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  1. I felt the need to remake the dead topic revealing all skins as of now since skins are coming soon, feel free to leave your suggestions below I'm sorry that the pictures aren't the same sizes, I'll try my best to keep this thread active with skin reveals! WIlson: Willow: Wolfgang: Wendy: WX-78: Wickerbottom: Woodie: Wes: Maxwell: Wigfrid: Webber: Misc.
  2. I'm guessing, Boss, some type of cave update, and a new weapon, plus they still gotta do something with the Shadow Atrium.
  3. =Wallander Thomas Sykes - The Beastly Barber= Workshop Page Download Page [This is an in development mod, updates will be posted here on progress, new features, and hotfixes] Description: "A seasoned barber whose life had gone awry, Wallander Thomas Sykes, known by Wilson as "Snickety Tom", joins our morbid cast of characters, who curiously inquire about the nature of this newcomer. Questions arise to be answered with the arrival of this beastly barber and his perilous past." Stats: Health: 125 Hunger: 225 Sanity: 100 Perks: *A particularly skilled "Barber" Wallander's past is veiled in mystery. Though his dialogue may demystify some of it. He spawns with an Heirloom Razor Scale, an ornate handle with which he can craft razors for combat. *Balances Humanity and Animosity While at High sanity, he gains damage resistance due to his cautious nature and expertise in defensive combat, at Low Sanity, he becomes careless, his damage resistance drops massively, but also gains increased attack power and running speed. At completely zero sanity, he gains nightvision and becomes immune to Charlie's attacks until he regains sanity. *Has a voracious Hunger and Predatory Instincts Wallander's not afraid to eat what he can to survive, but he'll need to eat a lot due to increased hunger drain. At 15% Hunger or less, Sanity drains much more quickly due to regressing to his predatory instincts Trivia: *Voiced by a Pizzicato Bass Thanks to: Dleowolf for their "Extended Sample Character Mod" Found here X Akiru for code that helped with creating the Predatory Instincts perk Griffin for being my main modtester and vet to bounce ideas off of ZupAlex for help with Spriter and various bits of code Stephen Songheim for the wonderful broadway musical that inspired this mod to begin with Lumina for help with coding the Heirloom Scale
  4. Klei... Don't Starve Together is one of the best games I have ever played..... I have played on PC since the Together version of the game has come out, and although the community on PC is fantastic I decided to switch to PS4 to enjoy the game with close friends. Since I have played on PS4 ... let me tell you there are many bugs I should have posted a while ago but I thought for sure they woud've been fixed by now but they haven't been. I am no longer able to play Don't Starve Together on the PS4 because I can't even load in the game. It's only day 500 and every single time I come up from the caves the server crashes for me. As well as any other player who enters the cave (Anyone can enter but if they come up they disconnect). When people come up from the caves they crash including the host (around a 10% chance for host and 95% crash chance for other players). The connection is fine.. speed tests run 70mbps.. it doesn't matter what the connection is as I have tested it on a variety of systems and speed tests it is the console game itself. On patch 1.09 I definitely hoped these crashes would be fixed... Patch 1.09 added christmas and content from the Reign Beta which made these disconnects even worse. It seems that the more items that are around any cave entrance when a player comes up the worse it gets. Since Patch 1.09 i am no longer able to play the game because when i spawn in on the world I immediately disconnect as I am currently in the process coming up from the caves (100% disconnect chance). Adding more items onto console is fantastic and I have waited for the content to come forth on console but new content is no good if I cannot even play the game. I shut off my PS4.. I closed the app, I had the host close the app, host shut off the PS4 reconnect to Wifi... etc.. etc.. etc.. but I can no longer play. After spending so much time in the world and having such a blast all my work has gone for nothing if this problem cannot be resolved.... This problem is just one of the many that occurs... The combat system forces attacks on enemies that have the most recent attack on you preventing you from finishing off mobs and the lagg that occurs when a vast amount of items in any certain area are laying on the ground or where structures are built. Also.. coming up from the caves just normally even without a disconnect is a disaster as the bats almost killed me because i am still in the loading screen but as on another players screen it says i'm up from the caves but I have no control. The hound traps are very difficult to reset... the lazy forager is force used before having the option to reset the traps which is inconvenient and as well you cannot cook food on crockpots with the lazy forager equipped. Catching butterflies and picking flowers are also inconvient with the button layouts because instead of catching a butterfly to plant a flower i'm picking up the flowers and in the end i'm just wasting resources...The lagg is a real problem on console and I have proof that it is not my connection but a reasonable guess that is is simply the amount of items that are trying to be loaded so quickly that causes the lagg's and the disconnects. As of Patch 1.09 I am no longer able to play on the server that I started with friends and unfortunately I am very upset that instead of fixing these problems they added more content to make it even worse! :-(!!! I hope you can fix some of these problems.
