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  1. I managed to get a pen of 4 hatches in my farm area so I put a storage container there and assigned only minerals. stayed around 15k kgs of coal with 3 dupe power.
  2. ive been building as the water rose, at about 11 million now with at least 100k of materials at the bottom of the vat
  3. The resource tracker only says around 2 million but that is cause the water too deep to reach isn't counted. Also wat do My goal is 10 million kgs and will update on progress. Got to around 15 million with unreachable water
  4. I also fully support this. Maybe even auto format it into a zoomable pdf.
  5. I agree, you could tweak the power return a bit to balance the oxygen consumption.
  6. For me it's just a good boost of power when I have the material.
  7. It could emit a good deal of heat while making contaminated polluted oxygen. Clay could be a good material for decor, making clay pots and such.
  8. Might just be unlucky but my worlds generate very little coal. Btw azzaisme how did you get a full pic of your base?
  9. I was thinking a Bioreactor, one that uses organic materials to produce power would be a good fit for this game, you could assign which material with contaminated dirt having the lowest power return and algae the highest. It would give a good use for dirt slime and fertilizer.
  10. We need to be able to zoom out farther.