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  1. This is just so neat! The lines for Wes are a riot -- I love 'em. I'd be in denial too, Maxwell.
  2. That's the perfect way to put it, honestly. It was always hard for me to fully grasp Webber's character (and his use of the plural), but this makes a lot of sense. I feel like I understand him better now, so thanks for that addition! What a fantastic thread we've got going on here.
  3. I'm still looking for a puzzle buddy, if you're interested! Edit: nvm I was just helped by the kindest soul on Earth, @smallishbird
  4. So... anyone wants to pair up? I'm pretty clueless about everything and will probably need someone with lots of patience.
  5. As soon as I read the title... I just knew it was my calling. Granted, my story isn't as tragic as yours (mostly because it was what I can only describe as the quickest downfall I have ever witnessed), but it's still worth sharing. It also involved fire and the loss of all hope. It wasn't winter yet and our base was looking great. You know, the usual. We had chests full of stuff, berry bushes and crops everywhere, our thermal stones were already done. We had two days until the seasons would change, but there was nothing to worry about. Yes, our base was ready. Me and the squad (I was playing as Wendy and my friends were Webber, Wilson and Maxwell, I think) were doing our last rounds gathering resources when, before we knew it, night came. Now, 3 out of 4 of us knew how to handle the situation. Maxwell ran back to camp and me and Webber had torches made in case we got lost. Again, you know, the usual scenario... and then. There was Wilson. He wasn't too far from the camp, but far enough that (if he were to run in a straight line) he wouldn't make it back in time before the darkness engulfed him. His torch was also on its last legs, so he did what had to be done -- set fire to the nearest tree. Sighing in relief, we all thought the worse was over. Well see, the thing is, we made The Worst Mistake of All Time when creating our camp: we planted a lot of trees around it and kept all the chests and berry bushes close together. So close you could navigate through all of them without being attacked by the dark. I don't know why it didn't occur to us before that this wasn't a good idea. What happened next is exactly what you'd expect: the tree Wilson set on fire ended up causing the most chaotic domino effect in the history of forest fires, and in a matter of seconds everything was set ablaze. Including Chester. It looked like a rogue Willow had wandered into our base and punished us for being idiots. We headed back and did just about anything we could to salvage stuff (I was desperately trying to pick up the items that fell from the chests before they, too, caught on fire) but all we could do was watch. It was brutal. There was no mercy. Bottom line is, our Wilson is never living that one down.
  6. You've got such a nice artstyle! The coloring is absolutely gorgeous, whatever brush you're using is perfect for it.
  7. puzzle

    Geez, it took you back to that screen even after solving the second one? That's so weird... has anyone else had this issue? I wonder if it has to do with the page resetting between the first and second puzzles for no reason? 'cuz otherwise I'm at a loss. I hope they fix whatever's happening soon.
  8. puzzle

    This is happening to me as well, have you figured out a way to fix it yet? We've done it around 5x and it just keeps resetting as soon as we get to the second puzzle.