  5. I'm I allowed to stream don't starve since I'm now opted in the beta? like the recent beta as a tester.?
  6. I can't get my steam key from chrome because it says that I can't get a key if I have not bought it from the Chrome store. I have done so, and still it woun't work =(
  7. Hello all, I think we should thank the developers, at least I will. This has been great game and I am sure that it will just get better. I know I went on a rant earlier about Wolfgang being weaker (he is weaker =) but I have to say that this game has been one of the funnest I have played. Also I think you should ask for more money for it because personalty I have logged way more hours on this game then I have on most others, and I have played quite a few. This game is worth way more then what people are paying for it. I could have sent an email I guess but I did not know where to send it.
  8. Why the demo version is the latest (Don't Starve Beta 70861) and the steam is not? (Don't Starve Beta 70828) And how i can get full 70861 version on steam?
  9. Hardcore challenge with Willow I was also very interested in trying to play the game in a hardcore way. I didn't want to craft any item and see how far I could go, and therefore I chose Willow who is the only character (to my knowledge) that allows to survive without crafting anything. What I don't like with crafting a torch is that it can be used as a weapon. Without it you either have to fight with your fists (ctrl + click) or to find a tentacle (quite challenging!). I had never used the new map generator before and I had to kill my previous character to do so :'( Here is my world after 21 days of survival After 12-13 days I had pretty much discovered all the map following the coast. But it felt still too easy so I went back and tried to discover the inside parts as well. As you can see I managed it except for the highly dangerous swamps. I didn't feel like doing an extra trip inside, just to discover... more swamps. The path was linear except for two bridges between zones 3 and 4. I didn't realized it was that linear before I got the whole picture! As in potatoe's map the beefalos' area was at the very end and I think it would have been very hard to play it in a "regular" way. If I think of a newbie player it must be very frustrating to see items that require manure and not being able to find it. I think at least 10 days of intensive search would be required to find the beefalo area. As you can see there is a tiny island with no bridge. Here is a picture of myself after 21 days In this picture I also wanted to show that it is actually possible to hunt birds with only one's fists. You have to bait them with seeds, then attack them (ctrl + click) at the right timing as you would do with another weapon. Three hits are required to kill it but it's not especially difficult since the bird is stunned after the first hit (like when you free a bird from a bird trap). It may not appear very important but this source of meat made my survival much easier for several reasons: - Meat allows to "hire" pigs, that can fight many monsters (giving out more meat or just protecting yourself) - Meat can bait hounds and many other monsters to win time during a fight - Meat has a quite good health / food ratio (I ate like 200 flowers beside that XD) Bugs / Comments - No pig king (assuming that it's not on the last island, which I don't believe) - No mandrake - I was able to fight a tallbird with my fists while it wasn't fighting back (I don't know the reason) - Many many many spiders, in almost every areas. - "only" five bee hives or so. The numerous graves This is a little something appart from the hardcore challenge. I am not a big fan of graves myself. I keep wondering: "why would there be so many grave on a otherwise inhabited island?". Does Maxwell dig them each time he leaves somebody on the island?? I have no clue of that. It might as well be on purpose. Anyway, I think that digging graves (which I haven't done in this challenge of course) shouldn't give anything else than......... bones! Bones could perfectly be included in the meat effigy's recipy btw. I don't find any interest in the items you dig from the graves and the amount of gold you can get from them (imagine with the 100 graves of this map...) ridiculous! Overall I likes the way the islands were splitted. It added difficulty and gathering ressources from an island to another must be much more rewarding.
  10. I'm having some trouble unlocking it within Chrome, I go to the App Store and it starts to download but gets stuck on then never progresses.
  11. One rope burns insanly long in a fire pit... Just wanted to point that out... Maybe its a bug?
  12. I'm willing to trade my 6 dota 2 keys for 2 don't starve steam keys. You can PM here or on my e-mail [Please don't post privet info:)]
  13. hey everyone like the title says i have 6 Dota 2 Keys and would like 2 Don't Starve keys one for a friend and one for me. Hit me up with a reply on this Thread or in a Steam chat ( Meowman ) with the picture of Meowmix
  14. I want to buy Don't Starve on Steam and I'm wondering, if i get two Early-Access Beta Keys or just two keys for the full game?
  15. Hey all, I've got 4 extra DotA 2 Beta Keys at Steam. So if anyone has 1 or 2 spare "Don't Starve" games (-keys (?)) and wants to exchange it with the 4 keys feel free to tell me . (Exchange over Steam.) Greetz Zimplizity