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  1. They must have some kind of limited (and flawed) telepathic abilities
  2. I would be interested to hear how this is done too (as well as with the other critters)
  3. Those are some swanky Dupe rooms!
  4. That was an awesome comic!
  5. lol I think we've all been there Out of curiosity, why were you building a block of tiles with an empty center? For aesthetics?
  6. I like his expression, like he was just given orders to go into the newly opened cavern filled with contaminated atmosphere lol
  7. That is perfect! Great job
  8. A 3D render of an algae oxy would be cool!
  9. Can't wait to see more adventures of DragonDupe! And a DA Oxygen Not Included page would be really cool.
  10. This looks like it's going to be a fun thread Very cool artwork! I like the Hatch Outhouse scene.
  11. Same lol But then Let's Play vids are how I often hear about new games.
  12. On a related note, I had read that it was better to eat meal lice raw but I've also read that making lice loaf actually doubles the calorie worth of them. Could someone clarify the math on which is right? Aren't meal lice supposed to be a plant-based lifeform that just happens to crawl around?
  13. I had not considered doing this so early on, but I've been experimenting with building up my infrastructure as soon as possible and this does make sense to be prepared for the energy demands later int he game.
  14. Thank you! It's pretty cool what you can do on home PCs nowadays I guess you could call them random OCs lol I wanted a pair to do humorous fanart, and these two just kind of came out. If there are laughs to be had in any shipping situations then that could happen That reminds me of suggestion from other people on whether there should be interpersonal relationship mechanics in the game, but considering the various hazards facing Dupes, maybe that's best left for fan stories.
  15. Why does this remind me of how my Dupes act sometimes?