of us for doing so good today! Look at all this wood! All of a sudden, a frightening, familiar scent hit him and he turned his head slowly. His fur bristled and the arachnid legs atop his head twitched worriedly. He heard the distant bellows and felt how the air changed all around him, how suddenly it got so quiet yet the bellows only louder. His mind was filled with grotesque scenes in which everyone was stripped limb from limb, slaughtered by the unforgiving, relentless world. His heart beat quickened and he felt a heavy weight in his stomach as if his heart fell into his gut and began rattling his entire body. Hounds." Feel free to leave one of your rp examples, and let me know if you'd be interested! Thanks!
  2. hihi I got too into DST lately so I'll be uploading some art(mostly trad bcos im too laz/tired to digital xo) here from time to time! Might try redraw some of these properly online but in the meantime enjoy this first batch; don't be surprised if most are just unsubtle suggestions ;d
  3. DST More Players

    Version 2.0


    Русский Внимание! Модификация только для Don't Starve Together! Приветствую, я Zekfad - разработчик данной модификации. Признаю честно, почти такая-же модификация уже существует, но работает не совсем правильно (она числится как серверная, из-за чего невозможно её активировать в основном игровом пространстве). Отличие моего кода заключается в полной документации, то есть если у вас есть желание к разработке модификация для Don't Starve Together, то вы можете посмотреть код моей модификации и возможно, что какие-то строки вам помогут. Так же я проработал меню настроек модификации. Тут есть небольшой нюанс, так как игра ставит сразу максимальное значение при создании сервера, это может вызвать затруднение, кликать от 100, например, до 2. Поэтому в настройках модификации вы можете выбрать число из предложенных: 6 - это стандартное значение, как и в игре. 8 10 20 - рекомендуемое значение. 35 - выше не рекомендую ставить, так как возможны лаги при таком количестве игроков. 50 70 100 - если конечно вы играете на серверном оборудовании, то этот режим пойдёт вам в самый раз :D. Внимание, использование этой модификации не означает появление метки выделенного сервера! English Attention! This modification is only for Don't Starve Together! Hello, I'm Zekfad - developer of this mod. I know that the same modification already exists, but it doesn't working now (cuz' it marked as server only mod). In my mod I added configuration menu, where you can choice maximum value of server maximum players. Here a options: 6 - default value, same with original game. 8 10 20 - recommended. 35 - I'm sure that you need more... 50 70 100 - if you is playing on dedicated server, this special for you :D. Warning, if you use this modification it doesn't mean that you game-hosted server been marked as dedicated! Установка мода Скачиваем архив Копируем папку "More Players" из архива в "Папка с игрой/mods" Наслаждаемся Ссылки / Links
  4. Lately I've been playing DST and searching on forums and everyone seems to think spats are over-powered. They drop phlegm, which isn't very useful as it is also dropped from slurtles and snurtles (proven wrong by checking the wiki) They can sneeze out snot to trap you in place which to some is alot to deal with but to me is barely anything compared to vargs spawning hounds constantly! They have less health compared to vargs, which begs the question of why people think they are op? They have snot sure, however their lower health, and pig's ability to free the player, forces them to be on the prowl. Am I the only one here who thinks spats are balanced? Their sneezing ability is gimmicky if you ask me and they can't spawn any type of follower, which is why I never like them and am always glad to see vargs at the end of hunts. I guess some argue they're a better koalefant in a sense of the snot ability and are harder to take on alone but they don't really excel in battle compared to vargs.
