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  1. Sorry for my english Health 100 ! She must got a good way to fight for balance Start with Rawling. A very strong starter she must got a serious handicap ! Can build therapy chairs No ! Tents do the same and better (60sanity/min and 120Health/min for 60Hunger/min),but Tents isn't allowed for Wicker and chairs will be allowed so 100% No ! Rawling starts speaking to her when going insane, offering her pointless advice that she follows. hmmm I'm afraid about multiplier generation ressources ( 2 spiders egg / den or equip shovel and try to dupplicate bush or make Improved Farm much more efficient ect... ) When insane, she instead emits an insanity aura of 3 per minute. Not in DST please ... Special recipes just for her when insane. Yolo useless perk. Watricia isn't a Chef ! Where is the balance of Rawling ? Because he just negate the insanity aura .... I don't like the insanity aura when insane because it's endless mechanic without hard amount of sanity ( because 250 is pretty big when it's low ) Google trad part XD More generally what I do not like about your character is that his strengths and weaknesses are not really obvious. Ok this character is played somehow on his mental health but it is not intuitive at first sight. He lacks a big disadvantage, but we must also remove this aura. And I'm a little afraid also that power to have better returns. Especially as I do not see the logic in the gameplay.
  2. Kabobs unbalanced ? Yeah Kabobs Recipe isn't very cost efficient ( i think it's the worst meat recipe ). So why I think players will turn all their food into Kabobs ? Because Kabobs is super easy to craft and to remember ! Meatballs Unbalanced ? I don't know and i don't think so ! (Ok i agree Meatball is super (too) strong with 3 ice) The crockpot must be a avantage for survivability. I'm a experienced player and i start to craft meatballs when I store (share...) all my food in fridge. I generally eat roasted birchnuts, berries, cooked monster meat, green caps ... and often my first craft in cooking pot is some trail mix because my health is generally 50% low. and starting to craft bacon in winter but we don't care about my life xD Sometimes i see newbies using foods like juicy berries, jerkys, cactus flesh,... to craft meatballs, but isn't very cost efficient !! I think, if they do that, it's because it's the only recipe they know, because this is the only recipe people will learn you and you should to know for survive your first autumn and also the recipe is very simple to memorize. Not because meatballs is super broken recipe ! ( shut up dragonpie stay quiet we don't talk about you I promise! )
  3. Then... what's even the point if it can be bypassed so easily? You want the chest to be protected from griefing, but yet you suggest that it remains vulnerable to it. Makes sense. Because there is no miracle solution for protect us from griefing, and if somone want to burn all my base he always will find a way to do it. But if some casual player, who don't know how to split a stack, want some gold, grass or web, he can't steal a full stack without broke my chest ! And if he do it, i'll know that someone steal my locked chest, and so i know isn't someone of my team who forget to bring back the stuff because my team know the 4number code. And if it was indestructible... then it would become a tool for griefing. Imagine coming back to your camp and finding a bunch of locked chests placed all over the place that you can't access. I'd find that to be rather irritating and I'm sure others would as well. Haters gonna hate, Trolls gonna troll, Grieffers gonna grief !!! Locked Chest must be similar than normal chest because they always find a way to grief/burn your stuff ! Krampus always be able to destroy your locked chest so... there are always a way to troll! But ok, maybe a limitation of personals chests? Or high gold amount to craft a luxury chest ? To force players to continue to cooperate!
  4. Campmaker don't really solve fire problem ! i steal 40 pine cone from chest and start to plant until reach the limit of Campmaker ... And let it Burn ! Ok more work than a simple hit or torch. Maybe Campmaker allow only you to build/torch/hammer in a small area ?
  5. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL if you exclude monster meat of meatball ... All players will craft Kabob !
  6. Wienerwust 1°)Must exclude twings for prevents 2monster meats 1twing 1pig skin => 100% Wiener 2°)90 hungers ? No 75 like others, or meat value >1.5 3°)pig skin ? i don't like add not perishable item in crockpot. Monster Spaghett Why we should add this ?????? Imo if someone want to add new recipe he must use ingredients who aren't already unique recipe like carrots (vegan recipe ?) Jerkys (Hardcore recipe?) shrooms (hallucinogen recipe ?) ect...
  7. Trail Mix is OP 1Roasted Birchnut 2Berries 1Twing => 30 HP | 12.5 Food :/ | 5 Sanity | 10s to cook | 15 D to perish The problem isn't the number of food recipe but the blind concept of crop pot More person would use recipe like Frungle Bunwich / Butter muffin => 1 frog (or 1butterfly wings) 1 carrot 2twings 20/37.5/5/40/15 if they know this is exist !
  8. Hello, sorry for my englsih My idea for DST Chest are expensives and useless.... my opinion Chest must protect us from grief with a 4 number code or a craftable key ? Locked Chest can be always destroyed by hammer or fire. Thank you for reading me and answer me !