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  1. You actually get a lot of sand in each world, but for me using Pufts above water is the best method.
  2. This sprite bug has been around for awile, sometimes you'll notice it while they are sweeping, using the multitool, or their clothing.
  3. All those weezeworts will delete a lot of hydrogen just btw. Also is this farm for excellent sleet wheat?
  4. I did a little more digging into my network and the reason I can't host is my side so the game isn't bugged. If a mod or admin could kindly delete this topic that'll be great!
  5. I can join other people's DST servers but can't host my own: http://imgur.com/a/WmzVO
  6. I'm sure people have pointed out this bug before, but it's a rather annoying and weird bug. I saw a YouTuber have this bug twice and I was wondering why this happens. I did some testing and found that if you upgrade a gas perm tile or a mesh tile back into a normal tile; then you try and build a liquid pipe, gas pipe, or wire through it, your dublicants will destroy the normal tile (the tile will suffer from "Pressure Damage") and then build the pipe/wire. This glitch can also be worse because sometimes dublicants will actually repair the tile at the same time one is destroying it and be in a constant loop until one needs to go and do something. I have a video attached that shows the bug. (Sorry for background noise) Hopefully this will be fixed in the next patch Bug!!!.flv
  7. How do you get DST items? I was only able to get a game.
  8. Do you have batteries on both sides of your transformers?
  9. Gotta love the high specific heat capacity of water!
  10. Tfw you just want to condense extra steam and you end up freezing the geyser
  11. So this bug only happens when your wire network is built poorly?
  12. All temperatures in this game change based on the realistic thermal mechanics. Everything has specific thermal conductivity and heat capacity. Abysslite with basically never change temp. While other material like granite and wolframite will conduct (change temp) quickly.
  13. Yep, your weezewort cools the air around the geyser so when the geyser produces its small amount of water it'll insta cool and cool everything else.
  14. Also in the recent scrubber hotfix, I think they changed it so it only produces 1k of poll water based on how much co2 it consumed. So the animation will only go off every few seconds in low pressure areas but it'll still be consuming co2.
  15. Wow!
  16. ChickenStealer once again bragging about how his ideas are always original and the best. Can you leave the drama and have decent conversations?
  17. In general the bug everyone is talking about is that if you have a very small amount of water >1kg on top of a lot of water it'll instantly cool (Usually to the air temp) and instantly cool all the way below it. It's the most popular cooling exploit in the Agricultual update.
  18. Well what's the problem?
  19. Some of your build is built off exploits so be ready when those get fixed. But most of your systems are fine. Even though your power system is kind of a mess. Using normal connected to heavywatt exploit and forgetting to but batteries after the transformers on the normal wire line.
  20. There is probably normal water stuck in the hydro tile. You'll need to empty storage by selecting the tile and clicking empty storage down by deconstruct.
  21. I had the farm going for like 100-200 cycles and I stopped actively trying to maintain it. So I rarely got excellent yields. Just Good Yields. I never got a predicted 200 points. The most was like 106 or something.
  22. I grew natural Mealwood in one of my bases and I only got excellent yield if there was ideal pressure and temperature. Even if there is a bug, it still takes ages to grow.
  23. Your incorrect, you have to get ideal temperature as well to get excellent yield. Plus the blossoms take around 80 cycles to grow. Not a great way of doing it.