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  1. So my new mod character is finished. Not officially done, but finished for now. Although I just now found the issue that my character isn't compatible with the original game. Does anyone know how I can fix his issue? I really hope I don't have to make a new character from scratch specifically for DS. I suppose if I have to I will, but not for a loooong time.
  2. Me estoy poniendo al corriente con las actualizaciones Esta está genial y he incluído los últimos cambios con la batalla de la Horma León (Antlion) https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=nT-9YFSRlvs
  3. Sé que el update ya pasó pero para los que no lo han jugado igual pueden accedere al contenido si lo eligen desde el menu de generacion de mundo en la parte del calendario espero que les guste https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=vJnuToRHMa8
  4. Heroo there! Pim, Deli, Dino, Draggo --however you wanna call me, is in the houuuuusee! \o/ I'm so sorry I did that Welcome to my humble abode of a thread~! ❤ Just recently I got into the forums, so hopefully you don't mind a fellow student artist, and of course some efforts to be active cause who doesn't want a crazy reptilian running around? \o/ Hope you like the pieces I draw, and remember, Don't Starve! ;D Maybe you've seen me around before? I've collaborated with @PirateJoe for majority of my time, being his artist and drawing for his ideas! Ex. Bloodbag I've also shared my ideas with @ZupaleX about his Archery Mod, after sharing a fanart piece of it ❤ Here's my most recent piece! ..and here is my Personal Best Traditional Work ❤ Maybe.. you're interested in asking for a commission? ;D Thank you for taking the time to check out my thread, I hope you have a Terrorbeak-free day! ❤
  5. Okay, so I've been thinking... creating my own dedicated server without getting anyone's perspective here was perhaps a bad idea. So, this is why I'm doing a VERY basic poll here to see what type of server you guys would like to see in don't starve together. I've got the resources to make really any type of server that's dedicated (Meaning anyone can play without the admin on) and I would love to hear some ideas... like I said, you come up with the idea, and I'll make it! Whichever server idea seems to be the most popular, I will create and notify everyone when it's ready to play. So... LET'S GET BRAINSTORMIN FOLKS.
  6. Summer is over... now what? There's no possible way all of the players that are on the server will die for a while, especially with a base that is loaded with stuff to keep you alive for an eternity. That's what I've been having trouble with, along with a few others I've spoke to online. Once you're good at DST, you really can survive with ease. I know, there are still some people who have trouble getting past winter, but I'm talking about people who are pretty good at don't starve (You can call them pros, veterans or whatever you'd like) and really have no issue blazing past all 4 seasons in DST. So, to get to the point I've decided to throw away the competitive PVP DST server idea, and create a new dedicated server for those who are looking for a much harder survival experience. The dedicated server I've created, called "DEATHSTARVE" is the ultimate don't starve together hardcore survival experience for those who are too good at regular survival, are looking for a challenge, or are just plain in the mood for something different to do in DST. Wait a sec bush, what's so hard about this server? How's it going to be so hard? Well... Food is more scarce. No wild carrots, less berry bushes, less animals that drop meat (Sorry Wigfrid) the beef will also be much more aggressive if you find them. Resources are limited as well... less grass, less flint, less trees, less rocks/boulders... AND there are no saplings. You can only get twigs from spiky marsh bushes which cause minor damage each time you pick them (But don't worry, they're all over the world :D). Seasons are different now, autumn ends quicker meaning you only have so much time to prepare for winter. Not to mention, winter and summer are longer too. (Heh heh >:D) Also, the danger will be, well... deadly. Not only are overworld monsters more common now, but cave monsters now spawn in the overworld, making it 2x more difficult. Well, what else is to be said? Anyways, just letting you know, it's not going to be easy and the more players there are, the better chance of surviving the extremely harsh world... (Otherwise you MAY die somewhat quick unless your pretty good at survival in DST) Note: I don't recommend this server for beginners, anyone in the intermediate to expert skill level in the game I salute you... good luck! NAME: Deathstarve: Hardcore Survival Server An Image to show it's awesomeness!
