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  1. So i've been thinking about diseased plants and how to prevent them, since sometimes we venture far from our bases not knowing when the disease will strike, and come back to find a bunch of bushes diseased and that's very inconvenient. Now i'm not saying remove the disease, i like this challenge element. But i'm suggesting to have an endgame item that warns you about it even when you're far from base. The Nature's Amulet. Similar design to the rest of the amulets but using a green gem to craft it. If worn (loses durability while worn) it will warn you if your plants are going to be diseased like 1-2 days ahead of time, so that if you're far from base you can make it back in time to prevent it from spreading.
  2. Hello! I'm pretty new to modding, and was wondering if it's possible to make items uncraftable when sanity is below a certain threshold? Later I would like to translate that to "dark energy" which is a custom meter that I made for my character. The code I've been fiddling around with: inst:DoPeriodicTask(5, function() local old = inst.replica.builder.CanLearn local de = inst.components.darkenergy:GetPercent() function inst.replica.builder:CanLearn(recname) if forbidden1 [recname] and de < .40 then return false elseif forbidden2 [recname] and de < .30 then return false elseif forbidden3 [recname] and de >=.40 then return old(self,recname) else return old(self,recname) end end end) I've gotten it to work where once de (dark energy) gets below 30, the recipes disappear, but I have issues with the recipes reappearing once de increases above 40. Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated!! Edit: I think I realized why the recipe won't reappear: they are taken out of the game until restart. Is there a way to lock recipes instead of taking them out completely?
  3. After almost a dozen days, I finished a character to near completion (with the exception of the speaking script) I added inst:RemoveTag("scarytoprey") + sanity and damage taken for killing rabbits and various other prey Now I've realized that I can drop a trap ontop of a rabbit, take him out, and murder him, with no penalty. (the eating part is penalized though) I've searched around to find a post made by @IronHunter which involved a sanity penalty for crafting anything in general. I'd rather specify which items crafted penalize this character. Specifically traps, but other things later down the line. If reasonable, penalties for placing a trap would be swell! Current code is
  4. I am looking for a line of code that will effect my custom character whenever he crafts something. I know the way this works right now in the game is that each separate item has a line of code that will effect your character depending on what he or she is crafting, but I wanted to know if there was a code to add this effect on everything. For an example, whenever my character crafts an item I want them to lose a bit of sanity.