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  1. Do you remember when setting earthquakes to less actually increased the "default" of it - like A LOT? I think this is happening now with vegetation. Story short: I made a server with all things set on "few" as a challenge, picked Wig and set out to conquer the dark forests supposed to be glades or something. To my surprise a couple of seasons later I encountered the growth best illustrated in print screen below: That's happening in inner Ruins, Military biome close to Ancient Pseudoscience Station (the complete one). So now growth happens - aka evergreens, lumpy, mushtrees, birchnuts - in all the wrong places resulting in Ruins, Swamps etc being overrun by dense forests of said tree variants. And this happening, again, when setting trees on "few". My question: is this normal? If it's a bug, pls an admin move present topic in the bug threads. Thanks in advance! PS: all 4 seasons are set on "very long", in case it counts.
  2. I've attached the print screens of my world setting below, in spoiler, forest and caves (and, @Donke60, that weird overgrowth isn't just in caves, outside too - my marsh is now full of lumpy and birch trees, same with savanna etc). Also I have 5 server mods enabled (namely Storeroom, Path Lights, Health Info, More Sculptures, and Trash Can) in case it may be some conflict between those and regrowth.
  3. Random Topic Starter

    Well, I gotta thank you, @GhostPhreak, for that list of mods - now I know exactly at what weird world mods was referring to with my "dubious things I have no clue on", as I actually had one specific server in mind where I couldn't make day from night so-to-say: Multi-Worlds DST, Advanced World Generation, and Windy Plains. Was the first time I looked at landscape, roaming the land, and had no clue what to do when visiting a server with those 3 mods on it (and some more) - who knows, maybe was yours, lel. And I proverbially flipped the table when, in a ...winter forest biome or-the-heck-was-that I stumbled upon a herd (tribe?!) of mini-Deerclops. Then and there I just "F-it...just F this sh|t!" and left (after previously being chased by some werebeaver-like creatures and weird mutated warthogs - Stink Warthogs I think were called?!). Anyway... NOPE from Nope-Nope-Parish! I mean, yeah, those mods probably are fun, probably, and bring diversity for sure; but, again, that's not DST - is another amalgamation I would need to learn what-is-what-and-how to actually play it successfully (and enjoy that playtime). And there's no incentive as that's not canon and prone to change on any whim developer of that particular mod(s) may have. On another note I for one am not a "default hater" of mods as concept, actually enjoy client-side ones like Combined Status, Craft Pot, Geometric Placement, Minimap HUD or Screenshot Tools and aesthetic mods as More Sculptures. Other, server-side mods, that get the ok in my eyes: Health Info (being used with RTSs), Trash Can (basing in caves, from mid-game on, flints begin to be a real pile-problem with earthquakes and no further uses), Storeroom (I like building as compact as I can and, even if I have and enjoy special-skin chests, am not fancying fields of them, even more so in caves), and Path Lights (more for, again, aesthetic purpose as in caves the combination of those lights plus fireflies, statues and moon&thulecite walls can make for some really enchanting setups).
  4. Random Topic Starter

    It doesn't feel like playing DST anymore as a lot of core mechanics are basically thrown out the window and/or makes me live in UberEasyVille. Not to mention weird anime characters OP beyond belief with a lot of even weirder stats and/or items I have no idea about. So, yeah, is about dubious things I have no clue on. Oh, and not to forget the fact 9999 mods-on-1-server most likely will lag said server and crash the game; or make GlitchesCity prosper again in subtle but constant errors.
  5. Mmm.. not so sure about that (aka "beautiful/organized base is less prone to griefing"). Saw a lot of troll insanity applied to all kind of bases, neaty and messy alike. For example - exhibit A: This nicely burned mischief is my and a friend's spawn base intended exclusively at helping newcomers on a random dedicated survival server (that survived, miraculously, for 325 in-game days). Print screen is actually the 4th time said mini base got trashed (fire, hammering, spider egg in gate, name your pick). The 2 skeletons there, as an irony for heavens and karma, were the griefers doing the deed at that time (wild Webber placed nest in gate and died by darkness, wild Willow burned base and hammered farms - there were farms all around in flingo's range - and died by fire). As one can see that's not the most ugly-looking base and also had rare skin-models for chests, pots, first 2 times even the bird cage; bonus: we even placed a Scaled Furnace (is behind gate, after lightning rod). And yet... juicy madness! (funny bird got away in this case, usually is first thing that goes, neck-snapped first).
  6. Mod: Images going weird??

