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  1. Personally I feel like Wilson is super hard to draw. That is is why I want do this lil' self-improvement challenge where I draw a Wilson sketch every single day for 100 days. That sounds pretty easy right? Well it won't be, because there are a few rules that I need to follow. 1. I cannot use eraser (or white paint) 2. I cannot undo 3. I can't delete layers 4. If I miss a day, I will have to start over I will be posting every single drawing on this thread, starting today. Thanks to Michael Firman (@michaelfirman on twitter) for the inspiration to this challenge I HAVE NOW FINISHED THE WILSON CHALLENGE AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO IT WITH WX-78 INSTEAD
  2. I had been playing rog/shipwrecked on default settings for a few hundred days and wanted a bit more of a challenge. Default plus in rog is pretty interesting, and absolutely crazy with webber (; Seeing that there is no default plus option for shipwrecked, I decided to create my own challenging world. I originally began with changing the world settings to the same settings as default plus in rog, but that wasn't as interesting since you don't get the starting chests filled with loot. So then I removed all grass and trees from spawning in the world. If you would like to try it here are the world options: Boons: Lots Crates: Lots Saplings: Less Grass: None Berry Bushes: Less Trees: None Seaweed: Less Spiders: More Everything else is default. You will need to start your player with one Hammer, a Backpack, 10 Jungle Tree Saplings, and a Walking Cane. Whether you choose to do this through debug console or mods is up to you. I recommend using the mod: Custom Starting Inventory. If you want to use it, make sure random inventory is disabled, backpack, hammer, and walking cane are enabled, and jungle tree seeds is set to 10, with everything else disabled or set to 0. Playing as Webber is a wise choice, but not required. Yes, there are alot of rules to this challenge, but follow them and you will find a very different and captivating survival experience. The slot machine is your friend.
  3. Hi all, I wonder how much duplicants you can handle at a time in this current version of the game. I think that a decent base should have around 10 duplicants. But lets try to settle a new big colony! Good luck. My current record is 13 but it's easy to break.
  4. Okay so I know Klei isn't adding actual achievements to the game, but what I'm posting here is a list of personal achievements for those of you who would like something to do in the game, cause if you're like me, without new updates and stuff, this game can get repetitive and boring sometimes. How this works is that there is a Key which indicates how hard I personally think the challenges are. There is also a point system cause why not. You may look at this and use it as a sort of checklist, like "Yeah, I did that, that and that." or you can go ahead and start up a new game and world and see how many you can get done. I'm going to edit this list as I get new ideas and I have a lot to start off with already so bare with me. Most of these can be used for both Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together. (There is DST Exclusive ones however.) Suggestions for keeping track of your score: Copy Paste list into a word file, check off as you go and keep track of the score per each challenge completed. Hand write a list while playing and tick off mobs/times for mass collection/killing challenges, check off when complete and add to score. I RECOMMEND PLAYING WITHOUT MODS, SINCE MODS CAN MAKE SOME OF THESE EXTREMELY EASY. ***If anyone would like to make this into a mod, please feel free to contact me.