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  1. Discord now supports integrating with Desktop games. Maybe integrate game chat with it?
  2. I am almost all set with the server. I have the emojis made (from screenshots of gameplay) and have almost all the roles set up.
  3. Join the Realm: How to play: You must ping the host by saying @Host I want to play [Survival/PvP/Normal] If you and the host are available then a game session will begin, you can play alone or with 3 other players (5 In case of a PvP battle). Normal is a private session that only you, the host and other allowed players can see. To play with other players, let the host know. Realms of Time is divided in 2 phases. The Overworld: You can move trough areas in a given map to you by the host, there may be things you find or things you can interact with, either way the host will tell you what you can do except in some cases. There are 2 legends for the map. [Area] You can move there. -X- You cannot move there. To move, simply say /move Area Name You also have an inventory of 5 slots to keep items. The Battles: If you encounter an enemy in the overworld, an engagement may or may not happen in the situation, everyone has these stats: Health: Default is 20, if it reaches 0 you die and your character cannot do anything. Weapon: The weapon that lets you attack, dealing damage to the enemy, some weapons may have additional effects that some others don't. Armor: The protective piece that gives you defensive help, reducing damage received, who knows what you will start with? Accessory: An useful item that usually provides an extra effect. When battling, during your turn you may use an item to provide you an effect (If any), attack, check, do nothing, use a technique or run away. Attacking & Run Away: The host will make a 3 message timer for you to answer with a button (Emoji) in your message, providing the correct Emoji. If you say the correct emoji which is either , , or you will attack succesfully and deal your weapon's succesful damage. If you fail to type the correct emoji or take too much time to answer, you will make failure/counter-attack damage. During the enemy's turn, it works the same way. If you say the correct emoji you will counter-attack, if a counter-attack is not possible, you will dodge. Run away works the same way, except you have to type the emoji button 3 times per 2 enemies (Rounded down), failing if you take too much time or misspell it, you never can run away in the first turn. Check: Gives detailed information about the enemy wasting your turn or an item in your inventory without wasting a turn, some enemies make expressions in flavor text showing how wounded they are. Techniques: Techniques learned in your journey that provide a helpful effect or change during the turn you use them. Joining the game: Type this in #general @Host [**Name** (Optional)] [**Gender:** Male/Female/They (Default) (Optional)]
  4. I played a lot of Don't Starve when it came out and never really played any DST since there wasn't a lot of features to use on it, but now that they've added a bunch of cool updates to the point where DST is actually larger than DS I was hoping to find a couple of people to play some co-op with. I'm looking for players in the UK (or nearby in the EU) who can use a mic and discord to speak. Also I was hoping for someone who is at least 17 years old to play with. Thanks
  5. WELCOME TO PINGUS NOOTIFUL RP! Featuring: Me, as the host and @Forte as the co-host! What is Pingus Nootiful RP? Pingus Nootiful RP is a DST text-rpg on Discord. We are currently a small, but friendly group. Abour our RP: Our RP is a text based, DST themed RP! You can roleplay as whatever you want! (OC's, DST characters, other characters) Our current group is: Abigail (DST) Webber (DST) Paxtonn (OC) Loke and Pumpko (OC) General (OC) How to join: Just send me a PM and i'll give you the link.
  6. When this game gets into release and becomes more popular as possibly the ability to mod the game. Should we have a discord for ONI? I think we should I mean why not, or is there one already? Can we already mod the game? I haven't looked into the files just yet.