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  1. I'm not sure if topic like this already exists so I decided to start it. The point (as you porobably guessed) is to show how you love your beefalo. Here's mine:
  2. Now I dunno about you guys, but I personally LOVE the beefalo domestication mechanic in DST. And I would love it SO much more if (either by patch or by mod) it was implemented/ported in/to Don't Starve. Now I'm by no means a script master in anyway shape or form, just getting that out of the way. But I've seen people port Beequeen, ToadStool, Critters, Shadow Pieces, etc. So here's what I'm wondering, how hard would it be for someone to rework the coding for the beefalo behavior so that they can be able to be ridden and domesticated? And why hasn't it been done already? I mean it's such a cool mechanic to NOT have it in Don't Starve. I don't want this to be an open and shut case, so feel free to give your thoughts and opinions too!
  3. Beefalo should stay awake when being fed. Currently beefalo can fall asleep during the night while in the process of being fed. This is annoying when fighting bosses as it forces the player to constantly jump on and off the beefalo to be able to feed it properly.
  4. Alright, after countless tries, I have achieved what I think to be one of the fastest domesticated Beefalo on a public server. I was able to fully domesticate a Beefalo on day 32. Shoutout to my friend neoneos, who really helped making this possible by helping with the base and whatnot. If you're wondering how I did it... let's just say you'll need to get around 30 juicy berry bushes up by around day 10, make about a million (in reality, around 60-80) fistful of jams before winter, and make a beef hat so you can still feed him while he's in heat. I got lucky that neoneos found a ewecus, and was able to craft a brush around day 22, speeding up the process. Overall, this is a very exhausting process, and consumes around four hours of time. But hey, ain't no cavalry like Beefalo cavalry. Has anyone else fully domesticated a beefalo by or before day 32? The full domestication process, without the brush takes 21 days.
  5. I played this game quite a bit but I a have a question to domesticated beefalo since I am not so familiar with them! I think you have to still feed your beefalo after it's domesticated but does it still show when it's hungry? Like opening his mouth like he does when you don't feed it? I have my beefalo domesticated for a while now but it never wanted me to feed it and I'm worried I'm doing something wrong and I will lose the domestication status. If you know the answer to my question please tell me
  6. I just practice on Don't Starve style. I love this game so much. In picture, Wilson have a dreaming of day without Beefalo Hat between Beefalo in Mating Season. I think you know how end of story. :3 Enjoy and thank you for watching.
  7. Hiya, I thought I'd share some retouched diorama things that Klei gave us and some more. It's mainly just 2D higher definition flowers, mushrooms and such, but also an evil beefalo Use it for anything - for your art. And have a blast if you decide to print and cut out the flowers! I'll probably do some more like sciece machine, tentacle, lake and frog if there's some time.
  8. Someone should make a mod for title.
  9. I had a banana, not anymore
  10. Im going to tell you the story of a little bird i took under my wing in the early days of dont starve (around day 7)i saw his egg in his nest when i adventured not very far from my spawn, i locked my attention on him, until his parent can to protect him, i left and make a base,it was around day 4 until i came back, he has not hatched yet it was near dusk and i took the egg and i started runnig to the nearby wormhole. hit parent saw me gave chase but there was a road so i was too fast for him. i took him to my base kept him warm during the nights, by the time he hatched i had 3 advanced farms. we spent our time frolicking in the savannas with the beefalo until he chirped and my stomach started to growl until i realized, my crops were wielding hardly any food and all the berries had been plucked i was realizing..we were starving..for 3 days we had to survive an little to no food, berries and the occasional seed. at this point summer was at its peak and the beefalo were in heat, we could hear the hounds growling at us in the night,preparing for their attack. The following morning i went to the beefalo for help, they were not so happy by approach and the dogs were also attacking, popcorn noticed my distress and let out a yell to help kill the hounds. the beefalo were preparing to charge, at the time i thought was me, until i saw their direction was towards popcorn. before i could even act the beefalo already stuck and killed him. after killing the wolfs, i Shaved them in the night and killed them in the morning, they killed popcorn i led the rest of their pack into the nearby pig village where my pig friends killed the last of them, i wore their furs to hide among them, and i used their meat to make meat stew, Revenge had never tasted so for the morsel popcorn left....i couldnt let it rot, so i made meatballs...its what he would have wanted. the day i made the meatballs is the day i made a memorial for him... this was the saddest moment in my gaming experience...ever
  11. So in normal mode (no "more" "lots" ofc animals or stuff) and i get no Beefalo, i just can't find them and i can't play without them if i want too make a farm and stuff. i searched on 3 saves just walked one day too find them and they aren't anywhere too be found (mostly sand area). But when i put them on "More" they appear when i spawn, and i don't want the game to be too easy. Never found any of Koalefant those either.
