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  1. question

    Yes it's mod called Status Announcements. Nearly everyone seems to have it...
  2. We need more Winona
  3. Rose collection here you go
  4. A daily reminder of the skins you will never get.
  5. I could imagine if they escaped, that everything related to it would disappear. Like Wilson's forbidden knowledge, Codex Umbra, Webber's spider half, Abigail's (Physical Ghostly?) form, etc..
  6. I'm so sorry I just had to let this out
  7. As Wes, you gotta do what you gotta do, even if it requires beefalo-rideby blow dart shootings and blowing up that field of wilsons with gunpowder.
  8. Work on getting a Shadow Manipulator so you can craft nightmare items and useful amulets.
  9. On a DST server. I led bearger to a base, and it started wrecking everything. I was banned. What about you?
  10. I was here ;)

    1. Thieverpedia


      Indeed you were, imposter Webber.

  11. Hey, I was kicked by those same willow's earlier, on Klei "The Stinking Merm" server. I'd say their usernames, but I forgot...
  12. But say they somehow managed to defeat "Them". Aren't they the God of the DS world? Like wouldn't it completely fall apart and destablilize without "Them"?
  13. Even if they escape to the real world, what would happen? Webber would still be a freak, Wendy would still be depressed, Willow would still be a pyromaniac, and Wilson would just go back to being lonely.
  14. She thought she was done for, until a kind man found her. But what just will he do with her? And what will she discover while living in Starve Manor? Rated R, Coming Sectober 35th, 20B2
  15. It seems that if you obtain a second tragic torch, it will be timeless. I did the puzzle the second time because I wasn't there for the original. And the torch I got was loyal.