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  1. Hello Klei As the Titel already pointing it out when u teleport ur charackter via wormhole, Lazy Explorer etc.. while in Godmode. The godmode gets turned off everytime.
  2. Free Ancient Explorer Skin

    Hello Klei While i was testing another thing i noticed that when im in the creative mode i can craft the "Ancient Explorer" without having the Spear Skin at all giving me the Skin for free basicly. Since i cant craft any other item with their skins in creative mod i believe it is a Bug correct me if im wrong. Best Regards
  3. I had it only once and i simply unsubscribed the mod deleted the folder manuall and resubbed worked for me perfectly. On Windows 10 Klei is mention that u should run Steam as Admin. I didnt had this bug yet again but thats how it worked for me without any problems but im using windows 7 tho.
  4. Well u could take a look @ the bernie_active.lua and bernie_inactive.lua under : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Don't Starve Together\data\scripts\prefabs That should give u a start atleast. I Wish i could help more but maybe someone can give u a more detailed answer Good Luck.
  5. Nope just not focused on currently. Unnatural Selection gets more attention for now to get a realese out there. After US has some stuff sorted and realesed the shipwrecked project should get more love again.
  6. Ask Edgy Rick he can give u perfect Tierlist (kappa)
  7. This or use the modes from the workshop like, "Sizes" and "Automatic Healt Adjustment" Since they do exactly what they want above. Except for the loot they could looking at mods that adds drops to the mobs should be out there somewhere tho. Edit : About the Deerclops thing btw anyway his health stats is the "TUNING.DEERCLOPS_HEALTH" u can find the exact numbers for this in the "Tuning.lua" file from the game or u simply could remove the Tuning Deerclops health and set ur own number tho~
  8. Or craft the structure directly with a Torch skin like u make it with the prestihilatior etc~
  9. Griefers also exist on Pc, and instead of trophy leechers u have Skin farmers they luckly farming solo in their own server but it is still same ****.
  10. LoL i had the same idea that he copyd urs because it was popping up like same or 1~2 days after u realesed urs. But then saw he done it differently wnated to link it to u, but was to lazy to search ur steam profile out :^)
  11. Well i get also 80 % common stuff or canadian boots kek. The Luckiest drop i had was 2 weeks ago got my first 2 Survival outfits in the row after that brown pants and other stuff.
  12. u could try Advanced World Generation mod, it has a World Size options but im not sure how Big it goes. U can simpy ignor ethe other options from the mod when u dont like then i guess.
  13. U forgot to mention that the mod adjust the health dynamic on the fact how much players are on the server currently.
  14. Gamepedia is my favorite wiki site tbh