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  1. Should also note that you need to have enabled the beta in order to play, since the Ancient Fuelweaver is not in the main game yet.
  2. I have a server that could use some work. Right now I'm trying to work towards my first megabase in DST and it's proving to be quite the challenge, especially since I'm the only player in the server (relegating all the work to me; surviving, resource gathering, building, etc.). I'm looking for advanced players who are willing to hop in, help out, and work towards the ultimate goal of megabasing and killing the Ancient Fuelweaver (final boss). Right now I have placed that goal at day 1000. The experience is non-mods with the exception of the wormhole markers mod. I try to play with as few game alterations as possible to make it a more pure experience. The server is currently at day 125+. My hours are kind of erratic but I try to play in the evenings as much as possible. My Steam ID is selereth so go ahead and send me an invite. I'm trying to advertise my server as a sort of "hop in hop out whenever you can" as I slowly but surely build up the megabase. Anyway, looking forward to what's in store.