  7. I felt the need to remake the dead topic revealing all skins as of now since skins are coming soon, feel free to leave your suggestions below I'm sorry that the pictures aren't the same sizes, I'll try my best to keep this thread active with skin reveals! WIlson: Willow: Wolfgang: Wendy: WX-78: Wickerbottom: Woodie: Wes: Maxwell: Wigfrid: Webber: Misc.
  8. Greetings! I play DS/DST on every available platform and enjoy success on streaming DST with viewers on Twitch. Though in my down time I still enjoy DS/DST on PS4 because my chair is more comfortable upstairs. Plus that's how I got my start. So to the point: Is it a possibility to take recent code changes from DST (PC) that shows the blue aoe of a flingo when placing an item at your base available for PS4 Don't Starve due to the lack of having mods due to Sony's control of their platform? It would seriously assist a lot of players and make a huge difference for me. Thanks!
  9. Lately I've been playing DST and searching on forums and everyone seems to think Wigfrid is over-powered. She carries the ability to create "cheap" armour, however it really isn't cheap considering it takes a non-renewable source being gold, also rocks but with moon rocks you can technically say it's renewable. (proven wrong later on the thread) She has a 1.25x damage multiplier which to some is alot but to me is barely anything compared to Wolfgang's Mighty 2x. dmg! She has lower sanity and hunger stats than wilson, which begs the question of why people think she is op? She has 50 more max HP than normally, however her lower sanity and hunger forces her to be on the prowl. Am I the only one here who thinks Wigfrid is balanced? Her vampiric ability is gimmicky if you ask me and she can't eat all type of culinary foods, which is why I never pick her and instead decide to be Wolfgang. I guess some argue she's a better Wilson in a sense of the 1.25x dmg and is equipped for exploration but she doesn't really excel in battle compared to Wolfgang.
  10. Wil mod for DST

    Version 1.0.0


    Hey! its a year since i havent uploaded a mod and theres this one guy who is asking for the DST version of this OP character (i have tweaked him alittle to make it balanced) now i just made the DST version of this character but theres a slight problem, im too lazy to type all of his speeches when examining and i cant seem to make the icon show up when u use the combined status and the global position mod so im using a character from a template to compensate and when inspecting self, it also shows the name as "Template (or something)" and it also has no picture under the name when inspecting self and the button to inspect self also im using the template's image anyways i think its a balanced character where food is really the issue it just drains so fast but he hits hard and has an insane amount of health, and the original mod was created using just plain notepad and the "paint" application i dont use any kind of spriter so just deal with the art and i will be working on the icons and maybe im going to make him dapper since his sanity is 150, leave a comment on how to balance him, i will be releasing updates regarding the art
  11. ho ho yo yo yo waddup memes its yeah edgy boy here MrDeepDankmeme but to be serious I'm am trading most of all the dupes I got for stuff I don't have At the moment I will edit this post to add a picture of the items I need and the dupes I have so here is my trade link https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=205176035&token=dd9th8vU
  12. For the one on the Don't Starve Wiki, click here. Hello All! This is a multiple choice show that MUST GO ON! How it works!: Someone will start off a story, with a variety of choices to choose to make a Don't Starve Story, the person who replies next has to choose a option, and continue the story, and so on.. Once you choose the option, you put in a story that is caused by the option you have chosen, for example: Person 1: Wilson stumbles upon a... A) Tall-Fort B) Pig Village bA) Pig Village with King C) Queen's Gathering Set Piece Person 2: Tall-Fort In the distance, Wilson can see a variety of rocks and minerals, as he walks near, a Huge Bird appears behind him, shall he.... And so on! ~ Rules: When you choose an option, YOU MUST ALWAYS CONTINUE THE STORY ONWARDS, PROVIDING OPTIONS AT THE END! Do not, under any circumstances, reply to your self, let someone else reply, and you may reply to theirs after When two people reply at the same time (Unlikely but may happen), the person who replies shall reply to the first one that appears!) There is no need to quote someones reply! DO NOT MAKE THE STORY UNREALISTIC/CRAZY FROM THE GAME! (eg. And then Wilson throws a Derp Balloon at a Treeguard!) Have fun roleplaying!