  5. Heroo there! Pim, Deli, Dino, Draggo --however you wanna call me, is in the houuuuusee! \o/ I'm so sorry I did that Welcome to my humble abode of a thread~! ❤ Just recently I got into the forums, so hopefully you don't mind a fellow student artist, and of course some efforts to be active cause who doesn't want a crazy reptilian running around? \o/ Hope you like the pieces I draw, and remember, Don't Starve! ;D Maybe you've seen me around before? I've collaborated with @PirateJoe for majority of my time, being his artist and drawing for his ideas! Ex. Bloodbag I've also shared my ideas with @ZupaleX about his Archery Mod, after sharing a fanart piece of it ❤ Here's my most recent piece! ..and here is my Personal Best Traditional Work ❤ Maybe.. you're interested in asking for a commission? ;D Thank you for taking the time to check out my thread, I hope you have a Terrorbeak-free day! ❤
  6. Mechanic change proposal mods

    Version 0.1.0


    The purpose of these mods is to provide some proposals for change in mechanics to the developers, help with balance, take up some part of balancing to allow the Klei developers to focus more on other things, while at the same time letting other players out there test the mechanics of these mods to see how well they like them, as well as get feedback to further improve them. Any mods within this file will stay for so long as a certain mechanic is not in place. Whether any of these mechanics are applied to the game depends entirely on the Klei forum, and of course, the Klei DST developers themselves. You can play-test any mechanics from these mods to give feedback on how well you like its contents to help with the process. The mods within this file are created for Don't Starve Together only, therefore most of them may not be compatible with the single player version. You should take in mind that some of these mods were created while A New Reign sequence of updates was still in beta, so be careful with the installation if you cannot access this content in any shape or form. The content of this mod was created using a DS software tool called Sublime and on Windows 8.1 operating system. Any issues in regards to other platforms and operating systems I may not be able to help with. Mod contents Desirable features that are not in the current build of this mod file WARNING: The methods in which some of these modifications have been created involve creating copies of existing files and then editing them. To my knowledge, these mods are compatible with each other, but may not be compatible with other mods out that that use the respective edited files within these mods. Enable with other mods out there with caution, if you so choose to do. The reason a large part of the code is done this way is to keep it easier to create this type of content and to allow developers to make changes more easily, if they decide to include any of the content provided within these mods. If you encounter any bugs, errors, exploits or overlooks as a result of these mod mechanics, or if any information given here is in any way inaccurate, please let me know. Special thanks goes to @Arkathorn and @Desblat for their help in guidance of mod coding. If you want to contribute to the way the you can post your own mechanic changes seperately. Additionally, any changes that aren't already mentioned here, which you think would do well for the game (in relation to what the mods here already cover, e.g. Willow) are welcome. Also, any constructive feedback is welcome. You can discuss this mod and anything related to it in the comments of this mod file page, or in this topic.
  7. dst Chat Binds

    Version _spat_can_breed


    Steam Workshop Version: This mod allows you to instantly send a chat message in just a press of a button. Press 'Ctrl + Shift + F6' to toggle the mod on or off. Edit your chat binds via the 'chatbinds.lua' file of this mod. The file is located in the '...\mods\workshop-921637415' folder. How to make your own chat binds: Go to your Don't Starve Together game directory. It will usually be at '...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Don't Starve Together'. If you have gotten the game during Closed Beta or Early-Access, then your game directory will be '...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Don't Starve Together Beta'. Next, go to the 'mods' folder. Then to the 'workshop-921637415' folder. Then open the 'chatbinds.lua' file. The file will have placeholder chat binds at first, but you can change, remove, and add your own chat binds. You can go ahead and remove all the placeholder chat binds, but you can keep them if you want. Now, onto making your own chat bind. Here's a template: { K, "This is an example of a sentence" ,"print", }, What this this does is make you send the message 'This is an example of a sentence' whenever you press the 'K' key on your keyboard. Now, let's add a second chat bind: { K, "This is an example of a sentence" ,"print", }, { V, "My hunger is <hunger> over <maxhunger>" ,"print","whisper","shift" }, What this does is include your current hunger and max hunger in the message. So if you have 90 current hunger and 150 max hunger, then the chat message you will send is 'My hunger is 90 over 150'. Also, notice that there are two more tags, "whisper" and "shift". The "whisper" tag means that your chat message is only whispered to nearby players instead of everyone on the server. The "shift" tag means that hotkey to send the message becomes 'Shift + V' instead of just 'V'. If you add a "ctrl" tag too, then the hotkey becomes 'Ctrl + Shift + V'. Now, let's add a third chat bind: { K, "This is an example of a sentence" ,"print", }, { V, "My hunger is <hunger> over <maxhunger>" ,"print","whisper","shift" }, { F8, {"I've got heads", "I've got tails", } ,"print", }, What this does is randomly choose which one of the messages will be sent. Upon pressing the 'F8' key, you have a 50% chance to say 'I've got heads' and a 50% chance to say 'I've got tails'. You can put as much messages as you like and they will all have an equal chance of being picked. Now, 'chatbinds.lua' should look like this: Hopefully, those examples are good enough of an explanation for how to make your own chat binds. It's very easy as long as you understand what goes where. A list of available keys is located in the '...\mods\workshop-921637415\keys.lua' file. There are more you can do with this mod though. Here is a list of how you can customise your chat binds: Shortcut Result <health> Your character's current health. <maxhealth> Your character's maximum health. <me> Your current in-game name. <hunger> Your character's current hunger. <maxhunger> Your character's maximum hunger.. <sanity> Your character's current sanity. <maxsanity> Your character's maximum sanity. <wetness> Your character's current moisture. <maxwetness> Your character's maximum moisture. <temperature> Your character's current temperature. <beaverness> Your character's current beaverness. <lasttarget> The name of your most recent combat target. <direction> The direction that your camera is facing. <mouse> The name of the entity that your mouse is over. <mouse_distance> The distance in metres between your character and the entity under your mouse. <nearestplayer> The name of the player nearest to your character. <nearestplayer_distance> The distance between your character and the nearest player. <nearestplayer_direction> The direction of the nearest player from your character. Tag Effect "whisper" The message will be whispered to nearby players instead of being sent to everyone. "shift" Requires the 'Shift' key to be held down to send the message. "ctrl" Requires the 'Ctrl' key to be held down to send the message. "ignoreshift" Sends the message regardless whether the 'Shift' key is down or not. "ignorectrl" Sends the message regardless whether the 'Ctrl' key is down or not. "print" Also prints the message in your console as you send it to chat. "private" The message appears privately on your screen only. "allownil" Stops the default behaviour wherein your message does not get sent if one of the shortcuts returns nil. "nonrandom" Stops the default behaviour of randomly choosing messages from a table, and chooses each messages in sequence instead. "nodelay" Ignores the delay between sending each message. May cause severe connection issues if abused. "shortdelay" Shortens the delay between sending each message from one second to half a second.
