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  1. I currently want to make my own set of animations. How would I go about to set Spriter up so I can make animations for custom anims? Such as... Stand pose, Walk pose. (pre existing animations) Not really caring how long it might take.
  2. Hello everyone! Aileen Rose is the name and art and animation are my game. I'm new to the forum and well, happy to be here to meet other fellow Don't Starve fans and well, share my work. You've probably heard of Survive the Shadows from two videos that were put up on You Tube not too long ago. Mainly a rough animation and animatic to be more specific. Well, I'm the person who did the artwork and animation for those suckers. And I don't plan to stop at those two videos. I've got too many idea to just leave it at that. Anyhow, I wanted to share more things concerning Survive the Shadows besides videos and well, my co-writer talked me into coming here so here we are. I'll mainly be sharing artwork for the story and sneak peaks for projects as well as process work and heck, maybe post the chapters here along with their covers. Though I would like to hear from you guys personally of what you would like to see from me since I have a lot of work that has already been posted to other sites so, please, let me hear your voices. Like would you like to see some of the step by steps I did for the animations? Or how I draw certain things? Let me know! I'd be more than happy to share. Also, I'm open to questions about pretty much anything concerning Survive the Shadows. Don't be shy. You can ask me anything in regards to animation, story questions, etc. I'm game for all. Well as long as you don't ask for spoilers. Mehehe, can't tell you everything. In the words of my co-writer Storm. NO SPOILERS! Anyways, looking forward to getting to know all you people! And I hope I can some what entertain you! - Aileen Rose
  3. I hope this isn't a stupid question, but I've been scratching my head over it for days and I haven't been able to find a discussion about it here. I'm working on a creature design with custom animation, which I'm working on in Spriter. I got the (side) idle animation done, tested it in game, and everything looks great. My question now is about the other animations, and how the game recognizes them. For the idle animation, I simply titled it "idle" in the animation pane. I assume that, when compiled and loaded into DS, the game recognizes the titles of the different animations? Is that right? So that got me wondering, how does it differentiate between an idle pose from the side, versus front and back? Same for running, attacking, etc. I've watched a few tutorials that have a handful of these animations created, and they have labelled them FrontAttack, BackAttack, SideAttack. Is that format the same for every animation? So, for example, FrontIdle, BackIdle, SideIdle? (Seems like a silly question, I know, but all of these tutorials also had only one idle animation so that made me question myself.) In Klei's Creature Mod Tutorial, the .scml file has an animation called "Yell." So this made me realize that creatures in general might have animations that characters do not, and even after spending a lot of time digging through the game files, I couldn't find anything that I could use as a reference. Like, if I hadn't opened the .scml file, it never would have occurred to me to make a yell animation, so now I'm thinking I might accidentally leave out a lot of things. I feel like there must be a more efficient way to do this, rather than stumbling around and hoping I include all of the necessary animations, as well as label them correctly. I realize this is a pretty big undertaking, so I'd like for it to go as smoothly as possible! Tl;dr, basically what I'm asking is if there's a list somewhere of all the creature animations that I should include in my Spriter file? And, if not, how do you know what to do?
  4. MarkL shared this gif in the Hot Lava Discord: It could either be something basic... or something amazing! What do you think it is?
  5. Ok, so I've created a custom follower based off of maxwell's shadows for a summoner-style character. I've created custom art for these critters, and have created (and gotten loaded into game / stategraph) custom animations for idle_loop, run_pre, run_loop, run_pst. However, no matter which animation is playing, it is always "facing" the wrong direction (left vs right) from what I expect. How does one indicate facing in spriter? The next follow-on question will be "how does one inform the game / animation to use "backside" animations/sprite when a character is running 'up' versus side to side. Thanks!
  6. The old thread was archived so I'm making a new one Note: If you don't like starving, anime related stuff, MMD, animation, music, dancing, inaccurate modelling, blonde hair, souless eyes, lack of muscle, ghost girls that are still alive, having an open mind for the future and everything else, this thread isn't for you. So if you remember my old thread, you'll know I posted a couple of pictures of DS characters as MMD models. I recently looked them up again and I found more results (These two are old) (This one's an improvement but apparently has been deleted from DA -_- ) And here are some videos (the person uses a different Willow model. Which one do you think is better?) : (O wish I new where to find the Abigail and Wolfgang models) (There's one more video but it's been blocked for me -_- ) Opinions? (If you made it this far)
  7. I wasn't sure where to put this thread so I just put it here. If you're not familiar with MMD, basicly it's a free animation program that allows you to create and animate whoever and whatever you like (almost). When I started getting into DS, I was wondering is there was MMD models of the character but could on find two (one with an actual DL). Here's some images I found on Google: And a YouTube dance video I found (there's actually two but I liked this one more) : I didn't create any of these nor do I have the skill to but I would love to get all the other models, other than just Wilson.
  8. everything is okay except for the hair i edit the .tex of anim and exported folders, can someone can help please? an is theres a topic that can help can you put a link?
  9. Hello everyone! My name is Loop and I'm working on Don't Starve animation because I just love Don't Starve too much <3 To start it off, I'm a beginner/noob at animation because seriously I just started to self study like three days ago. Making Don't Starve an animation would be one of my goals in achieving my dream as an animator. I use Blender in the moment because just so you know it is free in steam and a friend of mine suggested it to me as a practice tool on 3D modeling and animation. I just made this thread to post the progress on the project because my other thread is just for my comic and random drawings. I work on this project alone so it might take me a lot of time to be finished. If you guys have any ideas, comment here and I'll see what I can do to put it on the animation
  10. This is just a dumb ol' test animation. Though it did take me a minute to make. Just tell me what you think.
  11. Night Time Plunder My first real attempt at animation (other than stick figures), and this was quite the learning experience. I had a few issues, mainly keeping to model, timing, and... drawing... but I did much better on the second half when I started ironing some of those issues out. I hope to improve as time goes on, and maybe you will get to see some of that progression here. Any constructive criticism would be helpful! Yes... this may or not be related to when I saw Webber in the Winter trailer for Reign of Giants. I was very excited when I saw this.
  12. This is the first of a possible series i'm making called "We're all going to Starve". Name is still pending. If anyone can think of a better name i'm up for ideas.
  13. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamVersion Number 71214 Issue title Spider horde. oh god oh god. Steps to reproduce nothing. Trust me i didn't want this Describe your issue I don't know if this is some glitch or what, but a few of the spider queens in my game have not gone back into the ground dispite me leaving them alone for some time. I wouldn't mind, only they have continued to pop out spiders and spider warriors, so now there is a about 20-40 spiders following around the queen in one giant evil spider cloud, lost 2 meat effigies just trying to get around them. Trust me its not fun, I'm trying to get enough stuff to build a tree/bee mine/tooth trap wall worthy of game of thrones to seal off my land in the south.
  14. Welcome people! This thread is all about my animation I'm currently doing for Naipseht. Its about Wilson being hunted by some hounds, disturbing is peaceful day at the plains. I'm starting this because I'm not shure if I'm gonna make it in the time Naipseth gave me, or if I have the endurance for it. However, I'm going to submit my process here for other people who maybe want to take my 2D models (BUT GIVE ME CREDIT, PLEASE) or give me tips in Flash and maybe even their drawings (like backrounds e.g.). The music will be done by Naipseth, who asked for an animator doing the animation for them. It all will be uploaded on my channel. Thank you for reading, Germolin