*** Key: ♥ - Easy, 1 point. ♥♥ - Medium, 3 points. ♥♥♥ - Hard, 7 points. * Some may find tasks easier or harder based on experience level. Users who have help add to the list so far: @KoreanWaffles @Kzisor @VarsoZergy @Donke60 @Chris1488 @Arlesienne @Ninjanemo @Paxtonnnn @CaptainChaotica Edit (2017-02-06): Okay haven't been on here in awhile, had some other things come up in real life, but I'd like to bring attention to the post made by @Kzisor, whom took the time out of their day to make a more organized list, which you can download here in the direct quote: Thanks again for doing this for us Kzisor! For convenience of users who cannot download the file for any reason I'll still leave the original unedited list below. Basic Gameplay: Individual achievements for making the machines: Sticks and Stones: Built a Science Machine. ♥ Knowledgeable: Built an Alchemy Engine. ♥ May I have a Volunteer?: Built a Prestihatitator ♥ Forbidden Knowledge: Built a Shadow Manipulator ♥♥ Map Maker: Build a cartography machine ♥♥ Weather Forecaster: Build a Temperature Gauge and a Weather Gauge ♥♥ Individual achievements for finding things like Pigmen, the Pig King, etc: Hamless Enough: Found a Pigman ♥ Take a Bath!: Found the Pig King ♥♥ He's so Fluffy: Found Glommer. ♥♥ Fish are NOT Friends: Found the Merm. ♥ Eye for an Eye: Found Tallbirds ♥ Tracker: Tracked a Koalefant ♥ Found Him!: Acquire Chester's Eyebone ♥ Big Game Hunter: Track down a Varg or Ewecus ♥♥ Individual Achievements for finding areas like Caves and Ruins: Spelunker: Entered the Caves ♥♥ Architect: Discovered the Ruins ♥♥ Explorer: Uncover every biome on the surface ♥♥ Cave Dweller: Explore every biome in the Caves ♥♥ Exploration Mastery: Complete exploration of all maps without the help of friends. ♥♥ Individual achievements for killing a certain amount of mobs. (Time Consuming): Exterminator: Killed 250 Spiders. ♥ Mmm... Bacon: Killed 50 Pigmen. ♥♥ Fish Sticks: Killed 50 Merm ♥♥ I Know Where This is Going: Killed 20 Tentacles ♥♥ Bug Spray: Killed 50 Misquotes. ♥♥ Bad Dog: Killed 50 Hounds. ♥♥♥ Cold Dog: Killed 5 Blue Hounds ♥♥♥ Hot Dog: Killed 5 Red Hounds ♥♥♥ Do You Like Science?: Killed 100 Rabbits ♥ What's Your Beef?: Killed 50 Beefalos ♥♥ Get Off My Lawn!: Killed 50 Birds ♥ Hickory Dickory Dock: Killed 25 Clockwork ♥♥♥ It's a Delicacy: Killed 50 Frogs ♥ Thanks Giving: Killed 10 Gobblers ♥♥ Hunter: Killed 5 Koalefants ♥♥ Plucked Feathers: Killed 25 Pengulls ♥♥ Lumberjack: Killed 5 Tree Guards ♥♥ Hunting Mastery: Kill one of every creature in the game. ♥♥♥ Not the BEES!: Killed 1000 bees ♥♥♥ Nevermore: kill 30 crows ♥♥ The Power of Light: Killed 5 Shadow Creatures with a torch ♥♥ Matador: Use an enemy Rook to kill 5 Clockworks ♥♥♥ Individual achievements for killing any of the bosses for the first time. You're Getting Coal...: Killed Klaus ♥♥♥ One Eyed, Two Horned...: Killed the Deerclopse ♥♥♥ That's one Dragon: Killed the Dragonfly. ♥♥♥ It's a Goose... and a Goose!: Killed Goose/Goose ♥♥♥ Left, Right, Straight Ahead...: Killed the Ancient Guardian ♥♥♥ That's a Big Bear!: Killed the Bearger ♥♥♥ What's the Buzz?: Killed the Bee Queen ♥♥♥ Nope.: Killed the Spider Queen ♥♥♥ Ain't No Princess...: Killed the Toadstool ♥♥♥ Warrior: Killed All the Bosses Listed ♥♥♥ Individual achievements for Crafting Items: Get to Work: Make one of every tool. (Pickaxe, Shovel, etc.) ♥ Fashionable: Make 5 different wearable items ♥ Ready for a Fight: Make a Spear and Log Armor ♥ It Won't Fit in My Pocket: Make a knapsack ♥ What a Load Of...: Make a Bucket O' Poop ♥♥ Following the Title: Make a Crockpot ♥ Yer a Wizard, Wilson...: Make any of the magical staffs. ♥♥♥ "hey guise where base": Placed a fire pit ♥ Pseudoscientist: Craft an Ancient item ♥♥♥ Culinary Mastery: Cook every Crock Pot Recipe ♥♥♥ Landscaper: Craft 5 tiles ♥ Bee Keeper: Craft 5 bee boxes ♥ I can smell the world: Make Moggles ♥♥ Musician: Build a one man band ♥♥ Do you like waffles?: Prepare a delicious waffle in the crock pot ♥♥ Activities and Challenges: Learning the Ropes: Died 25 times in total. ♥ Traveler: Walked 10,000 steps. ♥♥ Practice: Played for 10 hours. ♥ I Like This Game: Played for 24 hours ♥ I Know My Stuff: Played for 80+ Hours ♥♥ Oh, I say!: Equipped a Top Hat, Dapper Vest, and Walking Cane ♥♥ Did You Even Read the Title?: Starved to Death ♥ Sleeping Beauty: Pricked your finger on a rose and died ♥♥ Holes: Dug up 25 twig plants, 25 grass plants, and 25 berry bush plants ♥ Friend or Foe?: Killed a Pigman ♥ You Mad Man: Forced a Pigman to turn into a Werepig ♥ Fish are Food: Killed a Merm ♥♥ Follow the Leader: Had more than one Mandrake follow you at the same time ♥♥ Hibernation: Slept through winter ♥♥ Insomnia: Haven't slept in a full year ♥♥ I'm Used to it: Remain Insane for 25 days in a row ♥♥ (Only 1 point if using Maxwell only if you summon 2 shadow minions) Clear Conscious: Don't drop below 25% max sanity for 45 days straight ♥♥ (If using Maxwell that's 25% of your starting Max Sanity, not the max sanity after summoning minions.) Survivor: Go a full Year without dying ♥♥ Grave Robber: Dig up 25 graves ♥ Better him than me: Find 10 Corpses ♥ Curiosity killed the Scientist: Inspect 100 different items ♥♥♥ Death Wish: Build your base in the Swamp! ♥♥ Savager: Never set up a base. ♥♥ It's High Noon: Picked 25 Tumble Weeds ♥ Building an Economy: Traded 25 items to the Pig King ♥♥ Classic: Die to Darkness Charlie ♥ Burn!: Accidentally Burn a creature's loot ♥ Fisher: Catch a Fish or Eel ♥ Farmer: Place a farm, grow a crop, and harvest it ♥ Cute Fuzzy Animal: Befriend a Critter ♥ Happy Winter's Feast!: Grow a festive tree and wrap a present ♥ Chester's Makeover: Upgrade Chester ♥♥ Resouce Variance: Obtain Grass from a Grass Gekko, Twigs from a Twiggy Tree, Rocks from a Petrified Tree, and Juicy Berries from a Juicy Berry Bush. ♥♥ Kiting 101: Slay a giant with melee and take no damage ♥♥♥ Gifts of the Walrus: Obtain both the Tam o' Shanter and Walking Cane ♥♥ It Came From the Moon: Obtain the Moon Caller's Staff ♥♥♥ Timeless: Acquire the Potato Cup ♥♥♥ Checkmate: Defeat all three Shadow Pieces ♥♥♥ Mommy!: Raise a Tallbird ♥♥♥ Landscape Designer: Replace 5 tiles. ♥ Bee Domestication: Destroy all wasp nests on the map and replace them with bee boxes. ♥♥♥ Spider Warlord: While wearing the spider hat, cause a great spider war. ♥♥♥ Pacifist: Don't Kill anything for a year ♥♥ Pleasing Mother Nature: Pacify 10 Treeguards. ♥ Violence not necessary!: Defeat any boss by using alternative means to kill them. ♥♥♥ King of Winter: Make a custom World That's Winter year round (or go actually play King of Winter in the base game), and survive the full year ♥♥♥ Dancing with the Shadows: Try your luck in the darkness and see how long you can go without butting heads with Charlie. Equip a torch before she strikes. Achieve this 10 times across 10 different nights ♥ I should not have done that: Destroy the ancient pseudoscience station ♥♥♥ A round of Fisticuffs: Kill a Pigman with your bare live hands ♥♥ Battle Mage: Kill a boss mob only using staves ♥♥♥ 9 lives: Resurrect yourself nine times in a single game ♥♥♥ PRAISE!: Place a Potato Cup trinket in your base ♥ The Almighty: Place a Gnome trinket in your base ♥ Bride and Groom: Place a male and female gnome trinket next to each other in your base ♥♥ New Friends: Recruit a Pigman, Bunnyman, or rock lobster, etc ♥ A Sane Move: Hop into a wormhole ♥ The Beefalo Whisperer: Domesticate a Beefalo 100%. ♥♥♥ Nothing To Sneeze At: Kill a Ewecus without the help of other players or pigmen ♥♥♥ Trinket Collector: Collect one of every trinket in the game on a single map ♥♥ Chess Master: Build a human size chess set with the appropriate amount of pieces for both the light and the dark side ♥♥♥ Spiderman: Wear a spider hat ♥♥ Bear Grylls: Eat any raw meat ♥ You underestimate the power of The Dark Side: Die from a shadow creature ♥♥ Dark side of the moon: Stand under the shadow of a meteor for 2 seconds ♥♥♥ I like to live life dangerously: Kill a hostile