  12. (Sorry if anybody already posted this.Also you can do this on a normal world just skip the customization part.)So i had a lot of time to mess with the new preset and i set "Pigs" to lots and "Beefalo" to lots to get a lot of meat.1st.You must kill some spiders you may be able to find monster meat if the pigs have done it already you will need the monster meat.2nd.You feed one pig one monster meat if there are beefalo near if not feed all of them one each and bring them to beefalo and click on a beefalo with a spear and while you are walking to it run back and you will not attack them the pigs should hit the beefalo and all the pigs will kill the herd you will find a lot of meat on the ground.3rd.Repeat until you have around 20-100 should have enough for winter.
  13. Guia de instalación del juego y traducción al castellano!!
  14. hello everybody, I'm new in your community, so i want to introduce myself at first. My name is Tobias and i'm from Germany. My english is terrible though i've learning it since 7 years..^^ And don't be worried of the name "TheFighterC4", it's the name of my steam-account. My idea is to ride on a beefalo. It's not a important thing, but the imagine is very cool. The concept is copied a bit from a picture I once founded. You must tame the beefalos like wolfs and ocelots in Minecraft (feed them a lot). saucebottle007 explain the taming in his thread very detailed: I think the greatest use of a rideble beefalo is that you have a lots of space for items. Something like a backpack on each side of the beefalo. The beefalo must walk so slowly that it is balanced with the piggy bagpack. Bigger load, slower walk.. It runs for example if you feed them with 6 reeds. I think:"...and the saddle should require a really hard to make/craft item." -TheVukelich The use can be expanded by equipping the buffalo for fight.. "Armor for the beefalos, crafted from gold, is definitely cool..^^ horn protection with spines looks certainly amazing, too..^^" -I Now it's your turn: tell me what you think.! And if you want, improve my english-mistakes.. Mit freundlichen Grüßen ( I know it's German..^^) Tobias NEW: I made ​​a sketch of my idea:
  15. I just wanted to share a couple of crazy and (possibly) funny stories that happened to me while I was playing Don't Starve. Hopefully whoever reads these will enjoy them.The Great Beefalo Massacre (before the winter update)One day, while Wilson cut down trees, a giant Treeguard woke up. Wilson ran away from it and towards a pig village, having discovered with the last Treeguard that pigs automatically attack them. The pigs that spotted the Treeguard were killed in one swipe, the Treeguard losing interest in Wilson afterwards. Later, Wilson ran into his first herd of Beefalo, but he could not shave them since they were in heat. However, Wilson came up with idea to lure the Treeguard to the Beefalo herd in order to get some of their wool.Wilson reached the Treeguard near the start of night, so he built a fire. Unfortunately, Wilson got another not-so-brilliant idea while waiting for morning. Wilson's idea backfired, burning down all the trees in the area and angering the Treeguard into trying to kill Wilson. When dawn arrived, Wilson began running towards the savannah, stopping every now and then to let the Treegaurd catch up. Wilson even had time to pick up the Ring thing needed to complete the Teleportato, though that would have to happen later.Eventually, Wilson reached the Beefalo's territory with the Treeguard not that far behind. While Wilson ran through the savannah, one Beefalo chased him for a bit, but that Beefalo soon joined the rest of the herd in attacking the Treeguard. Wilson had thought that the Beefalo would kill the Treeguard. However, the Treeguard took down Beefalo after Beefalo. The only Beefalo left alive were six babies. The Treeguard then wandered off as Wilson began collecting his spoils. Wilson, however, heard