    How are your trio of world resetting bots working these days, Milk? Oh wait, Bunnyash was it, right! Almost confused with another "goaty-senpai" account.. and the rest of them
  7. Cheap PvP Tactics

    So.. let me understand this "cheap" thingy: you find it "legit" probably to just kite-and-tank in a game where a mighty form Wolfgang exists? Yeah, various equipment but... a mighty Wolf against let's say Wilson, both with same gear - I wonder who will win (or a Wig for that matter)
  8. Ruins' Military biome right beside Caves' Sunken Forest entrance? Why thank you, DST WorldGen!
  9. Mildly put I for one find them kinda.. disagreeable (except Cave Rock Turf one). All revolve around slime-fungus concepts, moldy or otherwise ...excremental (fun fact: guano is basically bat poop). They may look ..."mmmokay" as color scheme goes but.. the *carrion* implications
  10. Bring back caves only

    Whenever I find the gate exploring caves I wonder about caves-setup only. Why was it removed? (assuming it really was, I haven't pondered too much to this question)
  11. I for one consider advanced farms "a fancy man's type of meals" - something more mid-game and for the sake of refined diversity. As efficiency goes you can opt for Bacon and Eggs, Meatballs, and/or Meaty Stew. But after you have a well developed base and pretty much thrive, you can gorge on Honey Ham, Dragon Pies, Fruit Medley, even Melonsicles (well depends what you want/need atm) - and here is where you experiment with recipes based on farm ingredients.
  12. Depth Worm drops

    No, they cannot travel past fences/walls. They cannot even travel past cave-ins boulders - and one can use them as a strategy to take on 1-2 worms while others are blocked. Confine? Never tried but is very probable you could do that after looking at their global mechanic.
  13. I know, but I'm wondering if that poster is in the "meatballs are not efficient, period" boat or means a specific type of meatballs recipe - like the 4 morsels or small jerky (as that is indeed objectively inefficient).
  14. You mean 4 morsels or so? Otherwise I don't get it - are you actually against meatballs entirely?
  15. Here's a funny thing: in my language, for example, "c u m" means "how" or "as" depending on context. I got censored on international chats/forums before for using this adverb while speaking my native tongue and was weird at best. Now I get what you're saying and from where you're coming with this, but it's still censorship. And I for one prefer free speech no matter the slope it may lead into. "Political correctness", regardless of the nice liberal dress up, it's still censorship. And I for one prefer to see/find from start a crazy man/woman than to suspect him/her of sanity and good will just because is forced into censorship (not to mention censorship just leads to radicalization). Plus the argument of "children should not learn of this, they are too young and innocent" - parents should know internet is a cesspool of insanity and deprivation - game chats most included; thus thinking their kids are safe on the web is just a big and dangerous illusion. Oh, one more thing: there's this stuff called "life's school" who's 'classes', even if we don't want to participate in or regret doing so, we'll still get them no matter what. Censorship just adds in the end to the shock value when finally "the crazies' boat hits shore in all its might". Yeah, is annoying to see swearing; yet a ban bot at first/second-or-so 'slipping' would be too harsh. PS: we already have the kick vote in place, surely a profusely insults spilling chap will be kicked very quick.
  16. Depth Worm drops

