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  1. oops i broke the forum
  2. there are maaaaany many many many dildos characters (; also i coloured each one individually on the screenshots (more coming later, i'm being held up by children and animals >_< ) i prefer to do it like that as it allows me to be more.. idk, actually i'm dumb and didnt think i could do it any other way lol ah well. i like colouring in ^_^ e:ok i can show the next two hah, wow. i cant believe how many hours of playing and editing for this collection and thus far i'm on day 2 and have 67 screenshots.. really long time lol
  3. this is actually a really interesting idea.. especially as ONI has a sort of "sims" vibe to it anyway
  4. COMING SOON... (i ONI started playing this after seeing Markiplier <3 play so... here he is and there are many adventures awaiting him and the rest of the crew, but here's a teaser.. )
  5. well... that was at 77 for example, and .. i have many MANY saves of 200+ cycles and i pretty much always do it the same way (oh a second page! ok well this was about my previous picture)
  6. so.. maybe i'm just stupid but.. why on earth do you guys make it so complex? i just stick them in the main area as they are around the temp that dupes seem to like also?! (this is just an example i pulled from screenshots folder)
  7. the very large number (1120003) i believe, is how much you have available (accessible by dupes)
  8. soylent green is duplicants! D:
  9. there is also the "eww" face from low quality food which iirc looks like dx
  10. aww now i wanna go to giftland!