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  1. There used to be a bug like this where heavy watt was useless but I think they fixed it.
  2. You actually get a lot of sand in each world, but for me using Pufts above water is the best method.
  3. this a bug?

    This sprite bug has been around for awile, sometimes you'll notice it while they are sweeping, using the multitool, or their clothing.
  4. What happened to the eyes?! D:
  5. Carbon Lock

    All those weezeworts will delete a lot of hydrogen just btw. Also is this farm for excellent sleet wheat?
  6. Can't host a server

    I did a little more digging into my network and the reason I can't host is my side so the game isn't bugged. If a mod or admin could kindly delete this topic that'll be great!
  7. I can join other people's DST servers but can't host my own:
  8. How do you get DST items? I was only able to get a game.
  9. No Power Intermittently

    Do you have batteries on both sides of your transformers?
  10. I made a nifty thing.

    Gotta love the high specific heat capacity of water!
  11. Oops.

    Tfw you just want to condense extra steam and you end up freezing the geyser
  12. So this bug only happens when your wire network is built poorly?