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  1. Danke! Regarding the... Tentacle Spikes beside Meat Effigy? They are just spikes placed really close to one-another (I'm kinda obsessed with order ) on a regular Carpeted Flooring/turf. If I remember well, the mods I've used on that server were Miniature Dwellings, Storeroom, Path Lights, and Magic Bottle Lanterns (last 2 mostly to bring a more aesthetical feeling to base - and the effect shows best at dusk).
  2. You pen and name them. Mine is Sam. Slurper-Sam. Right beside Koale-Kevin: And you talk to them. Sometimes they talk back. What was that, if I took my medication? No I didn't - the Voices told me not to. Or maybe was Sam. Definitely Sam!
  3. My "Stuff 'n' Things 2" personal server's Marsh main base (24.05.2017): Many fun experiments, many mistakes; today deleted.
  4. NOPE, NO "cheese" AT ALL! Who needs a fun/campy game when one can bash ones head on the kite-and-tank front?! Kite-and-tank, heal, kite-and-tank, repeat! Creativity?! God forbid that, EWW! If we're talking of qwerty dexterity, let's have a league or ranking system as well, we need to make it official-and-pinned-down for "bragging rights" Irony and jokes aside, some tweaking could do, like Ancient Guardian trying to get you from other side of pillar when stuck situation occurs. On the other hand taking Queen Bee out with tentacles is a viable alternative as work invested in said tentacle trap is quite of an endeavor and creative nevertheless (plus one doesn't just sit beside fire munching shoelaces, hammering and baiting can go pretty wrong at times, even more so if additional events happen). If DST promoted kite-and-tank as the only fighting method, for me (and I'm sure many others as well) game interest would have died a long time ago. Oh, and no: difficult games like Dark Souls series should NOT be an example for anything DST-related please!
  5. Vanilla? Caves? World with default settings? Social/co-op/competitive etc? And where is the server - EU, USA, etc? The discord/voice chat thingy is a must? EDIT: is a small world (forest & caves alike), dedicated passworded server, hosted in South America, with mods (Enforced Good Behavior, Moderator Commands, Automatic Health Adjust, Trap free zone, Antigrief etc). And no feedback, got it. Cheers!
  6. Reeds Trap? (Bau-Meow!) Or troll post?
  7. Actually Webber is a really hairy nudist - and proud of it! Flashes everyone in a PG-13 and they don't even know
  8. I'm not a coder and I don't know if is the "work as it's intended by code" case or not. I see a stomping big foe that goes in a straight line and then a huge pillar; getting the 2 of them together with a "Hmmmm!" seems logical as in less dangerous and probably less armor consuming. I would be fine if the boss 'realizes' at one point the futility of just running against said pillar and then trying to get me from the other side. Otherwise I proverbially sweep it under carpet excusing its IQ with a giggle - "Oh, that dumb beast!", pommeling the [email protected] out of it, laughing at the situation - and it sure is fun. But if you say "get rid of pillars, monster must stomp you and you dodge, that's intended" I would again go "Hmmmm!", NOPE! I'm not going with the 1-kite-dodge thing as is just waste of my time, danger or not (with right amount of armor and healing items you can even tank it so minimal skill involved). If you like that, sure, your game experience. I just state the obvious present situation and how I (and probably many others) don't perceive it as a bug ("Oh, that dumb beast, hehe!"). Is it "cheese" regarding 'legit' stuff try-hards advocate? It sure is, and a fun one indeed - as my goal in DST is not the fighting part, is loot and doing elaborate constructions. So, again, we will see if Klei is in your sentiment or not, aka viewing it as a bug. Either way I for one will still look for the shortcut in dealing with bosses because "Hmmmm, hehe!".
  9. Well that's something to be seen in the future. It might be corrected, or it might not - depends if Klei sees it as a bug. Anyway I can think of at least 3 more "cheese" strategies in dealing with Ancient Guardian that don't require the boring (for me) kiting - I prefer investing my time in exploration, elaborate constructions, traps, pitting mobs against each other (I find it very funny) and such; but then again I'm probably in a single digit percentage as well.
  10. And again the great 0.00x% of total player base wants HARDER boss fights. Jolly-good, lads! But what about the rest ...say rhetorical over 99% of players? That good hunk of them who can't even properly fight a pig or spider? The ones that barely survive winter and run in terror from Deer? Sure, "git gud"! And that requires time and hard work invested, the kind most DST owners don't have. Bosses should be tackled by most of them players and there should be various methods of doing so, not just kite-and/or-tank. Game being a sandbox it should encourage creativity ("cheese" too, even more so if it's fun as in amusing) and being inclusive. You want everything harder after you've reached an end-thingy-level? Go for self-imposed challenges. Don't demand a higher general bar when all the rest struggle. Or use mods. Plus look: EdgyToad is now available, go for it if harder is what you seek - I personally would think about taking him on ONLY if this is a viable thing. Meanwhile, just for s*its-and-giggles, in all pubs I'll be playing from now on will Misery-morph Toad, heh; because someone must bring surprise happiness to try-hards as well Oh, if 'bragging rights' is what you seek ("lot of people exploit it & it's really lame"), maybe demand Klei disable console commands? Even with Misery Toadstool one can just activate god mode, one-punch it to smithereens and go "Looky her', me sole spidrun Edgy R...Toad I mean, mi greit, nau bow to greit mi peons!" That much about being 'legit'.
  11. It seems so. And LEL that price - it must have been bought (?) as a new (repriced?!) item is up right now:
  12. For me almost all boils down to "be an asset not a liability" (going both ways): I prefer to bring a plus in a match/expect the same from other people, and going in early autumn gives me plenty of time to gather all that's needed to not only survive winter and later seasons, but thrive and having a sturdy foothold towards boss fights. Plus the vast majority of time I make my own bases with own design (a bit obsessed with order and all that ). Starting from winter/other-late-season is harsh and, as others above pointed, without a "starting kit" or quick access to resources at spawn, can be a real pain and/or fairly certain death.
  13. Sure, alpha and/or early access ONI players should get a special skin... for ONI (character or building related, whichever). Not DST. They are separate games, don't see the reason why ONI testers should get DST special skins (aka the new Alchemy Engine one, apparently). Play ONI, get ONI stuff - that seems to be fair, as others wrote, towards people playing DST but not interested in ONI. Want to reward people buying ALL Klei games? Perfect! But make it so all special DST skins can be obtainable in DST context as well (be it reroll of special events, like Cyclum puzzle, etc) - aka: That rare skin should also be available by said "other means" (random drop, buying DST related stuff). Otherwise, getting DST/other game stuff from buying ONI/other-not-related-game-regarding-reward feels unfair ("hand forcer"?!), again, for people not intending to do so.
  14. Each day, a new discovery. Thanks for that experiment, @Rellimarual, it will surely spice things a bit from now on
  15. A bit more details for those "normal servers" please? Like: where are they hosted, what type of world (survival/endless, social/co-op/competitive/PvP, vanilla vs modded) you run, what do you expect from joining casuals (free to do what they please, being minions for some "central figures"/organizers, can they build wherever and whenever they want, explore etc)? So we can know what it is expected of casuals if such the case. Better yet, a link towards a group page or likewise? Thanks in advance for your detailing these (if you may) and good luck with said servers!