something coming from the south and decided to investigate. To Wilson's surprise, a pig had killed the Treeguard. Wilson then finished gathering the spoils of the battle and headed back to his campsite.THE ENDRevenge of the KoalephantWilson had discovered the creature's tracks on the second day and had decided to follow them as he scouted out the edge of the island. Wilson discovered the Koalephant as twilight set in, and he came up with a plan to kill the creature. Wilson set up a campfire and stayed away from the creature, waiting for it to fall asleep. When night came and the Koalephant did fall asleep, Wilson used his torch to set the creature on fire. In a frenzy, the creature ran around, catching a carrot and a bit of grass on fire. However, the Koalephant did not die and eventually fell asleep again after Wilson startled it into running further away. Wilson figured that the creature could not be that strong. Wilson couldn't possibly need to build a science machine, even if he did have a piece of gold to make, to kill the Koalephant, right? Within two attacks, the Koalephant killed poor Wilson.THE END
  16. o.o Poor Wilson went insane.....
  17. This is for the Fan Art Gallery and all those Beefalo that we used to be able to find.
  18. I made a little doodle of beefalos and thought I should share it :DIf you are interested here's a link to the image c:
  19. Welcome to the league of forum members persuading youtubers to let's play Don't stare thread..If there one sole thing we forum members can all agree on is that this game is awesome and that we want it to do well so with story mode right around the bend I present this thread with the sole purpose of figuring out how to get famous let's players to play (and of course record) the game..targets:PewdiepieTobyGamesSeaNannersUberHaxorNovaNerd3have already covered the game:YogscastTotalBiscuitxXSlyFoxHoundXxEthoobously there are tons of LPers out there so I cant list everyone if you know of a good LP target post it so they can be added (remeber try to focus on those who tend to lean toward the correct kind of game)
  20. I just submitted this bug as well but I wasn't using a chest
  21. I've got a steam gift copy of don't starve and will offer it for Farming Simulator 2013 when it goes on sale of anykind. My Steam User name is Nuka, add me and send me a message if you're interested.EDIT: I will entertain offers, if you have an offer post it here and I may consider it instead of FS2013.EDIT(x2): I do also have some tf2 loadout items and other junk I'll be willing to sell, crates going at 0.33 scrap, everyday weapons at 1 scrap, weapons I built myself at 2 scrap, etc.
  22. ... Can I keep him? While I'm playing in unmodded Sandbox, this little guy has been following me wherever I go. His movement is kinda cute, in a glitchy sort of way. What should I name him?
  23. 'Ello, Ive been having problems finding Beefaloes... I cant find them anywhere at all! Is there a bug that im unsure about? Or am I not exploring enough? Ive played about 4 newly generated worlds and still no Beefaloes on the Plains biome. (Where the ground is all yellowish grass. I think its called the Plains biome...) So yeah, the question is: Is this a bug? Have they become more rare? Do they spawn on different levels on the Adventure gamemode? Or im not looking hard enough? Please respond
  24. I would LOVE to buy the Don't Starve sound track. Ideally this would include in-game music as well as the music played in the background of update trailers, and possible a few extra things just for the sake of our ear-holes. I tried googling it, but only the main menu and "work" themes can be found, and even then not in a means where I can download it. Any thoughts on this? Does anyone know more about this?
  25. while i was watching the jan 15 teaser some of the beefalo had big red dots on there backside and im going to say that those are female beefalo