  13. Hey, I decided to start playing single player dst and was wondering if "Alone" server playstyle made any difference than multiplayer mode. Thanks
  14. Simple Map Editor

    Version 1.2


    This is a DST client-only mod and this mod only works if you are the host of the server. Parts of the code were done by Rezecib, CarlZalph, and Leonardo Coxington. Steam Workshop Page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=828994749 Features Turf Editor: Use the Numpad keys to place turfs. Turfs are placed under your mouse pointer. Numpad 1 = Deciduous Turf Numpad 2 = Desert Turf Numpad 3 = Marsh Turf Numpad 4 = Savanna Turf Numpad 5 = Grass Turf Numpad 6 = Forest Turf Numpad 7 = Ocean Numpad 8 = Barren Numpad 9 = Rocky Turf Numpad 0 + Numpad 1 = Mud Turf Numpad 0 + Numpad 2 = Guano Turf Numpad 0 + Numpad 3 = Slimey Turf Numpad 0 + Numpad 4 = Cobblestones Numpad 0 + Numpad 5 = Scaled Flooring Numpad 0 + Numpad 6 = Cave Rock Turf Numpad 0 + Numpad 7 = Wooden Flooring Numpad 0 + Numpad 8 = Carpeted Flooring Numpad 0 + Numpad 9 = Checkerboard Flooring Numpad Plus + Numpad 1 = Blue Fungal Turf Numpad Plus + Numpad 2 = Red Fungal Turf Numpad Plus + Numpad 3 = Green Fungal Turf Numpad Plus + Numpad 4 = Dark Runic Bricks Numpad Plus + Numpad 5 = Dark Runic Tiles Numpad Plus + Numpad 6 = Dark Runic Trim Numpad Plus + Numpad 7 = Runic Bricks Numpad Plus + Numpad 8 = Runic Tiles Numpad Plus + Numpad 9 = Runic Trim These images will allow you to memorize these hotkeys easier... A, B, C Saving: Press F1 to save the current world. This saves the world manually, the game automatically saves every dawn and when you exit to menu. Restarting: Press F2 to save and restart the server. This also restarts any server or client mod you may have, so this is useful for testing mods. Rollback: Press F3 to load the last save. Be warned that this reverts any unsaved changes made on the world after the last save. Change Character: Press F4 to go to the character selection screen. Be warned that this deletes all items in your inventory, resets your prototyped recipes, and unreveals the minimap. Cut, Copy, and Paste: Press Ctrl + C to copy the entity under your mouse pointer. If no entity is under your mouse pointer, then it copies the turf under your mouse pointer. Press Ctrl + X to copy and delete the object under your mouse pointer. You cannot cut turfs. Press Ctrl + V to paste the entity or turf that you have most recently copied or cut. It is pasted at your mouse pointer. Delete Key: Press Numpad Del to delete the entity under your mouse pointer. You can hold it down then hover over entities if you want to delete large quantities of entities in a short amount of time. Creative Mode: Press Numpad Slash (Numpad /) to toggle Creative Mode on or off. Creative Mode enables god mode and free infinite crafting. Telepoofer: Press Numpad Asterisk (Numpad *) to telepoof your character to your mouse pointer. You can hold it down then move your mouse pointer around the screen to travel long distances within a short amount of time. You travel slower the closer your pointer is to the center of the screen, and you travel faster to closer it is to the edges of the screen. Reveal Minimap: Press Numpad Hyphen (Numpad -) to reveal the entire minimap, completely eliminating the fog of war. Meteor Strike and Lightning Strike: Press Numpad 0 + Numpad * to cause a meteor strike at your mouse pointer. Press Numpad 0 + Numpad - to cause a lightning strike at your mouse pointer. Alternative Hotkeys: Go to the mod's configuration settings then set "Use Numpad?" to "No". This allows you to use the mod even if you don't have a numpad on your keyboard. Turf Editor: Press J and K to choose. Press L place turf. Delete Hotkey: Delete Creative Mode Hotkey: F5 Telepoof Hotkey: F6 Reveal Map Hotkey: F7 Meteor Hotkey: F8 Lightning Hotkey: F9
