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  1. The pan flute was pretty effective in rendering him incapax for a while. It was drop and (torch) light.
  2. Day 20. We were set up on the edge of a forrest. Everything was within comfortable reach: pigs and catcoons to the north, spiders and a clockwork horse to the north-west, a swamp to the north-east and three worm holes in a triangle formation just south of the base, leading to stone plains and a savanna. I had regrettably destroyed Webber's spider den a day or two earlier through over harvesting but we were otherwise doing well. Science & alchemy machines, fridge, crockpot, drying racks, and even a bird cage arranged around a stone fire pit and a number of chests. Moles frequently channeled around and through the base providing a steady supply of morsels. Webber was going mad, but he was fine with that. Gathering nightmare fuel in his disordered state. I had just crafted my first miner's hat, wondering how I'd got by without one before. Equipped with a new battle helmet and spear, I ventured up north to gather as many hounds teeth as I could for the inevitable showdown in the days to come. I set up a stone fire pit, near a herd of goats, and before too long, the hounds arrived. I circled around the pit, veering into the herd of now sleeping goats. This dispersed the pack, and I attacked one and two at a time, the goats finishing the rest of them off. 4 teeth. A start. At dawn, I hacked open a few bone dens, fending off the occasional doggie, which yielded far more teeth to add to my quarry. By the end, I had 15 or so in total, a good haul. Just south of the base was a convenient clearing. There I began laying the traps. We added to them over a number of days. Another 7 or so. Meanwhile, Webber crafted a pan flute. He littered eggs around the bird cage, making gunpowder from the rotting shells. The days ticked by, and we whiled them away, daring to feel just a little bit confident, as Day 30 and a worthier foe approached. Day 30, at dusk, the Deerclops arrived. We each gathered a large piece of jerky, to keep our sanity up. I put on my miner's hat. We ran from the base into the clearing. Webber set up two stone pit fires either side of our circular tooth trap mat. We were ready but where was Deerclops? With some dread, we headed back north to find that he had already destroyed most of our base. Science machines, tent, bird cage, half of our chests were already in ruins. We found him just north parading around in post destruction pride. I rushed in with my spear and prodded him in the legs. This had the desired effect, he thundered in rage and gave pursuit. I ran, weaving a little, left and right, leading him into the clearing and straight over the traps. A number slammed shut at his hooven step. This slowed him a little but he was soon clear of them and on the attack, swiping viciously left and right. I led him away as Webber reset the traps. With a good number reset, Webber blew a jaunty tune on the pan flute, enchanting the Deerklops to sleep. Once he was down, Webber rushed in and heaped the gun powder around him, yelling Ruuunnnn as he set it off. Not enough to do the job, but putting we hoped a dint in his stride. Again, I ran in and attacked, leading him back over the traps, the Deerklops stumbling a little as they snapped at his step, then south of the clearing so Webber could reset them again. Once more, twice more, I circled back over the traps, then round again, until on a third and final pass, the Deerklops fell. Hunks of meat and a solitary eye rained from the sky. Our mightiest foe had fallen.
  3. Also: Any other tips / suggestions from other players are very welcome here.
  4. DON'T STARVE TOGETHER In a nutshell: A fun, at times brutally challenging co-operative survival game featuring gorgeous, Tim Burton-style graphics, a gothic, slightly Alice in Wonderland feel, an array of original, idiosyncratic characters, and a large (but not unwieldy) and varied map (featuring woodland, savanas, swamplands, rocky outcrops, and autumnal forests, amongst others, that change with the seasons) to ensure a high degree of replay-ability. Character selection: Choose from (amongst others) • Wilson (the gentleman scientist) • Willow (the fire starter) • Wendy (the bereaved) • Wickerbottom (the librarian) • Webber (the Indigestible); (And my personal favourite) • Wigfrid (the Performance Artist) Each character has its own strengths (some much more useful than others) and pitfalls to manage, as you explore, harvest resources, and craft all the gear you need to survive the elements and various threats, both elemental and predatorial, that beset the landscape. Some Tips: After a number of play throughs, my partner and I have (pretty well) settled on Webber and Wigfrid as our favourite characters. Webber, a slightly scruffy spider-like character, has the ability to plant and grow a spider den, which will produce a range of useful resources (monster meat, silk, and glands) that can be used to make winter hats, tents, boomerangs, bird traps, and revival potions. All incredibly useful. He can befriend spiders and eat monster meat, without any penalty. He can also grow a beard that can be shaved for even more silk, making him an overall valuable, resource producing companion. Wigfrid is a red-headed warrior woman. She comes equipt with a battle helm and spear, both of which she can helpfully craft for her companions. Slaying creatures in battle will help restore both her health and her sanity. She can deliver and withstand higher levels of damage, which makes her particularly valuable, in fending off hounds, killing clockwork horses for gears, and taking on hoards of spiders. Her major weakness is she can only eat meat, so recommend setting up camp either, near a savana or a concentration of ponds, where rabbits or frogs, are plentiful. The hardest bit (so far): Is Winter. The cold sets in (making exploration and resource gathering much more difficult), berries, carrots, and mushrooms are scarce, grass, saplings, and trees (all needed to keep the fire burning at night) grow at a much slower rate. The hot tips: * in the first stage of the game, when natural resources are plentiful and the weather is far more temperate, harvest and store a surplus of items. That includes: wood (recommend making 20 or so wooden boards which will burn slower and brighter, wood logs, rock and flint (needed to replace broken tools - and craft thermal stones, to keep you warm as you travel further afield), and gold (fancy tools will last longer, also needed to replace broken battle helms and spears). * mine glaciers: ice can be used in the crockpot (with monster meat or morsels) as fillers for meals. Very handy in the winter when berries and veg are scarce! * make sure you have: - One or two crockpots crafted (use charcoal, cut stone and twigs), - Drying racks (charcoal, rope and twigs) - A fridge (gears, cut stone and charcoal). - A spider den nearby, will ensure you can craft (and replace) a tent when needed (terrific for restoring health and sanity at the cost of hunger). - Winter hats, to keep your warm when travelling (use beefalo fur, gathered by shaving sleeping beefalo at night, and silk). - A couple of thermal stones crafted, will also keep you warm and can be recharged near the fire. [ Thanks for reading! Enjoyed this post? Let me know and I'll post some more ]