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  1. Just had this happen in my hatch pit. Watched it happen live on stream, then reloaded and watched it happen again. 103 tonnes of coal sat in my hatch area - next second the hatches walked over, "did their business" and all that remained was 600kg Seemed to occur at the turn of the cycle - so was replicated easily.... Coal stealing bastar.......
  2. Sod that, get rid of all the "bugs/exploits/gifts from the code" - however you wan't to phrase it Let the game be the game it's intended to be
  3. My sentiments exactly - we had a good old play with it on stream Kas, trying different liquids/temps etc - but sadly it's very cheaty so I won't be using it.
  4. Ok, did some tinkering - and i understand now. At each bridge the hot water is almost halved in temperature (or averaged by the water merging in from the left tank) - the more bridges you have, the colder it gets... And if you add more bridges it can reach a cool temp, and as very, VERY little of the cooled water is used for this setup, it can self sustain itself with the end result.... Shame, i was excited about this - but alas, it's naughty
  5. Did you not bork the experiment when you deconstructed the pipes bud? I can see that thin sheet of water we keep talking about... Very interesting though - so it's an exercise in merging packets and splitting temps.... *edit - also, what was the temp on the left ?
  6. I just found this whilst streaming - you people are wonderful Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou p.s. excuse the swears - i'm british
  7. 1000j is not simply 1000w, it's 1000w/s is it not ?
  8. Wheezeworts move gasses from below them to above, creating a small convection - if the floors were mesh tiles, the gasses would be moving/mingling a bit more and would probably cool right down.
  9. Well thank you buddy. I know they're probably a bit basic for some of you forum scientists, however they're intended to cover some of the basics for the newcomers. Done a few more if you check the youtube And steam user group? I didn't know there was such a place?
  10. I think it's probably caused by the pipe from your water purifier (green output) being connected to the pure water line - try disconnecting it and see if the pump flows again. Suggest you put a liquid filter next to your pump to prevent any more dirty packets Good luck!
  11. I have a whole biome full of this
  12. Hi there, I've recently finished a series on Twitch which was an accept every dupe challenge - and sadly the series was cut short due to the severe lag, and inability to play any faster than the slowest speed without extreme frame loss. Now i'm aware this is quite a large (and panic ridden, clumsy) colony, and has an awful lot of dupes, but figured it might help the devs to see how dupes behave when reaching this point in a colony organically. My system specs are : I7 3770k oc'ed to 4.2ghz, ASUS HD 7970, 16gigs ram, installed on SSD (not sure what more you need - but let me know) Main problems are : the priority/harvest lag when switching between overlays the delay in opening jobs/vitals page the delay/lag when selecting dupes for rejuvenator/cot assignment the extreme frame loss and dupe confusion when changing speeds (dupes regularly started suffocating if playing at higher speeds - their idle time increased, and they would actively kill themselves whilst deep in thought of what to do next.... the idle dupe time in general, plenty of jobs to do - but delay on priority assignment/job allocation? Now I have to acknowledge a few things. The piping in this colony is beyond slap-dash, the wiring is a jumbled mess of carnage, and it's probably one of the worst colonies I've ever built - however please remember it was a live-streamed challenge and I was panicking for almost the entirety There are not any large overly complicated systems, just a fair bit of liquid/gas piping, and a nest of wires Anyways, hope it helps - and If you do find that theres something glaringly obvious wrong with my system specs/settings/game files please do let me know Edit* Forgot to mention, I was monitoring my CPU temps and CPU/MEM usage for the majority of the series, and my temps never went above 50ish degrees, memory never above 50% usage, and CPU at around 40% - this is whilst running OBS. Much love as ever you wonderful Klei folk! -Life Accept them all.....sav
  13. I didn't say it was optimal - I never aim for total 100% uptime of machines, for the most part I welcome them throttling themselves as @NanoD echoes below. Quite often I'd rather have a larger build that throttles itself in order to take advantage of passive cooling, especially with things like electrolyzers, thermo regulators, etc I seem to favor building big clumsy setups more often than not I like this, currently tinkering with something similar. I was doing an accept every dupe challenge, and was thinking about how I can possibly produce enough O2 without bottlenecking filters...This could be easily expanded on as well eh ?
  14. We watched a dupe being idle for over 20 seconds on stream tonight - plenty of tasks to be done, but he was just caught up in a loop of tiredness/hunger/funny smell/tiredness.... Pesky narcoleptic shenanigans
  15. Hmmm, maybe my problem was the size of the chamber then... Since the release i'd always allowed a large space for the gas to disperse to when I capped them, being a greedy sod for more free gas basically So by placing the pump in a 3x3 you're slurping it up immediately and efficiently. Interesting. The only variable I don't see here is the time taken? I.e. I needed to feed 8 hungry generators - so almost a fully saturated pipe at all times ideally, not sure if i've worded that correctly, i'm sleepy as hell My system had 5 geysers feeding 8 gens. 500g/s average could have supplied 8.3 gens, so I always had a slight surplus, meaning my pipe was often backlogged and the pumps were sporadically active... Does that make any sense? What I mean is, because i'd allowed the gasses from all geysers to merge into once glorious orange tunnel of love, the pumps could maintain hefty packets and saturated pipes.