  15. So, while it's still seemingly not worth the trouble, I thought I'd do some math for those who do want them sweet crowns for good, fancy head gear. The math is actually a bit convoluted... If you start with "n" amount of thulecite, then the math per time you use up a construction amulet would go about like this: n - 2 (this is where you craft a construction amulet, which takes away 2 of your existing thulecite), n - 5 (this is where you craft a thulecite suit and a deconstruction staff, both using the amulet, which results in loss of 40% from the construction amulet, aka 0.4 green gems), n + 1 (this is where you first deconstruct a thulecite suit, gaining +6 thulecite, in total equating to 1 more than you had before. The following is just a continued process of constructing and deconstructing thulecite suits via construction amulets and deconstruction staff respectively, until...), n - 2, n + 4, n + 1, n + 7, n + 4, n + 10 (construction amulet breaks, deconstruction staff stays at 20%. Total green gems used up for this process = 1.8, which gives 10 thulecite more than you had initially, aka n + 10). Now, the question I brought up to myself is whether it's worth/more efficient to use a construction amulet in order to craft thulecite crowns. To determine this, I needed to find out the total amount of green gems used in order to create a certain amount of thulecite crowns. 10 thulecite normally equates to 2.5 thulecite crowns. With a construction amulet, with its thulecite included, you could craft 4 crowns for an extra 0.8 green gems used up. So, it's 2.5 crowns for 1.8 green gems, or, 4 crowns for 2.6 green gems... Seems like both are pretty close, if not the same, right? Well, lets try and get the crown amount to be the same for both equations in order to determine how much of them each use up the green gems for the same amount if thulecite crowns as each other. Lets scale the numbers up a bit first though by like, say, 10 times, so we get 25 crowns for 18 gems and 40 crowns for 26 gems. Then lets divide the crowns' amount to equate the same amount, so 25/5 = 5, 40/8 = 5. The same must then be applied for their respective gem amount and with that we will get an answer for this question: 18/5 = 3.6 26/8 = 3.25 Well then... If my math is correct, then it is slightly more efficient to use construction amulets for crafting thulecite crowns. Hope this is useful for somebody out there when crafting those sweet sweet crowns, in case you've been crafting them without an amulet this entire time ^^
  16. I played a lot of Don't Starve when it came out and never really played any DST since there wasn't a lot of features to use on it, but now that they've added a bunch of cool updates to the point where DST is actually larger than DS I was hoping to find a couple of people to play some co-op with. I'm looking for players in the UK (or nearby in the EU) who can use a mic and discord to speak. Also I was hoping for someone who is at least 17 years old to play with. Thanks
  17. ^title aaand... With the amount of pros out there making videos of DST, I don't see jackall that would be about DST mobs fighting each other. Komeny did some for single player Don't Starve, although DST has had new mobs introduced and mobs have had health pools changed, so seeing matches like that would be cool. Some AI could perhaps be changed to fit scenarios better. I tried Dragonfly vs hibernating Bearger (without recoding ofc) and to my surprise, Bearger actually came very close to beating the DST Dragonfly! If Dragonfly had only like 20000 hp, Bearger would ACTUALLY HAVE WON, no joke! On a side-note, it just goes to prove that strong attacks is what matters more than just a pool of hp. Unfortunately, there isn't really a time when you would actually fight the bear in winter or spring, which kinda blows. No real incentive other than the toughest challange you've faced, if you're going with just melee weapons, basic armor and healing foods... although, if PvP was enabled and the players were cooperating, before Bearger yawns, the players could hit each other via torches and stay groggy instead of falling asleep leading to a guaranteed hit... Either way, I would love some epic battles between DST mobs! And more videos of players beating/fighting but failing to beat a hibernating bearger would be awesome too ! Question now is, how many chumps want shum of deez kind of vids to be out there?