mob whilst only having one health left ♥♥♥ Diamonds Are Forever: Get enough gems to arrange them into shapes like hearts for decoration ♥♥♥ Blood Diamond: Kill a snurtle/Slurtle or a moleworm who is eating a gem or thulecite ♥♥♥ Frozen Empire: Freeze 25 creatures with an Ice Staff ♥♥ Frozen the Leader: Become frozen while having followers. Does not include creatures which follow you because you have their item in your inventory ♥♥ Surviving Poverty: Without using any science survive an entire year. (As Wickerbottom, do not use any advanced technologies that other characters do not have access to use.) ♥♥♥ Diamonds Aren't Forever: Die with a gem in your inventory ♥ Clockwork Tinkerer: Repair 3 broken Clockworks ♥♥ Ancient warrior: Use all the ancient kit, thulecite crown, suit and club ♥♥♥ Don't Starve Together: Social: Joined a Klei server ♥ Party Crasher: Join a random Player Hosted server ♥ You're invited: Host a Server ♥ 3's a Crowd: Play with 3 or more people on any given server ♥ Water Fight: Soaked 5 different players with water balloons ♥♥ Self Defense: Killed 5 players in a row in PvP ♥♥ Gladiator: Killed 25 players in a row in PVP ♥♥♥ Overlord: Killed 100+ Players in a row in PVP ♥♥♥ Medic!: Revived 5 Players with a Telltale Heart ♥♥ It's a Lot Easier With Friends: Survive a Year with 1 or more other players ♥ A Haunting Feeling...: Haunt 35 different items ♥♥ Possessed: Haunt 5 different mobs ♥♥ Fries With That?: Cook a unique crockpot meal for everyone in your server ♥♥ Twinning: Play a game with 2 of the same character ♥ Fresh Threads: Build a closet and use it to change your clothes ♥ Teamwork: Use 2 character skills together (EX: Wickerbottom to get food for Wolfgang so he can be a killing machine) ♥ Reflection: Play a game with Maxwell and William Carter. (The unshadowed skin, this is also optional and has no scoring since certain skins are hard to get for some.) Setting Differences Aside: Play a game with Maxwell and Wilson ♥ Circus act: Play a game with Wes and Wolfgang ♥ Lost: Place a sign ♥ Loner: Survive on your own, even with other players on the server ♥♥ Hunting Party: Bring a friend on a hunt, and successfully kill. ♥ The gang's all here...: Play on a server with at least 6 different characters ♥♥♥ Old Mother Hubbard: Set the world resources to very little and survive the year with a friend ♥♥♥ We come bearing gifts: Open a present at the Science Machine ♥ Old Feud: As in the old days, win to Maxwell in PvP as Wilson ♥♥ Demolishing Innsmouth: Destroy all rundown house ♥♥ I don't Need to Get My Hands Dirty: Have your friends kill everything for you up to a total of 30 mobs ♥♥ It's Not My Hair: Craft a meat effigy while not being Wilson ♥♥ Eat Your Food: Force feed a player. ♥ Old McDonald: Wear any kind of overalls and a straw hat, while holding a pitchfork ♥♥ By the nick of time...: Revive while the countdown for world reset is less than 10 seconds while playing Don't Starve Together ♥♥ Brains Vs. Brawn: Kill a player without physically attacking them. (Throwable items and Staffs also excluded.) ♥♥♥ Geography Teacher: Made a map using the cartography table for at least one other player ♥♥ Character Specific Challenges: Wilson Scientist: Build a Science and Alchemy Engine as Wilson ♥ You Shall Not Starve!: Grow your beard out to it's full majestic potential ♥ Clean Shaven: Don't grow a beard for a year (Shave when it first starts) ♥♥ Challenging Beliefs: Inspect a Ghost as Wilson ♥♥ Witch Doctor: Build and use 5 Meat Effigies ♥♥ Survive a full Year as Wilson ♥♥♥ Willow Rehab: Go a full season without setting anything on fire ♥ Smokey's Disappointed: Start 5 wildfires at low sanity ♥ Lump of Charcoal: Burn 100 trees ♥ Cleansed in Fire: Burn 50 mobs to death ♥♥ I didn't Know it Moved: Distracted a Shadow Monster with Burnie ♥♥ Survive a full year as Willow ♥♥♥ Wolfgang Well Fed: Keep a full belly for 25 days ♥♥ Going Hungry: survive 