  8. I think developers can add ONE new special book for Wickerbottom in DST. There are so many variants: Book of Wisdom to raise some sanity before battle with Ancient Fuelweaver, Book about Medicine and Wounds to heal teammates or TONS OF ANYTHING else! Let's start the suggestions and maybe Klei will truly add something
  9. I said my next topic was going to be something exciting... well, I'm post-poning that a little. Been busy with stuff lately myself. So... I want to reflect a little on how we've come to this point. We've been suggesting a lot of things to devs. They have been doing a lot of work, trying to implement quite a bit of content over the past few months. Wouldn't say a lot, but quite a bit, some of which being more significant than others. As you may know, I, and many others have had a lot of criticisms about the game. And I have a feeling that the hotfix roast that some of us participated in (myself included, kind of) might have made some developers think "Well, what's the point? We're working on all of this, and we always get so much hate from what we create because it's not exactly how they want it." To be fair, we don't know what's going on. Klei doesn't really tell us. I have a feeling that they try to keep smiling faces on so much, and try to encourage positivity so much, to a point where telling what's actually going on might be bad. The way I laid out my previous topic was horse****. I spent a lot of time, trying to explain to the developers what half the time we, and the other only I found to be problematic about the game and what could be changed for the better. But the thing is, we have said a lot of these things over and over, but nothing really changes. And we don't know why, because a lot of the points I did make, general points in all fairness, are issues the game needs to address. Those being: * Game supporting newbies better * Game making things harder for late-game players * Items that are virtually useless actually having some usage * Mechanics that are unfinished/not fleshed out enough to get finished/be fleshed out enough * Game preventing griefing automatically (this one's kind of split between thoughts, but the option to turn on auto-griefing protection and off is something I read a lot of players were hay with, however.) * Game making you feel like you're actually trying to survive, instead of being in a world you essentially rule and exploit and it being a grindy social club, rather than a survival experience * Everything having some way of being renewed that cannot be destroyed from within the game, so that content isn't destroyed * Some ways to deal with lag better by erasing items accross the world that just make things worse overall * Balance of certain items that makes them unreliable in any way or not reliable enough Wow, that kind of summarized my whole wall of text from before. Anyway, Klei. If you are reading this, and we have driven you away from making bug fixes, or even from completing the portal-related stuff... Please, come back. The game needs improvements, and if these improvements are placed within the game, then I assure you, you will get the praise you deserve. I mean, look at the vote kick. It was improved, and while you did have some issues here and there, since it's not perfect, you balanced it out well, based on the feedback given to you by the players and everyone was happy! Just pay more attention to feedback, if you don't already and put some thought into some of the things some other players are suggesting, and especially are getting a common consensus here. We all want the game to be good, right? So, what gives the notion that just brushing the feedback away would make for a game that everyone loves? Lastly, I think I'll mention the fact that... the way the game is currently now, it encourages players to spread on their own and gather things, yet the fun in multiplayer is you being there with other players. Perhaps incentivising us to stick together with other players outside of something like a base would benefit the game a lot too? Because once you're a pro, you realize you need to scatter, not stick together, which is a bit sad considering the game's called Don't Starve Together. I hope I've made my points clear and have done a bit of reflection on what's been going on recently. I really don't want this game to rest in pepperonies, and I know many others don't either. But it is all up to you, Klei. If the content you keep bringing is just the same things over and over, the game becomes boring and the will to play it withers as time goes by. I would say it's more about the quality than the quantity of the game's content. You have just about enough quanity of content. Now it would probably be the best time to re-assess its quality.