  18. The above is a solution to the ever annoying, reputation-killing issue of players joining harsh seasons. Atop of that, setting Autumn to be the default season in the server select menu, instead of any might help a newbie or teo as well, since people who are new to the game tend to not look at those before joining a server. All that said, lets get to the main point of this topic. Giants. And for that matter possibly other content that would be great as consequential but isn't, for reasons like people wanting to feel like they've beaten the game ages ago instead of a new challenge coming to pull the strings like RoG and SW initially did and because "this could be very bad for newbies who can't deal eith them". There are currently only 2 bosses that go after the players within the game, namely Bearger and Deerclops. The former you can always place in some random biome you never visit and leave him there to be for the rest of the game since his loot isn't all that important and he will stay put if undisturbed. And besides, you can get more out of his loot if you leave him alive and just dance around with him for a little while. Deerclops on the other hand is very different. To my knowledge, he has a high detection radius of structures and he targets them well. Players too. And his loot is quite userful or even importantly so as well as the fact that you actually have to kill him to get it. Regardless, these two giants, especially the Deerclops are a nuisense to newbies. Why? Because their spawn targeting and spawn timing is based off of global day count, meaning a day 1 player, who is stuck at the portal could have Deerclops going after him just because they're near the most structures, whilst everyone else is fighting Drsgonfly over yander (that **** literally happened to me once). This kind of mechanism is bull****tery. There is currently only one type of time based attack mechanic that is done reasonably well and that is hounds; their mechanics are set local to groups of players or local to each player based on how many days they have survived and not how long the world has existed. This kind of mechanic is essential for not forcing newbies of day 1 or 2 to fight something that is clearly out of their league if they're without someone who's lived longer on the server or completely alone on the server. So, as you might tell, my solution is to make giants' spawn mechanics and for anything that has global difficulty to be set to local. This would solve so many problems on such a scale... Think about how many "how to deal with [giant's name]" threads you've seen pop up throughout the time vs how many "how to deal with hounds" threads you've seen. For me, the former is more than I could count and the latter is that I can't recall a single one even vaguely. And a lot of it, I'm sure, has to do with local day count mechanics being present instead of global. Newbies may still experience late game challenges, although they would at least initially need to be near someone who has been there for longer. Making giants spawn based on local day count survived for each player at global times when they would normally spawn is essential if we're going to have bosses like Dragonfly or Toadstool with some form of roaming mechanics (not suggesting them losing raid mechanics, simply that at times they could leave their bases to go and roam around near a player with a high enough day count to mess up their day). I believe Tree guards also are based on global day counts and have 0% chance of spawning within the first 3 global days. Make that first 3 local days, because it is otherwise unfair that a newcomer chops down their second tree on day one and the tallest tree guard is already after them. Remember, Klei, you did pretty darn well with hound attack mechanics, so how about applying the same to everything else? It will mean the game won't get a bad rep of being colossally unbalanced (although it very much is right now, but nothing that can't be changed) and people might have some more incentive to help players out, instead of going to the portal, supplying them every time with everything you have for them to only leave and never come back with some pretty hard-to-obtain-in-huge-amounts stuff and then newbies getting hate for being bad from other players and telling them to git gud, when the whole idea of the game is to cooperate no matter how bad you are at the game instead of trying to push for them to play on their own until they get better so they are "worthy" to play with others. Because honestly, joining the game and instantly being presented with a near-impossible challenge is the type of crap NMS did with its survival mode and guess what, that mode turned out to be quite unbearably trashy.
