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  1. Hmm... there could be a factor of weight and breaking with the ladders. That, and elevators would be faster as well.
  2. I can understand your reason. Just look at all the suspicion and mistrust. But please, at the least, prove your honor rating and re-open the spectrum evaluation. It had nothing to do with those issues, JUST an extremely unbiased opinion of your actions, translated with wise ratings.

  3. You stated quite a few interesting facts about the situation. A god complex, trolling, and even how important a reputation really is in the first place. So... here's the intellectual side of the equation now, just like I was planning. Instead of just making claims and having a god complex, I'm going to begin by attacking your reasoning with MY principles, like it or not. So, here they are: "It's not a lack of law and authority that makes anarchy and strife, but a lack of discipline and wisdom" "Terrestrial physics are bound to the rules and regulations of a reality, but principles are the foundations that back up those laws." "Any system backed by materialism that's not governed by discipline and wisdom is backed by corruption and/or greed." "True justice and honor isn't defined by good and evil, but by the disciplines and wisdom's of those who partake in any system. Due to this, the only real thing that matters in life is whether you can live up to your full potential or not." "While flaming and rage can be justified, the real evil comes in doing it without a sane mindset over such. Anger and vengeance, thus, are good, but only if your civil enough to back up your aggression." "Always give your full faith and respect for those with golden intents. They will never steer you down. But don't necessarily trust the direction they point - they may be leading to an agenda that only benefits themselves." "The only way to intellectually challenge a principle is to come up with a superior principle." I know you don't care about my principles, but there they are to further my claims for leadership. I'm FULLY aware that by asking, that would usually prove I'm not worthy, but that's the key, I'm almost absolutely certain I have the mental capacity to back my ways. Let's see if I can turn this around by slamming these principles down your throat.
  4. I only say it as this method because nobody can prove me wrong about my principles. Most don't even care. But that's the thing. I hate those with a god complex, even myself. So, In response to that attack, I will definitely say the principle that backs up anti-control. It's not a lack of law and authority that makes anarchy and strife, but a lack of discipline and wisdom. If your to debunk my claims of superiority, the key is to attack this principle with reasoning. Not emotions - but cold, hard, honest, logic/wisdom. That's just how I work.
  5. What, can't stand the change? Thought as much.
  6. Mind over matter, sir. I'm a deep believer of this. I don't care about political correctness, I only care about discipline and wisdom, and I'm on the level to justify that even over law and authority. The counter principle that validates my ways is not just intelligent, but wise as well. Think about this - you only care about the rules/regulations. I take that higher applying the next phase - governed by something by far more intellectual than usual - principles. You talk of guidelines. So, in a sense, your ON this level of understanding. But the key here is that your still governed by control even with guidelines. MY sense of control is on a level where I can quite literally justify any form of reasoning, any kind of behavior, and any kind of affluence. I don't even need to care about good and evil. All I need to do is judge the potential of anything. I'll prove this by widening your definition of what's good and evil. Meet me on YouTube, the movie will be called lady goes crazy after being caught shoplifting. I bet I can turn that lady from evil into a hero on the grounds of intellect to prove my point. My account is CarlRies. There's always been reluctant leaders. I forget the name, but there was a great general that didn't want to fight. But they made him that way all the same. Sometimes those working behind the scenes are by far more important than the actual leaders of a society. They represent the connections and affluences involving those higher and/or lower than you. So, on that, I hope you can understand my reasoning on this personal dare.
  7. 1. I can easily handle the responsibility. In fact, I'm so powerful intellectually that I can even back this society with the evolution of regulations. The dawn of valid principles. That way, not even intellectuals can challenge us and be justified - on grounds higher than even the justice system of this community. But that's the catch. I don't like responsibility. I am more a behind the scenes kind of guy. I only ask this because this is one of my dream games, a virtual utopia for me. 2. This depends on your impressions of what's abusive or not. While I am adamant on my sense of freedoms, even if their disrespectful, the key here is a battle of valid principles. So, the most likely form of abuse, and the only real big reason I could abuse such, is due to how firm I am with my principles. So, don't ask if I'm abusive, but ask whether we're on the same mental wavelength instead. I'm like a siphon, willing to accept anything, but that bottom piece is the catch - very thin! 3. Sorry, not really. And yes, I know that's a disaster just waiting to happen.
  8. I guess you don't understand how valuable golden intents really are. In this case, while your right about trust, there's practically no risk whatsoever based on that nature. I would find it unthinkable to think on the bad side of the equation, so, Calahan, your concerns, while rather valid, are not exactly a red flag - but possibly a yellow flag. Which means caution is advisable. But that's the catch - just asking indicates that I want to respect this society. So, why have suspicion in the first place? It makes absolutely no sense to me, especially knowing how golden my intents are. But my nature, that's the dangerous part - is defined by the exceptions in everything. So, the real question is whether you can stand the pain or not.
  9. I wasn't asking to make the game, I was asking to mod the suggestions area. Sorry for that confusion.
  10. I cannot prove this except if you trust me in the first place. For many years, I've had this crazy hazmat fad trying to make a game that is based on that in a positive way. But the problem wasn't the game - but how uncaring everyone else was. There was nobody that cared except for their own wealth and power. Now the game has arrived, and my reputation is at stake. Oxygen not included, had a person just pointed out such a revolutionary game even by basis of alternate concepts, and this game would've been one of the first profitable creations of my legacy. All it would've taken is a few people to point out not to make mechanics based on the equipment but on the atmosphere, a bit more support for my ideals, and a few well-supported lessons, and this game would've been in my hands. I've had this hazmat fad ever since I began realizing just how corrupt most game companies really are. It came slowly at first, but about 5 years ago, it had culminated in a rejected game called hazmatica. If only my parents, when I got my first pc... had sold a few of my games. But they didn't and nobody guided me down the path of business. So, realizing the corruption, I was forced down the path of defining myself as the highest exception to the usual rules and regulations. And now, with that info, who would you place your faith and respect in? The mods/admins who only care about their bottom line, or someone who's ascended to attacking the foundations of belief itself, governed by sound principles over law and authority? I'd estimate I had an idea like this for at least 5 years. And yes, I'm old enough to remember when there was no internet.
  11. Already covered in quarantine. Bumping now.
  12. Pneumatics... definitely a good option for an upgrade from compression.
  13. Thanks for the insight. I appreciate it.