  10. ALL YOUR CHARACTER TIER LISTS ARE INCORRECT AND STUPID SO I PRESENT TO YOU THE ULTIMATE CHARACTER TIER LIST A+ (overpowered): whatgirthr A (terrific pls dont nerf): my main Z (unplayable rubbish): other characters TIER A+ wathgirthr is a very overpowered character and is better than every chracter whatgirthr needs to be heavily nerfed by klei because wahtgirthr breaks the balance of the game by being super powerful god damn wathgrihtr is so overpowered when i go to servers all the experienced pro veteran elite players choose wrathgithr because writhgathr is so incredibly unbalanced and super powerful and makes the game very easy TIER A tier a is obviously the character i main because that's the only character i know how to play and i feel the irresistible urge to tell everyone that my main character is the best but klei please dont nerf okay thanks anyway my character is top tier because my character can do lots of things because ive played my character for one million hours and i have zero awareness of what other characters do also klei please keep the status quo of my character because its perfect dont make changes okay dont make suggestions about my character thanks TIER Z the worst characters are the characters that i dont play because ive never tried playing them and have zero knowledge about their abilities and i judge these characters without ever analysing their stats or even playing with them for a minute it doesn't matter if the character is powerful or not stat-wise because if i don't play it then the character is rubbish and i will never try playing these characters because i find it too hard to adjust and just prefer sticking to my status quo and i will always prefer the status quo forever also i really find it necessary to have a main to play over and over and over again and never try anything new with the other characters and if you tell me to try something else to spice things up then you are an elitist that just loves to hate on other peoples playstyles TIER Z- pink lemonade luigi now shut your mouths about character tier lists because this is the final and perfect one no more need to argue and jabber on and on okay thanks good buy
  11. ay mates i finally figured out how players can be tiered so we can see who are the best and who are the worst at the game one day i was resting on my bed whist profoundly thinking becaude im intelligenent then othres i was thinking about how some people are better than others irl for instance when a mate of mine and i were havin a friendly intellecual conversation on how many fine crumpets weve shagedand he had a feweer count therefore im a bette person than he is and that's when i realised that you can be better than others in many diffrenet aspects of lif eand that includes videogames too ive thoruohly researcht about what makes someone better than another in a game like dont strafe together and using what ive learnt i then cafefully constructed a tier list this has ftaken many days of my life and at times i really needed to qank of i just residted my urgeas and continent with contructing the list i sacrificed quite all of my life for this and i disapprove of fellows whose tier lists took no proper effort theyre just dtupid tossres the lot of tehm the proprr bastrdas they are danm i haye those studip blody tier lists thattook no effort and phrack giddanimt yuo peopl dont realise how mych i wprkdf foe thiasa kesus chridt fykc dsmnut yghka fuvjinf bellnds dkndaku hrbrjfkd now, for the tier list itself: TIER A++++: me TIER B: players who play similarly like me TIeR Z-: players who dont play like me Explanations ME (TIER A++++++) i found that my own playstyle is the best and therefore im the top of this tier list and i find it nevessary to inform evreyone that my playstyle is best becouse its unique whilst simulteneusy saying that everyone shuld be able to have their own playstyle because im a hypocrasiy and im severely insecure about how i play Signs that you are tier A+++++: - you are me - you are the best playstyle Examples of players that are tier A+×++: - me PLAYERS WHO PLAY SIMILARLY LIKE ME (TIER B) these are the players who concur with my playstyle and therefour they are the second best in the tyre list these guys are very cool very sweet very beatiful and has a very large pensonality i love these kinds of guys but its not being gay though its just advanced admiration genuinely i only get attracted to females haha when i see a female i get a stify lmao im so straight Signs that you are tiered B: - you know that im the best - you are terrific - you are a very hot male - i love you but it's not gay though Examples of people that are tierd B: - ronaldricky <3 (im not gay) - luckcute <3 (im not gay) - dougduck <3 (im not gay) PLAYERS WHO DONT PLAY LIKE ME (TIER Z-) these players are undesirable and probably not attractive irl because they dont play like i do and i hate when they explain that their playstyle is more effective using proper reason and logic instead of anecdotes and emotions i refuse to acknowledge that im not the best becaude im insecure and feel the need to say that im unique and smart for having a differnt playstyle and your an combatworhping elitist socialpath Signs that you are tired Z-: - you disagree with me - you've not my same oponion - your most likely racist Examples of players who are exhausted Z-: - toroic (frack you) - redorange (dirty wilow main) - you (if u disagree with me) okay so what does everyone think of my player tier list i think that thid is the most acute rate tier list that you could fine anywhere ok thank you for reading good buy