  19. everytime I look at a character I can figure out what they can do well and can't except for woodie is abitlies seem so overshadowed by others or hard for me to pinpoint that when think of woodie I think he's good at something or chop them trees. So I wanted to make this as to better help me understand woodie because I don't understand him at all really so leave you comments down below and tell me why it is so great being a Canadian lumberjack
  20. Honestly, there's not much point if you're going to need to buy skins to trade them in typically. You're required nine skins, all of which must be of the same rarity, you can't substitute jack all and as a result, wiyhout buying skins, the minimum amount of time reuired for you to trade inn ONCE without skin purchases would be more than two weeks. Again, granted all of those skins are of the same rarity. What's even the point of this thing if it's just gonna be a lottery that typically will be worse off than buying the actual thing? This seems like the sort of thing you would have with arcade claw machines, where you have a low chance of getting that stuffed toy you want for real cheap, but modt of the time you'll just be wasting your money and might as well buy the stuffed toy at a toy shop guaranteed. If the Trade Inn is to become somrthing we use even marginally more often, something to consider over the market itself and present itself as a niche game mechanic for skins, it just ought to require less. I mean, the chances of getting skins via drops normally that are of a higher rarity are about two or so times rarer than the more common type of skin (one below), right? And the market agrees, honestly; the skins of higher rarity are about x2 or x3 more expensive than the rarity before on average, unless it's some new and/or very desired item. All that said, why not require 4 instead of 9 skins to make one trade inn? 4 for one of higher rarity seems a lot more fair than 9 to 1 and might actually push people to try their chances more often. There's a lot of things I've avoided making topics about and I've just been observing for the past few months, but this is something everyone here to my knowledge can agree on prrtty much; trade inn, overall sucks for what it serves in comparison to what you give it and other methods of obtaining skins you want are much better as a result. I've some more off-topic stuff I'd like to say, although I think it's best to bring it up if really necessary. Knowing this forum, little to nothing said or complained about is going to bring any thought about drastic change.
  21. Damage Multipliers Wolfgang -0.5x Wimpy Damage Wes, Wendy - 0.75x 25% Less Damage Wilson, WX78, Wickerbottom, Woodie, Webber, Maxwell, Williow - 1.00x Normal Damage Wigfrid - 1.25x 25% More Damage Wolfgang - 0.5-2x - Mighty Damage Note(s) : The normal weapon damage was obtained from the wiki, other weapons don't do confirmed damage, but effects their targets, so I didn't list them, these weapons are: Sleep Dart, Ice Staff, Fire Staff and Weather Pain Explosives, tools, and traps were not used in this list. Even More and Wimpy will depend on the amount of Hunger points Wolfgang is in,105 starts the 0.5 Wimpy Damage, 225 starts the 1.25x More Damage and 300 starts the Mighty 2x Damage. Weapons (Wimpy)(Less) (Normal) (More) (Mighty) Multiplier: 0.5 0.75 1.00 1.25 2.00 Dark Sword: (34) (51) (68) (85) (136) Thulecite Club: (23) (45) (60) (75) (120) Ham Bat: (15-30) (45-23) (30-60) (38-75) (60-120) Decreases 2.95 per day. Tentacle Spike: (26) (38) (51) (64) (102) Morning Star: (22-36) (33-54) (43-72) (54-90) (87-145) Based on wetness of the target. Bat Bat: (22) (32) (43) (54) (86) Spear: (17) (26) (34) (43) (68) Battle Spear: (22) (32) (43) (54) (86) Boomerang: (10) (20) (27) (34) (54) Blow Dart: (50) (75) (100) (125) (200) Electric Dart: (45-75)(68-113)(90-150) (113-188) (180-300) Based on wetness of the target. This Information was in the Don't Starve Wiki on the Weapon page, but has been removed :/
  22. So guys, does anyone knows a Mod that Resets Caves after some time, like after one year, cause I searched steam thru, but coudent find one, maybe I am blind Also if not, is there antother way to reset cave, like deleting the cave folder? (If there is one) if yes where do i find that folder and whats its name? Thanks for any answers!
