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  1. Hey I have used the cat cap, when I was to lazy to search for beefs and no rabbits where close to me :D. Sadly just the wings of glommer are pretty useless (expect if you use them in a firepit, so its usefull right?). There are items I rarely use, like cat o ninetail (for example for killing butterflys more easily), but most of the items got a use. As a new player you use garland and brezzy vest, later on, when you discover the game, you get more advanced and you know you don't need those items anymore. That doesnt mean those items are useless. It higly depends on the circumstances, when you use which item.
  2. You can change the settings of the seasons. Dont know if you were playing on your server. But some ppl change the default settings on their servers.
  3. As for me i join from time to time on a public server. its more about meeting fun ppl and have fun with them. last time did it, it was realy fun because a lot of more experienced players joined and we could have some fun together. for example defeat dfly early and do klaus and stuff. its not very common, but from time to time you get a nice game. i dont realy care about reseting anymore.
  4. Is WX-78 immune to freezing?

    He is when he is overcharged. When you are overcharged and the world is cold wx will stay at 10°C.
  5. Finally can play on a public server and dont have to worry that a couple of new players join (no not the griefer ones) that think "hey, a regen would be nice" and then the progress is gone. Thank you very much for this update
  6. @AnonymousKoala jepp totally sure that everything was on default, played on DST Academy [public].
  7. The thing with "doesn't have Hound Mounds" is a joke right? Just had a Hound Mounds yesterday on a public server...