  12. For the one on the Don't Starve Wiki, click here. Hello All! This is a multiple choice show that MUST GO ON! How it works!: Someone will start off a story, with a variety of choices to choose to make a Don't Starve Story, the person who replies next has to choose a option, and continue the story, and so on.. Once you choose the option, you put in a story that is caused by the option you have chosen, for example: Person 1: Wilson stumbles upon a... A) Tall-Fort B) Pig Village bA) Pig Village with King C) Queen's Gathering Set Piece Person 2: Tall-Fort In the distance, Wilson can see a variety of rocks and minerals, as he walks near, a Huge Bird appears behind him, shall he.... And so on! ~ Rules: When you choose an option, YOU MUST ALWAYS CONTINUE THE STORY ONWARDS, PROVIDING OPTIONS AT THE END! Do not, under any circumstances, reply to your self, let someone else reply, and you may reply to theirs after When two people reply at the same time (Unlikely but may happen), the person who replies shall reply to the first one that appears!) There is no need to quote someones reply! DO NOT MAKE THE STORY UNREALISTIC/CRAZY FROM THE GAME! (eg. And then Wilson throws a Derp Balloon at a Treeguard!) Have fun roleplaying!
  13. I am not sure if I've included enough of what I wanted here. Most likely not. But I've delayed this for so long and I've taken hours writing this and I now that that it would be important to write at least about all of what I could gather and then post it, see how the game changes and then whatever will happen will happen. I am quite sure and I know many of us here are sure of this as well, that we'll be getting something to do with the portal sometime later. However, since developers have now started to work on fixes and some changes, I thought it would be the perfect time to post this, because lets be honest, the game needs a lot of changes, whether you agree with most of my points or not. Well, my last thread of "Things that should really be done before ANR is finished" didn't really get any attention from Klei... I don't really understand why, since most of the things mentioned there had a bunch of players agree with me and the changes suggested generally weren't overly difficult to implement, as far as I can recall. Well, in any case, this is the mega-thread that I've been talking about for the past weeks that I would be posting, with a bunch of changes that Klei should really put their minds to. Yes, this is long. There's even more good suggestions out there in the suggestion section for DST that Klei doesn't seem to be reading into really. Why? I have no idea. It seems only general section gets attention, although even when things are suggested, they aren't taken into account at all or for a very long time even if a LOT of players request it (the vote kick, Klei, the vote kick)! In any case, half of the stuff here isn't even hard to implement... In fact, some of these... well, I'll leave this to what my next thread will bring about, which is related to modding. Look out for that one, cause it will be quite important as well! So, all that said, I'm hoping that since they are making a lot of bug fixes and quite a bit of changes NOW, that this thread will have at least some impact to the game. Now that ANR is finished and all the puzzle stuff is done, I'm sure many could agree that it would be the best time for Klei to start making some more fixes and changes to the game that would improve the experience. Some of the ones listed here may be something that I've heard other members of the community discuss with or without me and others are simply my personal opinion. Further discussion is welcome here, as many of the suggestions here are of features that are untested, but I'll talk more about the few tested ones later... So, without further ado, here are things that the game could really do with improving: Newbie support and more challenge to the late-game players Renewability of items/objects/mobs/plants in the game Item/structure/object rebalances Things that need to DESAPWN!11!!!!!!111 Some miscellaneous things Griefing... Lastly, a few more suggestions by me and others that I think you should really look into in order to make your game more mechanically as well as aesthetically pleasing: Talking whilst running Abandoned bases, visual feature Snot bombs (I believe I made a topic about this, but I can't seem to find it... strangely, the search in suggestions section seems to be broken; searches don't pick up titles of suggestion topics) Critters being part of the wild Slurtle and Snurtle armour drop mechanics Petition to bring back the Old Bell In any case, these are a large portion of my thoughts on some of the content in the game. If anyone has any ideas on changes that have not been mentioned here, write them in this topic. I might add more points, but only by creating new posts, since this is long and having devs re-read it... they might not even read this once, thinking "tl;dr", which would be a shame @V2C you have my back, right? ... right?