    I think they eat stuff from ground and/or from bushes, tufts, flints etc. Saw once a worm effectively eating a morsel from the floor with munching animation. Also more worms dropped weird items when killed (as said: berries, grass, flints etc) beside default 4x monster meat and 1x glow berry.
  17. Every boss should spawn mini bosses that spawn minions too. And get enraged with gain of temporary immunity to player's attacks from time to time due to mini bosses or minions deaths. When bosses die, should break in mini bosses; and mini bosses in minions. Heck, all bosses should also have some special weapons - that shoot lasers with AoE (everybody likes lasers, right?!). And teleport - all cool bosses teleport! And use the Force! ("Use the Force, Luke... [I mean] Deer!") Who needs a nice fun game?! We should all be try hards and die hards! Or die. Die a lot. Like in... bash-the-keyboard-on-screen-rage die a lot! One doesn't simply "git gud" just like that! One must really REALLY work the sweat and blood out of "gid gud"! We need to make "git gud" GREAT AGAIN! Most players - like in over 90% of player base, newbies most included - nowadays beat Deer like its a rabbit; gang on poor fellow, bless him, they do - and that's unacceptable! Vive le fromage!
  18. Meatballs tweak

    Or not. What is a meatball? Balls of minced meat boiled in water. Seems legit to me. Plus why would I even bother getting ice then (as I don't build flingos, basing in caves)?! For other 'useless' items like Ice Cube, Melonsicle or Water Balloons? (cave bases, again in my case, make Moon Dial superfluous as well)
  19. PvP Improvements

    I think there are between 2 and 5% PvP servers from total number of servers available at any given time - not much incentive to further work on said mode in this regard. Plus PvP games always tend to have various degree of vitriol chat. Bottom line: probably DST PvP won't be changed in foreseeable future.
  20. Doubt devs would even consider this when already the option to turn smoldering off is in place. Plus one has dust storm mechanic for Antlion desert, that's the raised diversity aspect right there - it makes harder to survive a hound attack if one doesn't yet have Desert Goggles (researched or actually made), granted only valid for desert. On the other hand periodic dust storms on entire map doesn't provide any challenge whatsoever in contrast to smoldering: after first summer with its Oasis lake fishing is only a matter of having a pair of goggles on you, no significant difference in regarding to say autumn as just the overheating mechanic would remain in place in this scenario. At least smoldering makes you cautious when navigating map or going into surface base if no flingo in place. In my view dust storms are even less interesting or challenging; I usually kill Lion in day 1 or 2 after first summer so no worries about that element (sinkholes and cave-ins) of the game. The incentive to get desert goggles is already there: to be able to navigate normally when appeasing or fighting Antlion/hounds attacks happen while staying in desert. A periodic dust storm won't make me want to get goggles if I don't already have them, would just make me base in caves where unappeased lion actually provides me with rocks and minerals from mining cave-ins' boulders - as is less dangerous being in caves vs rolling RNG for fashion and desert goggles while risking a hound attack in desert/all lands dust storm.
  21. Griefers!

    This happened on someone's private server? Lel! Lad/lass should have used the mighty Ban Hammer - right when first burning occurred. Ban griefer and rollback.
  22. The moment you read about farms in a "useless things" topic - and your Wicker mindset laughs about it ⬇
  23. Caves EFS?

    EFS as E-something Fight Soundtracks? Google-sensei suggests "Epic Fight Song". But yeah, from context I get what you mean. And why not?! More stuff is nice. 'cause is more, heh! I for one don't pay much attention to these EFSs; yet sure, as stated: more content because.. MORE!
  24. Whats your Base biome?

    Atm for main base: Caves → Sunken Forest or Wilds biome. Beside Depths Worms and earthquakes you have quite an easy time "in the lands deep under": one can pretty much organize all without nasty cumulative surprises (no unexpectedly 'visiting' giants, no fire dogs, no smoldering etc). Get your trusted Tam o', Cane and Eyebrella plus transplanted tufts, bushes, saplings, and tree seeds so you can live there "like @ B0$$" with minerals literally falling to your base from the ceiling. Make some Mushroom Planters for additional/quickly needed sanity and/or HP (having a mush forest close is fine but with enough mid/late game Living Logs you can opt for quick shrooms picking right in base) and you'll do peachy perfect. Also, if playing on public servers, basing in Caves/Ruins is pretty much a troll/griefer-free sure bet.
  25. Seeing this just remembered I have 12 cat tails in a chest - never made Tail o' Three Cats as, yes, seems not worth it.. will test it now though