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  1. This is probably REALLY stupid, but what if Klei made a dlc for don't starve that was on sky islands, or on one big sky island. If enough people support this, ill go into detail
  2. Pan flutes arent renewable
  3. Thats a good idea, a %1 chance to get the blueprint out of a tidal pool or 1% chance while trading with the yaarctapus
  4. I was playing shipwrecked when i went to my fishermerm hut to collect the fish they fished out. I then thought to myself "Man, these are so good, but i wish i didn't have to go to the other side of the map for these guys", then i thought about this. Craftable Fishermerm Huts. They would require 3 boards, 10 rocks, and 1 fishing rod. They will be able to be broken with a hammer. They respawn every 2 days if they are killed. That is about it, tell me if this is a good idea or not.
  5. her lighter is kinda trash, your better off without it taking up inventory space
  6. make the beehive cause any bee around you to do what you say, kinda like pigs, for 1 minute, then they'll go back to doing whatever. You can use this to make bees attack enemies or other bees, making this easily renewable.
  7. i dunno, i like the whole idea of Jays name in it, i feel like he sells weird things, and goat cheese is pretty weird. But maybe removing the name Jay could be a good idea, but imma see if other people will give me feedback before i do anything like that.
  8. Has anyone else played don't starve shipwrecked and found "Jays Snake Oil", because i have. So i was playing ROG and found some goats, and i wanted to make something out of the electric milk other than ice cream. Then i thought up of "Jays Goat Cheese". It has a 5% drop rate from goats, kinda like goat horns. It can be consumed, so its not like the snake oil which is completely and utterly useless. It will heal 10 hunger, 10 health and 10 sanity. It will look kinda like butter, but without the red splits on the side and will be in a cleat wrapper with a Volt Goats face on it. IDK if this is a good idea. Leave me feedback if you like it or don't like it.
  9. yeah, maybe the nightmare helm is, but it will drain sanity faster than the dark sword and shadow armor, and lose 5 durability very hit, no matter what hits it, whether it be a bee or the deer clops. So if you under 10 sanity, there is a chance (not guaranteed) for there to be a nightmare glommer. Thx for the feedback btw
  10. So, i was thinking about glommer, the lovable fly thing in ROG, and then i had an idea, how about a shadow glommer. He will look like glommer, but be all black. So every full moon, if you go to a glommer statue, there is a 3 percent chance that shadow glommer will spawn. He'll look like glommer but be all dark and make creepy noises instead of buzzes like regular glommer. He will also have his own flower. the dark flower. It looks like glommers, but it is dark and gives off a weird glow ( note that the dark flower will not give off a glow strong enough to prevent an attack from charlie). Once you kill shadow glommer, a random shadow monster will spawn, it can be a crawling horror or a terror beak. If shadow glommer is killed or dies somehow, his dark flower will instantly turn to rot. If you find shadow glommer and kill him, you will get 2 monster meat, 2-3 nightmare fuel, and dark wings. The dark wings will be able to make a cool new item that i also though up of. You can make the Nightmare Helm, which looks like wigfrids helmet but dark. Its basically like the shadow armor and dark sword, but a helmet. If you decide to keep the creepy little thing, he will give off an insanity aura instead of a sanity aura (but you have to be like right next to him in order for this to affect you) of 5 sanity per minute. He will not drop the occasional glommer gloop, but instead nightmare fuel. He will basically poop nightmare fuel every 5 days. He will not trigger a cramps when killed, but will trigger a random nightmare creature. Nightmare Helm: It will protect from 95% of damage and will look like wigfirds helmet but dark. Thats about it.
  11. she would kite you, kinda like pigs. The dress will give 12 sanity per minute, but no insulation. And she will do more damage if anyone else in her family (excluding the hounds) is killed. So if i kill the male mactusk, she will attack faster, be faster, and do more damage. And ill take the dividing into paragraphs into consideration.
  12. hell yeah
  13. i did read the thread scroob
  14. There is achievements, just get an xbox or playstation and you can get don't starve achievements.