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  1. He is when he is overcharged. When you are overcharged and the world is cold wx will stay at 10°C.
  2. would be funny if you could fight the pig king too, kinda like the antlion. For example you give him 20 dried monster meat and then he turns into a big werepig or something like this
  3. Ah didnt know that you can give friendly pigs items. Every day something new. Not a real issue I just recognised it today/yesterday and it never happened before.
  4. But how can a pig/werepig have a goldpiece in his inventory?
  5. Had it yesterday that a werepig was dropping a gold piece. Also had it when i was crafting a rain coat that it gave back one tentacle spot. So is there a new secret update? Edit: i played on vanilla server so there was no mod on the server.
  6. If the server is empty nothing will happen, except if you died and then leave the server. Once the timer of the regen has started and you leave the server after that, the world will regen. (dont know exactly you have to wait for the 2 mins, but the server will reset for sure)
  7. Finally can play on a public server and dont have to worry that a couple of new players join (no not the griefer ones) that think "hey, a regen would be nice" and then the progress is gone. Thank you very much for this update
  8. Also a good way to farm for spots is, when you are wicker go search for a bunnymen village and read the book "On Tentacles" there. I end up using one full book every day. Which is about 15 tentacles a day. Just make sure not to bring/pick up meat when the bunniemen are out.
  9. Bearger doesnt leave stumps behind too, you can even dig graves with his attacks.
  10. i really like those servers because of the good ping. also i like to play with new people and make new friends. but i guess the voting system is not complete yet... because those griefers can leave before they get kicked
  11. Is there a way to get rid of the vote griefers on the officical klei servers? or is there a admin online for that? we having trouble atm, but atm we are enough people to keep the server running.
  12. yeah there is a way. Joeshmocoolstuff did a speedrun without walls or anything.
  13. @AnonymousKoala jepp totally sure that everything was on default, played on DST Academy [public].
  14. The thing with "doesn't have Hound Mounds" is a joke right? Just had a Hound Mounds yesterday on a public server...