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  1. Should maybe move some if these posts to the bug section?
  2. Also I noticed if you assign them jobs to do on the next cycle start while they are sleeping it will also interrupt their sleep.
  3. Wow that is pretty barren of algae..... Got lots if sand though :3
  4. Gas permeable tiles work but if you want to cool your water they are not so good as they are hydrophobic. Yeah try using stronger materials like granite and obsidian.
  5. Yeah you can no longer grab stuff through those gaps you need a proper entrance.
  6. Sorry can't see the picture as I'm on my phone will have look later if nobody else does.
  7. Those were my thoughts too.... Initially it was wired wrong but it took rebuilding the structure to rectify it. just like if you put the wrong liquid in your hydroponics farm tile you have to rebuild it but that's just coz the 'empty storage' button doesn't work dupes just ignore it.
  8. Are you using wire bridges with HW cable?
  9. Moggles.... Just no.
  10. Gas pumps work fine for me you should probably go to the bug report section of the forums though you probably won't get much of a response here on the matter.
  11. Plus optimisations too they mentioned that in their last twitch stream.
  12. Just basically make sure the hot water coming in is using a water pressure valve and reduce it to say 3kg so the water gets cooled quicker as its in a smaller volume. Using super cooked hydrogen in gas pipes is the only way I know of doing it and I managed to get a system set up and working last night in a proper game not debug so I'm pretty happy with that.
  13. As cool as the ice biome
  14. liquid pipes can only hold 10kg of water per tile. (thats why your pumps keep stopping you will need to split the pipes up) A filter can process 10kg of water per tile (adjustable of course as it's a filter)