  14. Aquí lo tienen... Y me había olvidado ponrlo por acá Por fa comentenme cómo quedo gracuas
  15. Reposted due to brigading from an abusive moderator and his Discord of idiots. Not to mention the fact I clearly have to point out every minor detail or otherwise nobody can clearly get their goddamn stupid heads around it. Thank you for your time. Don't Starve -Renamed to Don't Starve: Legacy -Removed from sale on the Steam Store -Reign of Giants DLC exchanged for something on DS(T). Shipwrecked DLC exchanged for owning it on DS(T) Don't Starve Together -Renamed to Don't Starve -Shipwrecked ported -Alone mode added (Maxwell's Reign - Runs ROG but not ANR by default.) Alone Menu Screen: Play, Outfits, Collection, Exit (Maxwell will miss you!) Background: Maxwell's Door, in the style of the DST UI with the Florid Postern. A random character with it's Outfit on will come out. -Together mode added (Charlie's Reign - Runs ROG and ANR by default. Characters are rebalanced for Multiplayer.) Together Menu Screen: Play Online, Host, Outfits, Collection, Exit (Charlie will miss you!) Background: Florid Postern, as it currently is. A random character you have met will come out. -Shipwrecked mode added (which is naturally only accessible by owning the Shipwrecked DLC) Shipwrecked Menu Screen: Play Alone, Play Online, Host, Outfits, Collection, Exit (Wolly will miss you!) Background: Wolly on the Crashed Boat (from the start of Shipwrecked) Play Alone Set in Maxwell's Reign (or potentially different - They can retcon the lore.) Basically just Shipwrecked. Play Together Set in Charlie's Reign Crew's Ships and other multi-person ships are added. Characters are rebalanced for SW multiplayer. Game-modes in SW Online: Survival - "Sunken Boat" works like the Portal in DST. Wilderness - Players wash up on beaches when they join. Endless - "Sunken Boat" works like the Portal in DST. World can not reset. Any questions or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism that is not brigading or you not reading the post? Leave it below.
  16. [DST] Woka the Arctic Hunter

    Version 1.2.4


    Adds Woka the Arctic Hunter to the list of playable characters. Woka is a character that I originally thought of for Don't Starve: Shipwrecked. I had planned to make this character before Don't Starve Together was even out, but I ran into some roadblocks at the time that prevented me from making her. Now, multiplayer is here, and I figured it would be a great time to make her. I really like how she turned out. Woka comes from an undisclosed tribe of people from somewhere in the northern hemisphere. She is always wearing her thick winter parka, and never takes it off (It was her late father's coat, and she refuses to let it go). She appears to be a cold and wisened hunter on the outside, but get her excited or angry, and you'll see that she's still really just a typical child. Side note: the word "Woka" is Inuit for "Brave". ------------------------------------------ Woka's stats are as follows: Hunger: 150 Health: 150 Sanity: 200 ------------------------------------------ Here are Woka's perks: PROS: + Woka can never get cold. She is quite warm all the time. + Woka cannot be frozen by attacks that would normally freeze you solid, such as attacking Ice Hounds, getting struck by Deerclops, or being hit by an Ice Staff. + Woka is so warm, other players can sometimes JUST avoid taking damage from freezing by huddling VERY close to her. CONS: - Woka gets hot very easily, which can be a serious problem in the summer. - When Woka's temperature is above 60 degrees, she becomes exhausted from the heat, and moves 25% slower than normal. You will need to cool off to get your speed back. - Woka's coat is very warm, but the warmth is not good for food storage. Food will spoil much faster on her than any other character. ------------------------------------------ Cool stuff in this mod: + A whole new character to play as (obviously). + TONS of custom dialogue lines written just for Woka! + High-Quality character art! + Custom minimap icons, select screen portraits, and save slot portraits! + Entirely new speech sounds! ------------------------------------------ Using Woka in Don't Starve, Don't Starve:Reign of Giants, or Don't Starve:Shipwrecked: Woka was developed for use in Don't Starve Together, and that is the only form of the game she is 100% compatible with. She has not been tested for any of the single-player games. Therefore, I am only allowing her to be used in Don't Starve Together. ------------------------------------------ Author's Comments: Thank you again for your support. I have been working non-stop on this mod for the past month now, and I have poured everything I have into this mod to make it look as much like an official character as possible. I would like to thank SuperDavid on the Klei Forums for helping with Woka's overheating mechanics. I couldn't have done this without his help. I would also like to thank The Tiddler (Mr. Tiddles), and Mighty_Zero for their support while I was working on this project. ------------------------------------------ Thank you all, and have fun not starving! -Thunder Volts (AKA: Spookers the Spoo) Here is the Steam Workshop download:
  17. Seriously I think it would be great to have Hutch in regular ol' DS!
  18. I felt the need to remake the dead topic revealing all skins as of now since skins are coming soon, feel free to leave your suggestions below I'm sorry that the pictures aren't the same sizes, I'll try my best to keep this thread active with skin reveals! WIlson: Willow: Wolfgang: Wendy: WX-78: Wickerbottom: Woodie: Wes: Maxwell: Wigfrid: Webber: Misc.
