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  1. This goes for DS singleplayer as well.
  2. I haven't posted anything on these forums for a very long time, but im back for some reason. I think a cool and hip idea for shipwrecked would be to add whirlpools. These would spawn similarly to caves, and slowly suck the player towards them in the ocean. Upon entering the whirlpool, the character would be spit out upside down through a swirling pool into the area. The area would be like a cave, but underwater themed. Exiting the cave would involve the character jumping back into the pool, and being spit back out into nearby water. A little more outlandish, but perhaps the character could find an item in these caves (maybe turn them into a murfolk) that would allow them to walk under water into an aquatic themed biome mirroring the water parts of the world. This would probably be a ton of work though, and could be an expansion in itself. Maybe call it "The Abyssal Depths"
  3. Greetings. I recently helped make a character, and everything works fine, but the game crashes after selecting the character if the caves are generated. It's a problem I have been trying to fix for a while now, but can't seem to work out why it's happening. any help would be appreciated. Here is the client log:
  4. Good day! Can someone please help me? I've been working on this Character Mod Scarlia for a month now. Since this is still my first mod and am still trying to figure things out, I've run to another problem that I don't know how to fix (again.): My character has her own flower and Abigail. When entering the caves, the flower drops and is left at the entrance and/or the ghost completely disappears. Because I still haven't figured out how to get the Flower to appear on the map or how to craft Abigail (in my Mod called "Best Friend"), I've just left it that way. Is there a coding I'm missing? What do I need to add or edit in my .lua files to have this not happen? Attached my .lua and prefab files Thank you so much for anyone who may offer their help on this... scarlia_ghost_flower.lua scarlia_none.lua scarlia.lua scarlia_ghost.lua modmain.lua modinfo.lua
  5. Hello. I have dedicated server with Forrest+caves. Is there any way to reset or better to regenerate CAVES only, with old forrest server. Thanks for help, if any.
  6. I kind of want to see rulers for the Merms and Bunnymen, maybe they could offer items to the players depending on what you trade for them. For King Bunnyman, offer him various crops and he'll give you things like bunnypuffs or steel wool, and maybe even shroom skin. Queen of the Lagoon would give you mosquito sacks, reeds, tentacle spikes, and spots for pig skins and meat.
  7. Hello everyone! Dannyrulx here, and I'll be bringing back one of my older RP's because I can. Seriously. I had appendicitis, my appendix burst, I had to stay in hospital, the RP died. It was sad, yes, but now it returns! Summons to: @Shonex @MenaAthena @KidneyBeanBoy @Derpime Those were all the oldies! You don't have to use your original characters; Lord knows I 'ain't. For all the rules and a bit of backstory, check out the original RP here: So! Onto character creation! Of course I didn't use Unending and Wave after Wave's one! Who would do that?! Name: Race: History (if you want to keep a secret, that's fine.): Personality: Appearance: Strengths: Weaknesses: Etc:
  8. Greetings, I am currently in the middle of trying to figure out how to fix my slave server as it's not letting anyone enter the caves. It may be the batch file, settings, something else that may be affecting it and I just cannot figure it out. settings.ini log.txt Startup code for server Slave Server Batch file code.txt
  9. My idea was that on world generation, it generates the normal overworld island, which is generally all connected up, and a second, maybe third (ruins) island, that has only caves biomes, effectively making the cave and overworld right by each other, but just out of sight. The sinkhole functions as a wormhole to these islands, with the correct textures, and prefabs of course. (Something like, OnUse CaveEntrance goto CaveRope. I know approximately no lua and no prefabs.) But enemies there could not pass back through, except batilisks. At dusk the batilisks from the cave empty out to the overworld, instead of more spawning (I figured this is easier to do, but also easier to manage, which is BAD). There would be two types of each cave turf, but when dug default to the light one in overworld, and the darkness one in caves (Stupid, but works) The light one follows the day cycle, and would be used to simulate daylight cracks. Earthquakes could be replaced by meteors (See Minable Gems mod), and in Winter, drop Icicles/Different Glaciers. The abyss is probably impossible in this way, but what do I know? The non-light turf has a tag in the prefab.lua such as Inst:AddTag("dark"), which makes it so it is always dark above this, and does not follow the rules of the clock. Going through this "wormhole" could also disable your clock, and separate chat to the island you're currently on, and vice versa. Extended Map Generation, for example, spawns the biomes on the overworld "island", but the simple fix would surely be to move them away, make the turf dark above, and connect with new cave entrances. The inventory items of the dug up turfs would switch on leaving the cave, but when dug Prefab 1 (daylight affected ground) it switches to Prefab 2 (dark ground) in caves, but when you leave the cave, Prefab 2 in your inventory, switches to Prefab 1, to be placed in overworld. It therefore switches back when you go back in. However, for the multiplayer aspect, a boss in the caves could be a new con, to prevent multiple players going in and tanking spiders so it can only hit one of them at a time, making their lethalness, absolutely irrelevant, as 6 players could take 1 hit each, rather than one player taking six. Horrible idea most likely but just a suggestion! EDIT: Ancient Altars should be unbreakable, as they can not be replaced, and thulecite should be craftable to make up for multiple players using it. (1 moonrock + 2 gold = 1 thulecite for example)
  10. If you enter the caves during a full moon (at least the 1st of the pair) and remain down there throughout the cycle (although it may be just till that night is completed) all flowers of the world turn evil and remain so even after saving and quitting.