  23. Version 2.55


    Warning this mod uses language (bad words) in their dialogues, if you do not approve of this don't download and the saying goes "Get out of here stalker!". This mod will be only quick patched as of mid august 2016 along with my other work, what does that mean? It means that ill most likely cut out content that is causing the crash so items will be missing vs me completely fixing it and keeping it in the mod. Why? Cause college is going to consume me each semester. If not " I said come in don't stand there!". This mod was mainly made for dst since some the mechanics was made for dst by putting some challenge into cooperation. This mod contains twelve playable stalkers that come from different factions: Loners, Duty, Freedom, clearsky, bandits, military and Monolith.Most of which contain a suit that is repairable by gold nuggets. Read on about each factions advantages and disadvantages and decide which faction you feel comfortable to play as. Loner: Zone experience: -90% negative sanity drain Prey: -You're commonly targeted by the military and bandits and lose sanity being next to them Duty: Military Trained: -75% negative sanity drain -75% night sanity drain Anti-freedom: -Your rival Freedom drains your sanity at a good rate being next to each other due to different ideology and your war with them. Anti-Mutant: -Your code is to protect the world from the mutants that threaten the outside world, making you uneasy in cooperating with pigmen, bunnymen, and the pig king as they drain your sanity (even if you befriend them!) Freedom: Zone Trained: -80% negative sanity drain Light Exoskeleton: -10% faster movement than all the other factions -10% faster hunger rate Anarchist: -You fight for free access to the zone and conflict with the military and duty because of this. You lose sanity being next to military and duty. Monolith: Decayed mind: -0% negative sanity drain -100 max sanity making nights your main concern -Ignore food spoilage and monster meat penalty Spider Allies: -Your mind is partially connected to the Noosphere thus being able to connect with spiders to fight with you -You are also neutral to merms unless you provoke them Bad reputation: -Due to your stories told by stalkers about being hostile to all factions and your ruthlessness, all nearby players will lose a lot of sanity being near you. This makes cooperation difficult without driving them mad. -Your tagged as a monster, making catcoons, pigmen, and bunnymen target you for your reputation. Military: Military Trained: -75% negative sanity drain -75% night sanity drain Corrupt: -You've attacked stalkers that tried to enter the zone, you're peers low morale gives you a bad reputation amongst stalker and thus most stalkers lose sanity being near you. On the bright side your previous dealing with duty has earned you neutrality towards them, after all most of their equipment comes from you. Clearsky: Zone experience: -90% negative sanity drain Prey: -You're commonly targeted by the military and bandits and lose sanity being next to them CS2: -Your unique suit was well designed and does the following: reduces building costs by 50%, 65% damage protection, medium rain protection and insulation that changes in the summers like the seva suits, 50% fire protection, and small sanity recovery. Bandits: Robber: -You rob everyone in the zone regardless of faction. You'll lose sanity to all factions besides your own. Bandit jacket: -Your jacket inherits 25% damage protection and a small amount of winter insulation. NOTE: Your suits can be destroyed and isn't replaceable thus keep your suits repaired at all times! Do you have no friends loner? Then download the stalker loner edition today you AI buddies will follow you indefinitely and help out with combat, get out of sticky situations and follow you down in to the caves. The weapons and ammo is now available to purchase in the shop tab while standing next to the alchemy machine just know guns aren't cheap, same goes for the ammo. Later update: extra artifacts for shiped wrecked and remove the song from scrolls its a lot of memory for it. Refer to the discussion threads for more info about the mod. With all perks laid out will you cooperate with your rivals? Even though you'll be driving each other insane! Or will your ideologies and differences get the best of you? You can configure this mod at the beginning to disable any of the factions you don't want available in your game and keep the ones you do want. Will this mod be made for don't starve? Nope. That's over 10000 lines of code to transfer and convert! With 10k of code theres easily some bugs since keeping pace with that much code is impossible. The Meaning of S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Scavenger.Trespasser.Adventurer.Loner.Killer.Explorer.Robber Original character guide: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/520571095/152390648098289899/ Weapons guide: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/520571095/365163686037504929/ Character expansion 3 guide: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/520571095/152390648081951322/ AI guide: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/520571095/276237094316329266/ Character expansion 2 guide: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/520571095/357284131786777612/ Artifacts guide: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/520571095/451851477876528386/ Special thanks to a modder who I'm not sure wants to be credited for the repairable armour, sw1tchbl4de once again for the artwork, Mindmaster for ai experimentation, youtuber ZoranAustralia(For Užičko Kolo video) for the bandit voice, and GSC game world for the character and their music that was used for their voices.
  24. Hello! I have a problem where my Character Script doesn't work, and is just saying the normal Wilson quotes. Is this normal, or is there something wrong with the mod, or is it The New Reign Beta messing something up? I would like to know. Thanks
  25. I want to get some above-ground rabbit hutches. How good is the one-man band for farming bunny puff? I would run around the bunny village, get some followers, and order to attack another bunny one by one. Sanity seems like it will be a problem, but I have extra jerky which I can plop down nearby so they don't attack me.