  19. Discord now supports integrating with Desktop games. Maybe integrate game chat with it?
  20. Title, gonna keep this short and sweet: Basically, I'm making a character mod, and I want the image for the hunger meter to be a sun instead of a stomach (but only for this character). I've looked around in the files for the image, but I can't find it. Does anyone know how I could add a custom image to the hunger symbol, but only for this specific character? Thanks.
  21. Lureplant's inventory size has a max (no, it is not infinite!), but since it keeps digesting, it can go through quite a lot of items. Now, the max slot size of a lureplant's inventory size is: 15 And yes, that is the same as the player's inventory, 1 slot bigger than Krampus sack, and much s/smaller/larger/g than a Shadow chester. So yes, bring a Krampus sack with your almost full inventory, or your beloved Shadow chester plus 3 extra inventory in your pockets. If you set up a farm which yields half a stack of grass/twigs/reeds each time, reading (as Wicherbottom the Witch) once gives you half a stack and 2 reads yields 1 full stack. To get 15 full stack (max inventory), you need to read 30 times. That is 6 books for half a stack of yield per read (not 10 or 20 or as much books as you can read). If your yield per read is x stack (half a stack is 0.5, 1 full stack is 1), then 3/x books is required, and more is too much! Since a reed trap field farm yields more than a stack per read, just reading about 2 books will yield full max (read 3 if you are anxious). If you are worried about items lost to lureplants digestion, then: the lureplant digests 1 item (not 1 stack of items) per 20 seconds. A game day is 8 min, so in 1 game Day, the lureplant would consume 24 items in RANDOM order in its inventory. That is less than 1 stack, and more than enough time to finish reading 3 book to yield more than 15 stacks to max the lureplant out. So: Rule of thumb: Try to gain yield of 1 stack for each read, then read 3 books.
  22. Simple Map Editor

    Version 1.2


    This is a DST client-only mod and this mod only works if you are the host of the server. Parts of the code were done by Rezecib, CarlZalph, and Leonardo Coxington. Steam Workshop Page: Features Turf Editor: Use the Numpad keys to place turfs. Turfs are placed under your mouse pointer. Numpad 1 = Deciduous Turf Numpad 2 = Desert Turf Numpad 3 = Marsh Turf Numpad 4 = Savanna Turf Numpad 5 = Grass Turf Numpad 6 = Forest Turf Numpad 7 = Ocean Numpad 8 = Barren Numpad 9 = Rocky Turf Numpad 0 + Numpad 1 = Mud Turf Numpad 0 + Numpad 2 = Guano Turf Numpad 0 + Numpad 3 = Slimey Turf Numpad 0 + Numpad 4 = Cobblestones Numpad 0 + Numpad 5 = Scaled Flooring Numpad 0 + Numpad 6 = Cave Rock Turf Numpad 0 + Numpad 7 = Wooden Flooring Numpad 0 + Numpad 8 = Carpeted Flooring Numpad 0 + Numpad 9 = Checkerboard Flooring Numpad Plus + Numpad 1 = Blue Fungal Turf Numpad Plus + Numpad 2 = Red Fungal Turf Numpad Plus + Numpad 3 = Green Fungal Turf Numpad Plus + Numpad 4 = Dark Runic Bricks Numpad Plus + Numpad 5 = Dark Runic Tiles Numpad Plus + Numpad 6 = Dark Runic Trim Numpad Plus + Numpad 7 = Runic Bricks Numpad Plus + Numpad 8 = Runic Tiles Numpad Plus + Numpad 9 = Runic Trim These images will allow you to memorize these hotkeys easier... A, B, C Saving: Press F1 to save the current world. This saves the world manually, the game automatically saves every dawn and when you exit to menu. Restarting: Press F2 to save and restart the server. This also restarts any server or client mod you may have, so this is useful for testing mods. Rollback: Press F3 to load the last save. Be warned that this reverts any unsaved changes made on the world after the last save. Change Character: Press F4 to go to the character selection screen. Be warned that this deletes all items in your inventory, resets your prototyped recipes, and unreveals the minimap. Cut, Copy, and Paste: Press Ctrl + C to copy the entity under your mouse pointer. If no entity is under your mouse pointer, then it copies the turf under your mouse pointer. Press Ctrl + X to copy and delete the object under your mouse pointer. You cannot cut turfs. Press Ctrl + V to paste the entity or turf that you have most recently copied or cut. It is pasted at your mouse pointer. Delete Key: Press Numpad Del to delete the entity under your mouse pointer. You can hold it down then hover over entities if you want to delete large quantities of entities in a short amount of time. Creative Mode: Press Numpad Slash (Numpad /) to toggle Creative Mode on or off. Creative Mode enables god mode and free infinite