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  1. Also most modders giving here direct help, even when they make some tutorial series they mostly end up directly help here again. Since the chance the people notice the tutorial series or even understand them well enough for their problem is not that high sadly.
  2. It is personal Taste and the reason why no video tutorials out there can be pretty wide variation from auhtor to author. Some just have no time or no tools to record some just like to being alone on their workflow etc etc.. The reason can be pretty much alot depending on the author. My personal taste is btw, videos and doing the stuff on my own then i dont have anything against written tutorials but when i see stuff i learn it better.
  3. I just hate unorganized stuff, thats why i go step by step and make step after step in a order i pleases in every game even DST.
  4. **** that one is to gud m8 20/10 xD made ma lugh hard Depending on the sound editor it is, didnt u watched the sound stream from klei ? just barking walrus sounds in mic adjust them and done.
  5. Im not sure how the system works actually never looked in stuff like teh AI but isnt it some sort of Aggro mechanic ? Like range or aggro group packs something like that?
  6. Had it yesterday, but the problem wasnt one of my 55 mods. The problem was more simply i just failed an option in ONE of the mods after fixing the option all runs perfectly. Took me over 2 hours to find out after testing each mod which conflicts testing if servers down testing offline vanilla no mods with mods changing world settings and custom presets etc etc...~ for a 2 min fix Life is cruel, modding is more but modding is worth the effort kek
  7. The Backpack and the Armor using the same slot is a game design choice im not sure if that will get changed ever, and it also makes a part of the difficult of DST out. For me personally i dont like it too and just using the extra equip slot mod to solve that problem exactly right. as told above u have multiple ways to gather the resources u mention and if this isnt even enough for u still install a mod that fixes that, or u change the world settings when creating the world and add more perti trees or fix the issue with starting grass gekkos etc..~ For the Blueprint submission it isnt bad at all and actually a good point but otherwise u would need killing a boss or gather the blueprint once what would making long term running servers nothing special to do after surviving this long except surviving more. Best Regards
  8. Not sure if it helps but while u wait for a good answer u could look up into this mod (maybe?) to get any hints on the codes ? Best Regards http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=609675532&searchtext=Limit
  9. That clears alot up thank u Hero Best regards
  10. hope so too atleast u solved the problem on the base
  11. U could look into this mod and understand the code better, Best Regards https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=697356989
  12. Just to clarify no time to check myself right now, but it is for custom animations about how much customization we still need all the parts for the charackters like in Sample charackter i guess. But we can just make new animations beside the default ones right ? So speaking of working more with Spriter how we pleases.
  13. @SuperDavid Suddenly it crashes when i play with more people, playing alone works totally fine but as soon i spawn a compass when 1 more is with me it crashes out wasnt able to read the crash yet to fast faded away, but and rough ideas ? Will reproduce the error later when my friend is up tho. EDIT : i rechecked now and it seems as soon as i add Caves to the world it crashes me out with this error suddenly. Best Regards
  14. Yes for the sleeping the grogginess and Knockout event he figured out already. So far everything is working except when he wakes up to give him some sanity back will looking for listening event stuff i guess. Best Regards
  15. Oh my m8 ur a lifesaver when Lumina send me code above i was diggin more into compass and wasnt sure if i should use that line or not but apparently it was right and u proved it. Will testing it in a bit but im sure it will work tho Thanks already Best Regards