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  1. After I watched the video posted my Zeklo about who the Ancient Fuelweaver is, I remembered something. In the murals it shows the staff wielder "summoning" what looks like the Ancient Fuelweaver. If one of them, either the king or queen, is the Fuelweaver then why is the king "summoning" something that looks very much like the Fuelweaver? Could it be that the skeleton that the king summoned is just a "frame" and that it really gets it's "conscience" from the shadow atrium when you revive it? Anyway just some thoughts I had while watching Zeklo's video. Okay, so now my theories on who Metheus could be. I first thought about it being, of course, Them (being the Shadows). But I then started to wonder about something else. This is where I'll introduce Charlie into my theory. We all know (well, at least the true Don't Starve fans) that something happened to Charlie when she and Maxwell entered the Don't Starve world. She was possessed by some sort of "demonic force", and then became the Night Monster. What makes this interesting is that we haven't had this sort of thing happen to anyone else who has come to the Don't Starve world. Maybe the "demon" possessing her doesn't need anyone else because, currently, Charlie is in control of the Don't Starve world because she is on the nightmare throne. This is where I start to connect the points. Metheus seems to have a connection with the Ancient gateway, according to the Fuelweaver. Charlie, or the demon within, has some interest with the gateway, since she seems to be trying to bring everyone to open to gateway. The Fuelweaver seems to try to do everything in his power to keep the gateway closed. Possibly because, if he is one of the Ancients- king or queen, he knows what lies on the other side, and he possibly knows that it's not very pleasant. This "demon" seems to have something to do with Metheus? Could Metheus be possessing Charlie? What could lie on the other side of the gateway? What could Metheus want? Tell me your thoughts! (Here is the video made my Zeklo)
  2. Woah. That's weird... maybe it's his hot tub?
  3. My pleasure.
  4. Supported! =D
  5. Arrowverse The Flash. Dido.
  6. I just love the Fuelweaver's theme!
  7. Just a normal world...
  8. I personally love all of the lore! That's what make me love the game so much more.
  9. Hey people! I know that this poll is on the Don't Starve Wiki, but I wanted to do the same one here. What has been your favorite part about A New Reign?
  10. Alright, I guess it's just more concept art for Lazy Deserter. I wish... You know, I think an ice cream machine would be pretty cool (pun intended) in DST.
  11. I love how most people chose the ice cream machine. (I just put it in there to be funny)
  12. Wow. I didn't even notice.