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  1. well, seeing that I'm on a protected list I'm not too afraid, plus all my accounts are monitored because I'm on one of those "safety" list things. So any time someone tries to do something with my information I'm protected up to $6 mil.
  2. Hello, my name is Izzy and I am looking for some people to play DST with! I speak English and my timezone is (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada). I have 148 hours logged in DST and I have a private server on day 2638. The one downside with me is I cannot host a server, my Internet is fine, my computer cannot handle it if there is more than one person on the server. I always have caves enabled, so if you don't play with caves that would be the only problem. I also prefer mods, but if you don't wish to play with mods that is okay too. I main Willow, many regard her as "the worst character" but truly I love her to death and if you don't like Willow than that might be another problem, but other than that I'm open minded. My steam is Hanjizoe224, or inzkbi (the first one is my username, other is nickname) If you can host a server and would like a new member to your team please don't be afraid to send me a message!
  3. I would love to join! I am a Willow main, I have 148 hours on DST (I had an old steam account and lost the password to it that had one with like 300+ hours) I am in the central timezone and would love to join!
  4. Okay so I was playing solo on DST, and I went to re-log to ease the lag and afterwards, it pops up with an error once I try to start my server again, "Dedicated server failed to start: there was some kind of trouble starting up the server. how odd" I have tried: restarting DST re-installing DST turning off all mods, client and server making a new server having no customizations I have looked all around the forums and there are some from 2016 that haven't been answered even by a developer with all details included, just as i am going to include in this one. I have searched and searched and there is no answer, I'm very aggravated with how little this issue has been dealt with, seeing posts from FEB, 8 2016 that haven't even been answered only "turn off mods" things that I have tried and done and still don't work. From what I know, I am not hosting a dedicated server only one you can host in the "host server" tab, ones I use for solos and to play with friends I don't even know how to host a dedicated server so this is the major thing that is confusing me. If I could get SOME kind of help it would be greatly appreciated. I have put all text scripts for DST and a NRB (new reign beta) client_log.txt log.txt client_chat_log.txt chat_log.txt client_log.txt client_chat_log.txt