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  1. I don't want this to seem like shameless promotion, however i'm streaming in like 10 minutes if you want to pop in. "Lifegrowski" on twitch. (also, what does a guy have to do to get a host after the Klei live stream - I've hosted you every week damnit )
  2. Certainly, will get this over tonight - I have currently laid out all the builds for tonight's stream so my save would be a bit laggy right now regardless - but i'll get things tidied and pop it on the forums later. Really appreciate the work you guys are doing. -Life
  3. Awesome work on the hotfixes chaps/chapettes - however is anything being done about the insane lag spikes that can occur when toggling in/out of the priority overlay? Late game we're talking a 6-8 second wait for the game to unfreeze
  4. You mis-quoted me though : "That paired with your CO2 backlog was probably the root of all evil " is what I was getting at. By that I mean if you had 10 batteries instead of just 1, you'd have more of a buffer if your power gen was flicking on/off for the evenings, or a slight CO2 backlog, etc etc. Don't get me wrong, I did the exact same thing on my stream - now I have the unfortunate task of trying to route wires to separate battery banks for about 20 circuits
  5. I had this briefly before AU - A quick "verify" on steam fixed it for me.
  6. Hah! The pufts expression says it all for me
  7. I build big old rooms around my natural geysers as soon as possible to allow the gas to start building up - gives me time to get the rest of my NGG's set up and in place, and leaves me with a monstrous backlog of gas for when I need it
  8. Yeah this is tricky, as the blossoms emit heat when they grow themselves! My solution was to use cooled water in radiators to cool the rooms - as it cool/warms far quicker than gas cooled pipes for example. I use the same system for my pincha peppers but with 60 degree geyser water See :
  9. Yeah, my point was that you seemed to have batteries sporadically placed - although it was harder to see exactly without the electric overlay. For example, you only have 1 battery on each line going to your electrolyzer room - which is a very small buffer. That paired with your CO2 backlog was probably the root of all evil Not trying to pick your base apart, just helping with the closure of "what the hell went wrong?!"
  10. You've missed the point Kas, the water isn't to feed the plants - the water is to cool the room It uses cooled hydrogen in the pipes on a closed loop - however it'd work the exact same with any gas that stays continuously cooler than 1 degree, meaning if it wasn't a closed loop, you could throw in a thermo regulator on a t-junction (like I showed you in your thread the other day) to maintain any temp change. Again, you've missed the intended purpose buddy - the water is not for feeding the plants - scorching hot geyser water is fine for that - the water is for cooling the room in a snazzy way The right side is where the hot water comes in through the vent as mentioned, this leads to a "striping" effect from right to left naturally - that's why this works - realistically I should probably dump the water off elsewhere once all 3 tanks are full to allow it to "reset" - but I don't need that much water honestly (it's only to put in a few radiators for blossoms more than anything).
  11. I'm sure she'll carve her own path, providing she doesn't let things get on top of her...
  12. I wonder how come your cooling isn't centered around your airlocks? It seems to have managed to permeate below through two layers of tiles, plus quite a lot of dirt/sand/sandstone - yet the north of the airlocks seems pretty temperate... How very odd
  13. Hello all, With the new patch, and awful lot of questions have been floating around on the forums, and the most recurring seem to be related to water cooling or how to maintain excellent crops. Here is the solution I came up with on stream to deal with some of your cooling woes The tank The top chamber has 3 pumps, all of which have their own power line, with 2 thermo switches on each (placed one before, and one after each pump). The switches are set to specific temperature ranges to only pump when both criteria are met, i.e. Above 18 degrees, but below 21 - and only if both criteria are met does the pump work. The thermo switches are placed on top of insulated gas pipe so that the radiator of cooled hydrogen behind them (that cools the water) doesn't affect them too much. The Wires The three pumps below in the separate chambers are all on manual switches, so I can flip them and pump them out as/when I need them (although they're not currently plumbed in as i've not got around to that yet on stream (the pipes are there but they have no destinations!) The Temperature The water itself is 50-60 degree geyser water, being pumped in through a single vent on the top right - a valve can be seen on the left, I use that to manually adjust the flow if needed (although it's currently on full flow rate). The Three Rooms: 20 Degrees for mealwoods (on the right) 16 Degrees for the base in general (middle) - I like to always have cooled water handy! 2 Degrees for those pesky blossoms! (left) In short, with the agricultural upgrade it became apparent that the future was all about water cooling, so i figured i'd hash together a more practical use for the standard "cooling tank" - I'm biased but i'm quite proud of it Anyway - I hope it helps, and if you have any questions feel free to give me a shout. Much love, -Life. **EDIT** - Just so we're all clear, this water is not for "feeding" to plants, it's intended to be a precise way of keeping the room cold A few of you seem to think I wanted to gently feed this lovely cooled water to my plants with a pipette... No! Dey eats geyser water!
  14. This isn't true on the released build @Risu - the figures don't reflect the actual output. I've had natural geysers capped - each one individually feeding 6 NGG's with no downtime. Pressure in the geyser rooms never falls below 4.x kg's per tile and the pipes are saturated. Pumps are connected with atmo switches and never shut down. The numbers don't add up - but you can run 7 natural gas gens off one geyser - place an 8th and you start to lose gas pressure within the chamber. Check my last vod and you can see yourself
  15. I didn't think void tiles took liquid....