45 days on 105 hunger or less ♥♥♥ Concur Your Fear: Play with low light sources ♥ Show-off: Kill 50 mobs in Mighty Form ♥ Gentle Giant: Don't kill anything for 45 days ♥ Survive a full year as Wolfgang ♥♥♥ Wendy Fighting Girl: Try to Fight EVERYTHING. (Kill at least 25 mobs without Abigail) ♥♥♥ Working Against the Tides: Be on the borderline of going insane for 15 days ♥♥ Downer: Inspect 25 items as Wendy ♥ Extreme Measures: Kill yourself to summon Abigail ♥♥ Moving On: Burn Abigail's Flower ♥ Survive a full year as Wendy ♥♥♥ WX-78 Picky Eater: Don't eat any spoiled or rotten foods for 45 days ♥♥ Downgrade: Don't upgrade with gears and survive for 45 days ♥♥ Mobile Lightning Rod: Get hit by lighting 5 Times ♥♥ Never Strikes Twice: Get hit by lighting in the same area twice ♥♥♥ System Faiulure: Avoid getting hit by lightning for 25 days ♥♥♥ System MAXED: Fully upgrade WX-78 ♥♥♥ Survive a full year as WX-78 ♥♥♥ Wickerbottom Page Turner: Don't use any of her books for 45 days ♥ Dunce: Don't craft without a Science Machine or Alchemy Engine ♥♥ Bookworm: Abuse the books, try not to go insane. 25 Days ♥♥ Unhealthy: Eat only stale food for 30 days ♥♥ Pied Piper: Force Yourself to sleep with the pan flute or a mandrake ♥♥♥ Lightning Mastery: Use 'End is Nigh' book while standing in base to light your lightning rods ♥♥ Survive a full year with Wickerbottom ♥♥♥ Woodie Betrayal: Use a gold axe to cut down 30 trees instead of Lucy ♥♥ Self restraint: Go 25 days without cutting trees ♥♥ Axe Wielder: Fight with Lucy only. Kill 30 mobs. ♥♥ Like a Corny Movie: Only Transform with the Full Moon ♥♥ It's not a Phase: Stay as a Werebeaver for 5 days straight ♥♥♥ Survive a full year as Woodie ♥♥♥ Wes Party Time!: Make 100 balloons in total ♥ It's a Serious Profession: Don't use your Balloons and kill 50 mobs ♥♥ Sudden Scary Surprise: Kill yourself with the balloons ♥♥ Keep Up: Try to keep your hunger and sanity full or almost full for 25 days ♥♥♥ Putting on a Show: Inspect 25 items as Wes ♥ Popping Power: Kill a mob with Wes's balloons ♥♥ Survive a full year as Wes ♥♥♥ Maxwell You and What Army?: Spawn 2 Shadow Warriors at once ♥♥ Manual Labor: Once you summon a Miner and Chopper don't build anymore axes or pickaxes, have your minions do the work for you. Collect 150 logs and 150 rocks in total through your minions ♥ Self Portrait: Inspect a Maxwell Statue as Maxwell ♥ Never Again: Ditch the Codex for a year. ♥♥♥ Haven't you learned your lesson?: Build a Shadow Manipulator as Maxwell ♥♥ Stolen Knowledge: Read every book at least once. ♥ Puppet Master: Have your Shadow Duelest kill 5 enimes on it's own ♥♥ Survive a full year as Maxwell ♥♥♥ Wigfrid Improvising: Use a normal spear instead of the starting one ♥ Tough Like a Warrior: Only eat monster meat for 15 days ♥♥ For honor!: Cull an entire Beafalo herd ♥♥ A True Actor: Make a Berry Hat and surprise a Gobbler ♥♥ The Brotherhood: Lead a group of at least 3 pigmen into battle ♥ Survive a full year as Wigfrid ♥♥♥ Webber Silky Smooth: Grow you beard to it's full potential ♥ Outcast: Don't befriend the spiders ♥♥ Like a Beast: Only eat monster foods ♥♥ Mother Dearest: Hang out with a Spider Queen ♥ Infested: Add the spider eggs to an existing spider nest ♥ Spiderception: Wear a spider hat as Webber ♥♥ Survive a year with Webber ♥♥♥ TOTAL: ~807 POINTS *I may have miscounted, there's a lot here to count. **No shipwrecked goals, tried to keep it so you can do most of these in both games. (This also means I will not accept achievements for things such as posting on the forms, or editing the wiki. These are GAME SPECIFIC ONLY.) And that's all I have for now! Feel free to comment on what you think. Again this isn't a suggestion to add achievements to the game, just a list of things for you to try and do to add some challenge to the game again. I will take suggestions and ideas and update this list as I get more to add. I hope you enjoy.
