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  1. My game has last update. i see this status.i dont understand what i do wrong? Water pumb doesnt work!!!
  2. Thank you so much. Why they changed it i dont understaand. green is more appropriate for in liquid or gas.
  3. There are some failure,for example : -Duplicants dont get good artificial intelligence, when they dig tunnel and some dirt behind they dont dig it and they jam there. or sometime dont find way from back and be in prison there.But Actually there is an exit... -i think system get more CO2,normally there ist so much with a few duplicant -May you add gas mask?They need it so much. -When they dig a blok slime after they go to shower so fast.And we are moving very slowly in job.Maybe is Once a day. -we should take Puff and to bring our cage. -you can rebuild Wearing a dress,changing should be easly For example:
  4. Do you know when New update come in?
  5. Do you watch movies? quarantine sector separate from safe sector with security tunnel.So these sanitizers protecting from the spread of gas to my base for Against the possibility of any leakage. We dont know puff like which air. in Naturel Environmenti try to keep alive for it. smart man.
  6. i try to pass clorine gaz from my base so open tunnel from puff base after a while puff dissapper in tunnel.İ dont know whats the problem?
  7. i wanted to give hand sanitizer to all staff. These are personal washbasin because they want it a long time.
  8. Finnally i got to want status. i see door can kill puff so be carefully this.
  9. i didnt put anything its sector. Just preparing put hand sanitizer above tunnel. But there were some air deodrizer.
  10. What should we do this warrning?My bathroom and toilet dont work .
  11. How? All schema are stable but new update needing to build Waste well.After that we should use these contamine water for Potable water
  12. http://i.hizliresim.com/EggZMD.png http://i.hizliresim.com/1LLXbD.png