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  1. Also a possibility to look at would be geothermal power that would work off magma. Or a steam powered machine where you drop water into boiler that is on top of magma so that it liquefies and rises up to the top to turn a turbine and make electric power. Since the introduction of steam geysers and water geysers i feel like all these are ideas to implement. The way to balance the Hydroelectric plant is if it produces contaminated water which would then have to be sifted out of the water with a purifier. The steam would take either building it someplace hot where it could break or by making it require coal to use. It could produce polluted oxygen or something from the coal and the water evaporation. The Geothermal power would require intense heat which would require finding a magma chamber which the dupes have to enter to build and maintain it. could produce co2 or anything the devs would want. But in order for the dupes to survive in the chamber they have to have heat shielded clothing on.
  2. I was hoping to hear about a possibility of introducing a hydroelectric dam or power plant that will use water to make electricity either by turbines or by having water just fall into the machine. Sort of combining a fan with a pump and a liquid vent so that the water will fall and turn the fan which provides electricity.
  3. Try building your coal generator in an ice dome on wolframite gas permeable tiles. thats what i have done and i dont have a problem with them overheating. at 70 cycles and never had to repair them and they havent gone above 24 Fahrenheit yet.