  11. It was the mid 60s. This was during the Cold War, only something went horribly, horribly wrong. The Nuclear bombs detonated all over the Earth, driving some to madness. Others survived on ancient magic and witchcraft. Finally, some lived in bunkers, deep below the Earth. Though one man was all three. His name? Maxwell, A.K.A William Carter. Very few survived on the island above his isolation. Some were mutations, such as Beefalo, Koalephants, and Jackelopes. Others just thrived, and became larger predators, such as the Spiders and Tallbirds, which gained monocular vision. Meanwhile, the hounds were pets who went feral. Many ships wrecked, leaving few survivors. Some other vehicles crashed. Some were part of an ancient tribe long since gone. Meanwhile, some arrived do to... otherworldly means. Whatever the case, there were some surviving humans. And they needed to go underground, and then, survive. Character Sheet: Name: Gender: Bio: (Optional) Physical Description: ---------------- Health: 100/100 Sanity: 100/100 Hunger: 100/100 (Note: If specified in abilities, these can change.) ---------------- Abilities Positive: Negative: ---------------------------------------- With the abilities, make sure to give a description of the ability. Try to make a balanced character.
  12. Hey there guys, I've started a lets play on the game, and I'd really love it if you'd check it out, maybe drop down a like or something,that'd really help me out.The entire lets play is on Original/1080p QualityStart of the series - tell me whatçha thing about the video in the comments section! Thanks :)Giveaway - 1x copy of the game!How to enter - Watch the video, like it, and comment on it! If I see that there are lots of people active and watching, I'll choose one random comment from the most recentepisode, and will contact them on claiming their prize! Good luck!Second giveaway - another copy!Once we reach our goal, we'll give out the first copy, then after 100' more likes, we'll give out another one! Double your chances of wining!For more giveaways and such from our channel, visit SmiteMedia*Want to increase your chances of winning? Comment & like on every single video of the series! The playlist - Part 2 3 4 5 6
  13. we all know that the caves are still in progress status, but what will come if they finished?this thread is there to collect ideas what klei could make after they finished the underground.also i think we will eventually get to enter the ocean or an desert or djungle biome?what do you expect?
  14. Just because the beta is over doesn't mean we're done. We've put together a very special trailer for our introduction of caves. Enjoy NOTE: The Caves are still extremely early, and we are showing pre-Alpha content. As we continue to update the game, the Caves will fill out into a lively world for all to enjoy http-~~-//
  15. In this video I briefly explore the underground cave because I'm scared.
  16. Hi guys. You all know there's a new trailer. There are some puzzles. I know it by this... Look at my post. There is bold, yeah? But i didn't use a bold to type this. And I didn't edited my post. I'm thinking of a Winter's Tale Puzzle. It's similar. http-~~-// I found a strange noise on 0.46. I can't find anything else. A new Cat and Mouse game started. PS Sry for my eng. (Hey, it's me, Snob. Sorry for the edit, and the quote repost spam, hope you don't mind!) IN A NUTSHELL
  17. Hello everybody! I'm going to be starting a new world with the updated client, attempting to survive in the caves for as long as possible. I'll be playing until I master this new and dangerous environment as my favorite character, Wickerbottom. Come stop by and say hello! Any advice or commentary on my progress would be most welcome, you could even join me on skype if you want to really join me for the ride.'s the link for my twitch page, so check it out - I'll be starting the stream soon!
  18. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform ChromeVersion Number - Issue title Codes In-Screen? Steps to reproduce I was playing and they appeared without known provocation. Describe your issue ^picture. (It will be taken down after 3 days due to temporary upload)
  19. if you get near any of these caves 5hounds will come then 3 then 0 (they will respawn over time like the pigs) every 20 seconds they come out of the cave if your close enough the only way to destroy a cave is by using a pickaxe when destroyed yields 8rocks 8flint 3hound teeth (can only be found in rocky terrain)