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  1. I'm not sure where this could be posted, so I posted it in General section. If a mod decides this needs to be elsewhere, moving this topic would be much appreciated. So, this is where I kind of end with my topic creation for a while possibly (yaay to those who hate my content...). This topic is for discussing the subject of using mods as a means to test certain mechanics and propose them to Klei based on the feedback of the mechanics here, in hopes that Klei would make some changes that a lot of players could be happy about. There are many players who have different thoughts on what the game should have. The impacts of these mechanics may be unknown sometimes. With what I'm presenting here, I am hoping that I can kind of bring people to agreements more through factual testing of various game mechanics. Modding is the only way for us to do so. So, why not use that to decide what we would like within the game, see if we like something and then come to some consensus about what we would like changed within the game. I have created a file here to start this off, which you can check out here. I encourage others who are enthusiastic about modding to help this cause, if you like the idea, whether it be helping me or others with code, or simply making your own mod files that would act as some propositions to Klei as mechanical changes, which can also be tested by other players. I hope nothing here comes out as rude, because strangely the previous topic did. I intent to help us all out here with this, not just myself. Any constructive feedback in regards to this is welcome and appreciated! If you have any questions in regards to this, I will try to answer them if I can.
  2. I am not sure if I've included enough of what I wanted here. Most likely not. But I've delayed this for so long and I've taken hours writing this and I now that that it would be important to write at least about all of what I could gather and then post it, see how the game changes and then whatever will happen will happen. I am quite sure and I know many of us here are sure of this as well, that we'll be getting something to do with the portal sometime later. However, since developers have now started to work on fixes and some changes, I thought it would be the perfect time to post this, because lets be honest, the game needs a lot of changes, whether you agree with most of my points or not. Well, my last thread of "Things that should really be done before ANR is finished" didn't really get any attention from Klei... I don't really understand why, since most of the things mentioned there had a bunch of players agree with me and the changes suggested generally weren't overly difficult to implement, as far as I can recall. Well, in any case, this is the mega-thread that I've been talking about for the past weeks that I would be posting, with a bunch of changes that Klei should really put their minds to. Yes, this is long. There's even more good suggestions out there in the suggestion section for DST that Klei doesn't seem to be reading into really. Why? I have no idea. It seems only general section gets attention, although even when things are suggested, they aren't taken into account at all or for a very long time even if a LOT of players request it (the vote kick, Klei, the vote kick)! In any case, half of the stuff here isn't even hard to implement... In fact, some of these... well, I'll leave this to what my next thread will bring about, which is related to modding. Look out for that one, cause it will be quite important as well! So, all that said, I'm hoping that since they are making a lot of bug fixes and quite a bit of changes NOW, that this thread will have at least some impact to the game. Now that ANR is finished and all the puzzle stuff is done, I'm sure many could agree that it would be the best time for Klei to start making some more fixes and changes to the game that would improve the experience. Some of the ones listed here may be something that I've heard other members of the community discuss with or without me and others are simply my personal opinion. Further discussion is welcome here, as many of the suggestions here are of features that are untested, but I'll talk more about the few tested ones later... So, without further ado, here are things that the game could really do with improving: Newbie support and more challenge to the late-game players Renewability of items/objects/mobs/plants in the game Item/structure/object rebalances Things that need to DESAPWN!11!!!!!!111 Some miscellaneous things Griefing... Lastly, a few more suggestions by me and others that I think you should really look into in order to make your game more mechanically as well as aesthetically pleasing: Talking whilst running Abandoned bases, visual feature Snot bombs (I believe I made a topic about this, but I can't seem to find it... strangely, the search in suggestions section seems to be broken; searches don't pick up titles of suggestion topics) Critters being part of the wild Slurtle and Snurtle armour drop mechanics Petition to bring back the Old Bell In any case, these are a large portion of my thoughts on some of the content in the game. If anyone has any ideas on changes that have not been mentioned here, write them in this topic. I might add more points, but only by creating new posts, since this is long and having devs re-read it... they might not even read this once, thinking "tl;dr", which would be a shame @V2C you have my back, right? ... right?