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Found 3 results

  1. Is there a way to make the overworld have a different seasonal event than the caves world? (have the overworld on the christmas event, and the caves world on the halloween event) By the way, this actually happened to one of my worlds due to a bug, but I don't know how to reproduce it.
  2. Is there a way to have all the varieties of the berry bushes, saplings, and grasses in the same world at once? (have juicy berry bushes and regular berry bushes, twiggy trees and saplings, and grass tufts and grass geckos) I have had world where both twiggy trees and saplings were spawning, but not the juicy berry bushes or the grass geckos. Anyone know how to get all of them?
  3. Is there a way to properly delete the pre-spawned cave entrances/exits and spawn them elsewhere? I've tried to do this many times. I delete the original cave entrance. I then spawn a cave entrance about a screen-sized distance away from the original one. When I enter it, it I go to a florid postern in the cave. I then spawn a cave exit on top of the cave postern, but 95% of the time I teleport to spawn when I use the cave exit. Occasionally I am able to get the exit to link up to my new entrance, but if I try to delete the cave postern, the game crashes. I have been able to get them to link up properly in the past, but it don't know exactly what I did to make them work. Does anyone know how to properly make new synced cave entrances and exits?