crafting. Telepoofer: Press Numpad Asterisk (Numpad *) to telepoof your character to your mouse pointer. You can hold it down then move your mouse pointer around the screen to travel long distances within a short amount of time. You travel slower the closer your pointer is to the center of the screen, and you travel faster to closer it is to the edges of the screen. Reveal Minimap: Press Numpad Hyphen (Numpad -) to reveal the entire minimap, completely eliminating the fog of war. Meteor Strike and Lightning Strike: Press Numpad 0 + Numpad * to cause a meteor strike at your mouse pointer. Press Numpad 0 + Numpad - to cause a lightning strike at your mouse pointer. Alternative Hotkeys: Go to the mod's configuration settings then set "Use Numpad?" to "No". This allows you to use the mod even if you don't have a numpad on your keyboard. Turf Editor: Press J and K to choose. Press L place turf. Delete Hotkey: Delete Creative Mode Hotkey: F5 Telepoof Hotkey: F6 Reveal Map Hotkey: F7 Meteor Hotkey: F8 Lightning Hotkey: F9
  23. I guess by now most of you are already familiar with the lag that those homeless bees, twiggy trees and beefalos produce to over 1k servers. You could keep picking homeless' bee's flowers, beefalos' ****, and twiggy tree's twigs, but that can easily become tiresome. Since anything is possible via Console, we should be able to come up with a command that can: remove all the single items (specified with its prefab `prefabA`) on the ground without stacks (2 rocks and a stack of manure is useful and quite possibly not something that is lying around) within a given radius (say 1 screen radius around the player running the command)? What I know by now is: local playerPos = ThePlayer:GetPosition() local x, y, z = ThePlayer.Transform:GetWorldPosition() local ents = TheSim:FindEntities(x,y,z, radius, tags) Actually, there is already code in simutil.lua that uses the lines above, so code below should *select* all flowers on ground, then remove them: GetClosestInstWithTag('flower', ThePlayer, 10) Now, add that with Remove(). There is already code even for this, so we dont have to manually do GetClosestInstWithTag('flower', ThePlayer, 10):Remove(), so the code is: DeleteCloseEntsWithTag('flower', ThePlayer, 10) Yay! A pity is, the shortcut command does not help us see if the prefab we are deleting is a single item or a stack of them. I am still not sure how to combine GetClosestInstWithTag() with a number of elements check (to make sure it is a single item) then remove it. Should be something like this, but needs improvement: (not quite sure about the #v==1 part) local x, y, z = inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition() local ents = TheSim:FindEntities(x, y, z, radius, type(tag) == "string" and { tag } or tag) for i, v in ipairs(ents) do if #v == 1; then v:Remove(); end end
  24. Hey, I'm Spookers The Spoo (AKA: Thunder Volts on Steam), and I'm responsible for the original Weston the Wandering Cactus mod on the workshop, plus I helped with the Don't Starve Together port, and made all the updated art. I'm here because I've got a character planned for release that's nearly done, but I don't want to spoil it just yet. I've nearly completed everything, but I just need a few lines of code. Unfortunately, I am no coder. The most I am able to accomplish is messing around with tags and components. If anyone would like to help, I'd greatly appreciate it. Okay, so here's what I'm trying to do: I'd like to make my character enter the "groggy" state when they're over a certain temperature (about the temperature a character starts to show signs of getting hot, e.g. panting), and I have no idea how to set that up. I've got some fairly decent perks for this character, so I figured something like this would help to bring them down a little. I'd also want them to stop being groggy when they cool back down, of course. That's really the most I'm concerned about at the moment, but if anyone wants to help with one more thing, I'd appreciate it: I'd also like to make it so this character can use an unoccupied igloo (winter only) as a tent. Again, I have no idea how to begin to set that up, but that's why I figured I'd come here. Can't get an answer if I don't ask, right? I will gladly credit anyone for their help with the code on the mod's Steam Workshop page when it is released. Nearly all of the art is finished, custom sounds have been added, and examination quotes are being worked on. These final two things are pretty much the only thing missing from the mod. Any and all help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! - Spookers