  5. Welcome to here! Right here! Are you ready to accept my challenge? Okay then!!! (NO? WHY NOT? ) All you need to do is to power your fantasy and positive at maximum and continue the comic I am leaving here! I will be very happy to see how many people change DS Characters' fate! >:D You will need just to tell who will be after who, so there won't be any faults, errors and etc... And you need to draw the continuing part of comic, and there you go, we have many generations of art, humor and feelings. Maybe something else. You can make ANY situation you want! We really will be glad to see it here! Go ahead! Try it! You must draw the continue. I DOESN'T matter how long it could be. As about spoilers, I don't really want to know what the WILL be. I just want to SEE it. Get it? You can do anything, for your though, what the character will do next and what will happen next. Below I will tell who will be after who, okay? ovo Do you have any questions? :'D I SAID NOW!!! So, let's do this! :
  6. Hey everyone how are you doing today? I will be starting the challenge proposed to me by my stream viewers. I have been challenged to last 1,000 days on default plus mode without any touchstones. They allowed me to make the map size huge, nothing else will be changed.I would like everyone to vote for who i play in the challenge. the only restriction is Maxwell as i have yet to unlock him. i am going to post tomorrow when the stream is up and give about a 15 minute grace period for viewers of the stream to vote as well but i want to get the voting rolling here and now. so your choices are;WilsonWillowWolfgangWendyWicker bottomWx-78 (is that his name?)WesTop vote getter will be the one i play ! cant wait to start this challenge i will go for at least and i mean AT LEAST 6 hours of play tomorrow. hope to see you all there link for pole
  7. Hey, I just thought of a cool challenge! Winter Survival! The only thing you will be changing is Food, Climate, and Animals. The rest can be changed freely.Beginner: Default Food, Long Winter.Survivor: Low Food, Only Winter, Default Animals.Adventurer: Low Food, Only Winter, Low Animals.Insane: No Food, Only Winter, Low Animals.Try it! If you love my idea, recommend more challenges.
  8. Is there a way to save the map or re use it? I like when I'm given the option to choose to play it hard or make it easier. The spirit of the game might be yours, but how I want to play it, is mine
  9. Just a question. I was wondering if that's the average and what not, because that's how long I survived on my first character. I would have lived longer, but I didn't realize something was ACTUALLY coming when Wilson kept saying "Did you hear that?"
  10. Well, today I released a video on my Youtube channel ( and during the video I made a challenge. The challenge is shown during the video so check it out and if you want to participate in the challenge then do a video, send it to me as a video response and then I will list it! See who can survive the longest! Trust me, it is extremely hard! Watch me, have a crack at it first for the best chances. Hope to see some of you participating and see you on the other side!RegardsSirHughzus
  11. I don't really see the point in allowing the player to attack Chester. I will sometimes be trying to store tools inside Chester and accidentally wasting the durability of the tool and beating my pet. Is there any way that Klei can disable attacking Chester?
  12. FIRST OF ALL. HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMAN. DO YOU THINK YOUR GAME IS TOO EASY? NO PROBLEM, LET'S MAKE IT A LITTLE BIT HARDER This mod changes these files: What does this MOD change? Well: [*] Less health [*] Larger stomach [*] More chances to go insane [*] More insanity effects range (Screen) [*] Monsters with more health [*] Wilson is a little bit weaker No pics, no clicks?
  13. i was thinking about having a little more variety in this game (when it comes to food) Having large game included in this game would be interesting to see (in my opinion) maybe something like a deer could be added to the game. Large game could result in more amounts of food, but would be much more difficult to acquire just an idea